(6 Reasons) Sezzle virtual card not approved

Are you having issues placing order with your Sezzle card?

Is your Sezzle virtual card not getting the approval?

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Here, we have discussed the reasons why Sezzle might disapprove of the virtual card for placing an order. Along with the reasons, we have also made sure to provide our users with a guide to fix the problem on their own.

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Why is Sezzle virtual card not approved

Sezzle virtual card is not approved because you have reached order limits, you have unpaid installments left, multiple orders failed for the purchase, your account has been flagged, or you are trying to spend more than the limit.

There could be many reasons why Sezzle virtual card is not approved. Here, we will be discussing all the possible reasons for the disapproval of Sezzle virtual card.

Along with the list of reasons, you will also find the possible ways to fix the problem in your Sezzle.
Sezzle virtual card

Reason 1 – Order placement limitations

The most common reason your Sezzle virtual card is not approved is that there is an order placement limitation by Sezzle. And a user cannot order before the limitation period for the order ends.

Well, most of the users are not aware that Sezzle wants users to wait around 25 hours before placing another order.

And if you are someone who activated their Sezzle virtual card to set it as a payment method, it will not be approved if used for the order placed before the 25 hours time window.

Solution: If this is why your Sezzle virtual card is not approved, you can easily get the issues fixed by simply waiting for 25 hours before you place your next order. And the things should work for you.

If the virtual card you activated is about to expire, you are free to create a new one. The Sezzle virtual cards are expired after 24 hours of activation.

Reason 2 – Limitation for new user

In the previous section, we mentioned how Sezzle puts restrictions to keep the number of orders placed by the users in check. This is a great way to prevent any kind of misuse.

There is one more limitation for the new users as far as ordering new purchases is considered. According to Sezzle, the users who just joined their platform can place a single order only.

So, if you are a new user and have already placed an order using the Sezzle virtual card, it is certain that your Sezzle virtual card will not be approved.

Solution: This limitation only applies to the new Sezzle users. Once you spend some time on Sezzle and pay the installments on time, the limitations will be revoked, and you will be able to make a multiple purchase request.

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Reason 3 – Unpaid orders left

If you are not a new user on Sezzle and have waited for 25 hours before placing an order, things should have worked without any issues. But, if your Sezzle virtual card is still not approved, we would suggest you check if your account has any unpaid orders left.

Sezzle won’t let you place any purchase order if you haven’t cleared your pending installments. The best way to enjoy Sezzle services is by clearing off the installments on time and placing new orders only when required.

So, if you have some pending installments left, your request for a Sezzle virtual card won’t be approved.

Solution: The solution is quite straightforward. Pay back the borrowed amount to Sezzle that is, your installments, and try again to place a new order. If you have done everything right, your Sezzle virtual card will be approved.

Reason 4 – Reschedule payments limits

As you already know, Sezzle lets the user reschedule the installment date. This is one of the best features of Sezzle, which supports the users who find it hard to pay the installment on the scheduled time.

You are free to reschedule an installment for three times. But, this particular feature has a disadvantage that might be the reason why your Sezzle virtual card is not approved.

Sezzle won’t approve any of your purchase requests if you do not pay off your rescheduled installments.

Solutions: If you are more than one installment waiting to be paid, you will have to clear them before placing new orders.

Reason 5 – Account suspected

Sezzle keeps track of all the accounts created on its platform. This is an essential tool to analyze which accounts can be approved for purchase requests. This is necessary, or the company will be at a loss. By giving approval to the user, whose possibility of returning back the borrowed amount is low, the company is just risking their money.

Other than running a soft check on the user’s credit score, Sezzle also considers the authenticity of the existing account. And if Sezzle finds some issues in the details provided, the virtual card will not be approved for any purchases.

This is Sezzle’s way of flagging the suspicious account. But, the good thing is, this issue can be fixed easily.

Solution: The problem occurs when Sezzle finds different information in their records. And the best way to avoid this issue is by updating the latest information on your Sezzle account. If you have changed your address or phone number, make sure to update the details in your account as well.

Also, check if the submitted details like name, and address are correct.

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Reason 6 – Insufficient spending limit

You can see your spending limit before you even proceed to pay with your Sezzle virtual card. As you already know, you can only purchase good of worth less than or equal to the spending limit.

Even if your virtual card is approved, your purchase request will be declined if the total amount of the goods come out to be more than the spending limit.

Solution: To be able to use your Sezzle virtual card, you will have to remove the items from your shopping cart and bring the purchase amount equal to or less than the spending limit.

Final Words

We will wrap this post now.

We have made sure to provide possible reasons and fix for the approval issues in Sezzle virtual card. If you have any suggestions, you can let us know in the comments section below.

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