Cash App invite friends get $15 (how long does it take?)

Are you someone who is having issues with the Cash App referral bonus?

Is Cash App ‘invite friends get $15’ getting delayed for you?

If you said yes, you are on the very right web page. 

Here, we will be helping you out in fixing various issues with the Cash App referral bonus. Moreover, we will be answering very common related queries.

What is Cash App ‘invite friends get $15’?

Cash App is a great alternative to apps like Venmo and Zelle for peer-to-peer payments in the USA. The popular app comes with a very minimalistic design which is very easy to use.

Even a kid can learn to do basic transactions very easily. And no, don’t get carried away. We were just praising the easy-to-use design of the app.

Cash App supports not only very basic money transactions but also some extensive features which allow users to deposit checks onlinetransfer moneybuy stuff online, buy Bitcoin, and whatnot.

Well, to attract more users to the platform. The company introduced referral schemes as well. With which users can earn money just by referring the Cash App to a new user.

And with the latest referral scheme, you can earn around $15 if a user gets someone to sign up to the Cash App using the referral link.

Moreover, the other user has to do a minimum money transaction of $5 as well for a successful referral bonus. You can earn a decent amount of money just by asking people to join the Cash App platform and make a little money transaction.

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Cash App invite friends get $15 pending (Reasons)

Cash App referral is a great way to earn some money. Well, we won’t say it would be a good choice to leave everything else and focus on earning a referral bonus. You can earn some money for a meal at McD though.

A lot of users wander here and there, finding the potential reasons for the ‘Cash App invite friends get $15 pending’ issue. Well, if that is the case with you too, you are at the right place.

Here, we will be mentioning the reasons why your referral bonus is pending.

Cash App logo

Check out the reasons and make the needful changes, and you will be able to earn the bonus cash without breaking a sweat.

1. Wrong Referral Code

The very first reason for the ‘Cash App invite friends get $15 pending’ issue could be the wrong link. Your friend might have sent you the wrong referral link. But that’s not a big deal. Ask them to send the link again and follow the same procedure.

2. No Bank Account Linked

Well, to get the referral bonus, signing up to the Cash App account is not the only thing that is to be done. The person who used the referral code has to link the bank account after creating an account on Cash App.

Linking the bank is required to make the transaction using the Cash App; you will have to add some cash to it. And you can easily transfer cash from bank to Cash App. Guide here.

3. No Debit Card Linked

To transfer money from a bank to a Cash App account, one needs to link either a bank account or debit card. And if you have not linked any of the two, you won’t be able to get the referral bonus by Cash App.

One needs to make a transaction of at least $5 to get qualified for the referral bonus.

So, if you are getting the ‘Cash App invite friends get $15 pending’ issue. We suggest checking if you have linked a debit card or bank before making the transaction.

4. Referral Link Expired

This would be the most common issue that has users wonder why their Cash App $15 referral bonus is still pending. Allow us to explain our point here.

Earlier, in this post, we have already mentioned two conditions that are required to be fulfilled to get qualified for the ‘Cash App invite friends get $15’ scheme.

Well, sometimes, even if you link your bank account or debit card and make a $5 transaction, you wouldn’t be considered qualified for the bonus. It is because you might have skipped one more condition.

Cash App wants the user to make the $5 transaction within two weeks after the creation of the account.

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5. Account Penalized

Well, ladies and gentlemen, if you are sure that you have your bank linked and made the first transaction within 14 days of the account creation and still facing the same problem, then there could be a serious issue.

We are talking about the penalty by Cash App. The company can penalize you by blocking your account from receiving any kind of referral bonus.

The ‘Cash App invite friends get $15 pending’ issue will persist if the company finds you involved in any kind of illegal activity.

You definitely can share your referral code with any number of people, but if you are found to be using abnormal ways to earn referral money, then you can get banned by Cash App.

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‘Cash App invite friends get $15’ how long does it take?

Cash App lets a user earn money from its referral scheme. One just has to share a referral code with a friend who has never used Cash App before. But, this is the half work done.

You would only get the referral bonus if the person with who you have shared the code creates an account and make a minimum transaction of $5 after linking either a bank account or debit card.

how long does it takes

But, sometimes, the users ask a query – ‘” Cash App invite friends get $15″ how long does it take?’

Well, there is no certain answer for this; it all depends. If the user on the other side signs up, links the account and makes a transaction, you will get the referral bonus right away.

Also, one must be aware that the referral code only works if the user does all the required tasks within 14 days.

After 14 days, the referral link will expire, and you wouldn’t get any referral bonus, even if the user makes multiple transactions after 14 days.

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1. What is Cash App ‘invite friends get $10’?

Cash App introduced a referral scheme to attract more users to the platform. In the scheme, a user could earn money by referring Cash App to a friend or family member. Well, this is not it; the user with whom you have shared the referral code has to link a bank or debit card and make a $5 transaction to anyone. And only after you would get $10. Well, now, with the new referral scheme, you can earn $15 instead of $10.

2. Why Cash App ‘invite friends get $15’ is pending?

Cash App ‘invite friends get $15’ is pending because the user with whom you shared the referral link hasn’t qualified the terms. According to Cash App, one has to create an account, link a bank account or debit card, and make a minimum of $5 transaction to qualify for the referral bonus.

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