Can I use Sezzle to pay bills

Do you want to pay your bills with Sezzle? Is it even possible?

Can you use Sezzle to pay phone or credit card bills?

If you are wondering, can Sezzle be used to pay bills? You have landed on the right page. Here we have explained all you need to know about where Sezzle works and where it doesn’t.

So, let’s get started.

The short answer to the question is, Can I use Sezzle to pay bills? Is; No Sezzle cannot be used to pay phone bills, credit card bills, or utility bills. Sezzle only works for shopping items on both online and offline stores.

Well, let’s learn more about it in detail below.

Sezzle virtual card

Can I pay my phone bill with Sezzle

No, you cannot use Sezzle to pay your phone bill. Sezzle can only be used to purchase items from online or offline stores.

Can you use Sezzle to Pay Bills

No, Sezzle cannot be used to pay bills. You can only use Sezzle to buy items from stores.

To use Sezzle on an online store, you can select the direct pay with Sezzle option or use your Sezzle virtual card to pay at the merchant site.

On the other hand, to use Sezzle on offline stores (brick and mortar stores), you will need to link the virtual card of Sezzle with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Can I use Sezzle to pay my credit card bill

No, you cannot use Sezzle to pay your credit card bill. 

Can you use Sezzle for flights

No, you cannot use Sezzle to pay for flights currently.

Although, if you want to split your flight tickets using the BNPL apps, you can consider some other options.

Using Alternative Airlines, you can pay for your flight tickets using KlarnaAfterpayAffirmQuadpayZip, and more.

Unfortunately, Alternative Airlines does have the option to pay with Sezzle as of now.

What is Sezzle

Sezzle is a buy now pay later app that allows the users to split their order payment into installments without any interest or any other hidden charges.

Sezzle was launched in 2016, and its initial product was next-business-day ACH payments, the BNPL service was introduced later in 2017.

Initially, the Sezzle was launched in the USA and Canada, but now it is also available in Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, the UK, Netherlands, Spain, and Italy.

How does Sezzle works

To use Sezzle, you will need to create an account on Sezzle; once your account is created and approved, you will get a spending power which is usually less ($50 -200$) for new users.

The spending power of Sezzle depends on several factors; you can read our post to know more about Sezzle limit: How to increase Sezzle limit

Sezzle does not perform a credit check for approving your account, so it won’t affect our credit score. However, it does perform soft credit check or inquiry.

Well, once your account is approved, you get a spending limit, and now you can now shop from thousands of online and offline retailers.

Using Sezzle, you can split your order bill into four equal installments. The first payment is due at the time of the purchase, it means you will have to pay 25% of the amount of the order at the time of the purchase. 

While the other remaining amount is divided up across three more installments, each due two weeks apart.

If you pay all the payments to Sezzle on time, there is no interest, or other up-front fees, or hidden charges.

Where can I use Sezzle

Sezzle works with thousands of stores, both online and offline. You can use Sezzle online as well as in brick-and-mortar stores.

To view, the list of retailers that work will Sezzle, follow the steps below:

  • Open Sezzle app
  • Navigate to the “Sezzle Card” tab.
  • Here you will find the list of retailers currently accept the Sezzle Virtual Card as a payment method.

How to Use Sezzle Online

To use Sezzle online, you can visit the store’s website that works with Sezzle, choose your product, and select Sezzle as the payment option while checking out. 

If the merchant website does not have a direct option to pay with Sezzle, you can add your virtual Sezzle card to the merchant website and then pay for the order.

How to Use Sezzle In Stores

In order to use Sezzle in stores (brick and mortar stores) you will need to have a Sezzle virtual card, which you will have to link with Apple Pay or Google Pay and then use any one of these to pay at the stores that work with Sezzle.

Not all stores that accept Apple Pay or Google Pay will Sezzle. Although Sezzle works with thousands of retailers and merchants, but there are still many stores that do not work with Sezzle like Walmart.

Final Words

Seezle is a buy now pay later service that can only be used to pay for items you order or purchase online or offline on eligible stores. You cannot use Sezzle to pay bills such as your credit card bill, phone bill, electricity bill, etc., as explained above in the post.

So, that’s for now. We hope after reading this, you were able to understand better where Sezzle works and where it does not.

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