(8 Solutions) Why is Sezzle card not working at Target

Are you having issues in paying with the Sezzle virtual card at Target?

Is Sezzle card not working for you?

Are you looking for the reasons causing this issue?

Well, if you are looking for the answers, you have found the appropriate web page to find all of the answers.

In this post, learn all the possible reasons why Sezzle is not working at Target.

Why is Sezzle card not working at Target

1. Virtual card validity expired

Sezzle offers users to use their virtual card service. The Sezzle virtual card can be used exactly like any other debit card at online and eligible offline stores.

You just need to activate your virtual card and enter details at the checkout page like any other debit card. Stores like Target offers financing of the purchases with Sezzle.

Everything is the same, but you won’t have the card physically with you, and that’s not a big deal. The major difference is the validity of the virtual card.

Once generated, the Sezzle virtual card must be used in under 24 hours. After that, you won’t be able to use it. And if you try using the card, the checkout page will throw a ‘Not Working’ error on the screen.

FYI, the actual validity of the card is different from the ‘Valid Thru’ mentioned on the card. One must not confuse the ‘Valid Thru’ date with the actual validity.

How to use Sezzle at Target

Solution: Use the Sezzle virtual card within 24 hours of the activation at the Target store or online stores.

2. Undervalue credit limit

If you have been using Sezzle for some time, you may already know that Sezzle only allows users to borrow a limited amount of credit. The logic is quite simple. Sezzle doesn’t want to risk their money by approving the money request of users whose possibility of returning the money is low.

That’s why Sezzle lowers the spending limit and sometimes rejects the purchase request.

The best thing is you can check your spending limit right after you choose to activate your Sezzle virtual card. For instance, the spending limit in the image attached below is $1000.

How to use Sezzle at Target

Well, getting a $1000 spending limit on Sezzle is not a piece of cake. If you are a new user, it might take a lot of time, even a year, to be able to spend $1000 using Sezzle. Check our dedicated post on increasing Sezzle spending limit.

If your Sezzle card is not working at Target, there is a possibility that you are trying to purchase items that exceed the spending limit of your Sezzle virtual card.

You can only buy items at Target or any supporting store where the total worth is equal to or less than the current spending limit.

Solution: Check your spending limit before you proceed to the checkout page. Remove the items from the cart if the total amount exceeds your current spending limit.

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3. Wrong Sezzle card details

After you activate your Sezzle virtual card and add it to your Apple Pay or Google Pay, you will be able to use it as a payment method at the Target store.

If you are at the Target store, you can simply use your Apple Pay app and tap your mobile device to make the payment. But, if you buy on the official Target online store, you will be required to add card details.

At the checkout page, you will be asked to enter the 16-digit card number, expiry date, as well as the security code. And if you are entering the incorrect details, you will definitely see the Sezzle card ‘not working’ issue at Target.

Solution: Use the copy feature on the Sezzle app and paste it onto the Target checkout page. Recheck it once before proceeding.

4. Different name registered with card

During registration, Sezzle asks you for several details, including your name. Remembering the name associated with your Sezzle account is important.

On the Target checkout page, the name associated with the card will be asked.

How to use Sezzle at Target

Here, you have to make sure that you are using the correct name and exact spelling. You won’t be able to proceed to the payment method if you submit incorrect details.

Solution: If you want, you can check out the details like your name by going to the profile section of your Sezzle app.

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5. Inactive Digital Wallet account

As mentioned previously, Sezzle takes the support of a third-party digital wallet platform to offer Sezzle virtual card services at stores. By adding a virtual card to a digital wallet like Apple Pay, users can simply pay at stores using their mobiles.

During the Sezzle card activation procedure, you have to link your Apple Pay or Google Pay account. And if your digital wallet account is inactive or you haven’t logged in with your account, you won’t be able to pay with your Sezzle card.

Solution: Log in with your active account credentials to Apple Pay or Google Pay.

6. Issues with device’s NFC

To pay at the Target store, you will be required to use your mobile to tap-and-pay. Sezzle uses a third-party digital wallet – Apple Pay for this function. Simply activate the virtual card and add it to Apple Pay.

Apple Pay uses the NFC feature to transfer required data to the card machine on simple contact. You will be asked for your mobile’s PIN, and it’s done. Payment is completed.

But, sometimes, issues in the NFC feature can be the reason why the Sezzle card is not working at Target. The software issues can be solved easily, but if your device’s NFC antennas are physically damaged, you might have to lose your pocket a bit.

Solution: Look for the latest software updates on your device. If some software bug is causing issues with the NFC feature, it will be fixed with just an update.

If the device is physically damaged, you must contact your nearest service center.

7. Issues with Sezzle services

Up until now, we have mentioned almost every possible reason why your Sezzle card is not working at Target. But, if you still haven’t figured out the problem, there could be a possibility that Sezzle services are facing an outage.

Well, issues in online services are not a new trend. A little software glitch might cause an entire system to fall. This could be the reason why your Sezzle card is not working.

Solution: To be very frank, nothing specific can be done. Companies generally address the issue and solve them as the first priority. You can try using the services later.

8. Issues with digital wallet

If you are using a Sezzle card at Target store, you will be asked to add it to your digital wallet. And if Sezzle services are up and running, there is a possibility of something wrong with your digital wallet app.

And that could be the reason why the Sezzle virtual card is not working for you.

Solution: 1. You can try updating your digital wallet app. Visit the respective app store and search for the app name. Hit the update button if it appears.

2. Restarting the app might work too.

3. Try rebooting the device.

4. If nothing else is working, clear the app cache and install the app after uninstalling it once.

Final Words

And that’s all, ladies and gents.

We have discussed all the possible reasons why the Sezzle card is not working at Target. And we have provided solutions too.

Hope you got the answers to all of your queries. But, if you still have any doubts, you can let us know in the comments section below.

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