(Solutions) Why Random person sent me money on Cash App (2023)

A random person might have sent you money on Cash App by mistake. But, it could be a potential scam.

Did someone send you money on Cash App?

Are you wondering why a random person sent me money on Cash App?’

Well, if you haven’t received an answer, then you are at the right place. And we assure you, we have the answer. And along with the reasons, we are going to discuss the steps you can take if you already received money from a stranger.

You will learn what can be done if you encounter cases like that.

Why Random person sent me money on Cash App

It is possible that the random person sent you money on Cash App by mistake. But, there is a possibility that it is a scam. The scammer use stolen card to transfer money from Cash App and ask you to send them the money in a different account.

Cash App is probably one of the most popular peer-to-peer payments app in the US. Well, there are a lot of payment transfer apps out there. But, the best thing about the Cash App is its easy-to-use user interface and simplified features.

Even a kid can use Cash App to transfer money. But do not worry; one needs password to complete any action.

Cash App logo

Cash App is not just a payment transfer app. One can even buy Bitcoindeposit checks, buy stuff online and get a loan, on top of all the basic actions included in a payment app.

The app is popular in the USA; millions of users use it on a daily basis. And unfortunately, it has attracted a lot of scammers as well. And for quite some time, a lot of scams have been reported by users. That’s why we always suggest our users be careful of every action they take on Cash App.

What to do if Random person sent me money on Cash App

Well, ladies and gentlemen, here we will be talking about one scam which has been around for quite some time now, where users report that a ‘Random person sent me money on Cash App.’ And that is such a weird thing that can happen to you on Cash App or any other payment app.

Someone might have send you money on Cash App by mistake. But, one must never take any chances; it could be a potential scam. And here, we will be telling you what you must do in such cases. So, without any further delay, let us dive right into the details.

  • Solution 1: Refund the money only if

There are possibilities that the money has been sent to you by a random person could be a potential scam. But, it could be a mere mistake by any other Cash App user.

So, you can be kind, and if it is not a significant amount, you must refund the money to the same user. This will help you save your time, as the user, on the other hand, may charge a dispute. And you already know what that means.

If not, let us make you understand as quickly as possible. Whenever a user makes a payment by mistake, Cash App provides an option to undo that action by disputing a charge. This is done when there are no possibilities of refunding the amount.

That is why we mentioned; refunding money will only save you time, as you have to return the money eventually. And Cash App will proceed with the refunding even if that leads to overdrafing of your Cash App account.

That means the user, who charged the dispute, will get the money back even if your balance goes negative.

But, if the amount is significant then you must not refund the money, as it is a SCAM!

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  • Solution 2: Block the User

 You should check out the username or the cashtag once. And if you think the username looks fishy. You must not take any chance at all.

In cases like these, you can choose to refund the money, but make sure to block the account as well. On blocking the account, you will make sure that the account doesn’t request or send money ever again to you.

The blocking of the user also ensures that you do not get involved with any kind of transaction with the person again. It is important, as the person on the other side has already got your username, Cashtag, or your phone number; who knows. So, blocking looks like the best option, in our opinion.

If you are new to the app or are not aware of the blocking feature, fret not; here, we will be mentioning the steps to block a user on Cash App.

Follow the steps mentioned below

  1. Open the Cash App
  2. Open Transaction Activity section
  3. Select the Account or Username
  4. Select More Options
  5. Select ‘Block this Person’
  6. Confirm by select Block again

And that’s how you can block anyone on Cash App.

  • Solution 3: Contact Cash App support

If you are getting funds from a spam account, and you are getting disturbed. The only choice left for you is to contact Cash App support.

Well, this issue, where users report ‘Random person sent me money on Cash App,’ has increased a lot recently. And the only solution that we see here is contacting Cash App support.


Attention: Cash App users must be aware that Cash App customer support cannot be contacted with a phone number. We have confirmed from the official sources, Cash App can only be contacted using the App.

If you are looking forward to contacting Cash App support. Simply open the Cash App, tap the profile icon on the home screen, select Support, and navigate the issue.

Describe your issue, and folks at Cash App will contact you through your registered email address.

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Is Cash App safe to receive money from strangers?

No, Cash App is not safe to receive money from strangers. In our opinion, you must not accept money from strangers at all. As it might be a potential scam, and you might not want to face any inconvenience at all.

Cash App is a money transfer app, and it allows you to send money to anyone. You just need to know the Cashtag or username or phone number, and you can easily transfer funds. Similarly, you can receive money from anyone; you just need to share any of the details mentioned.

And if you accidentally accept money from an account, you should contact your bank and Cash App, and block the account.

There is a solid reason to block the unknown stranger. The account might have sent the funds to your account intentionally. And this could be a potential scam.

Avoid any kind of inconvenience by taking smart decisions.


In this article, we have provided different solutions and procedures to follow when a random person sends you money on Cash App. You do not have to worry much, but you should also be careful at the same time. That’s why the best choice would be to send the money back to the stranger and block the account that sent you the amount.

And this is done to avoid any kind of scams. Also, you won’t be doing any harm to the person on the other side if they are not a scammer. It is more of a prevention method for oneself.

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