[Fix] Cash App money not showing up in Balance/Bank account (2023)

Are you wondering why your money isn’t showing up on Cash App?

If your Cash App money is not showing up in balance or bank account, you have landed on the right web page.

Here, we have explained why your Cash App balance isn’t updating or showing up in bank account.

So, without any delay, let us dive right into the details.

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Cash App is a popular payment transfer app known for its minimal user interface. The app allows its users to enjoy many features like buying Bitcoindeposit checksbuying stuff online, getting a loan, and whatnot.

Why is my money not showing up on Cash App?

In a nutshell: Cash App money not showing up in balanceor bank account could be due to many reasons such as internet issues, Cash App servers down, Cash App not updated, missing email address, identity not verified, bank details missing, insufficient funds, Transaction failed, account blocked by Cash App, etc.

Below, we have provided all the possible reasons why money isn’t showing up on your Cash App balance or bank account and what you can do to fix it.

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  • #1. Missing Email address or Phone number

The first and the most common reason for the Cash App money not showing up in balance is the missing email address and phone number. The payment might have been sent to you on a different phone number or email address than the ones saved in your current Cash App account.

And if you have not entered the registered email address or phone number on Cash App, the payment will not appear on your Cash App.

  • #2. Bank Transfer Failed

Another reason for the issue could be the transfer failure of the payment because of an issue with your bank services. If your bank has been facing issues with the server, then it will be a little hard to track the payment.

  • #3. Cash App Transfer Failed

The same issue can occur with the Cash App servers as well. You won’t be able to receive any payment with the Cash App in such a case. Moreover, you will experience the ‘Cash App money not showing up’ issue.

  • #4. Account Flagged by Cash App

As a responsible payment transfer company app, Cash App also works to safeguard its users from any fraud. That’s why the company keeps track of any suspicious activity by any user on the platform.

Cash App often flags accounts that could be a potential threat to other users on the platform. And if you have been flagged by Cash App, even by mistake, you will definitely counter issues.

Fret not, we have the solution for the issue, and we will mention it in the second part of this article.

  • #5. Transaction Fraud-Block by Cash App

Well, Cash App is a popular payment app, and that’s why it has always been on spammers’ radar. But, Cash App always keeps on bringing updates in the system to identify accounts like these.

Fraud-block is one of the features, which doesn’t let the transaction get completed if the user is on the blocklist of Cash App.

But, sometimes, the system might mistakenly fraud-block a transaction, which might lead to missing payment info on Cash App.

  • #6. Internet Issues

If everything is okay, why are you still countering the same problem?

Well, the issue can be in your network connection. Check out your router and try using it on another device and stream Youtube.

If your internet is working fine, then the issue can be with your mobile device.

  • #7. Mobile App Issues

If you are at this part of the guide, you are probably stuck at the same question, ‘Why is my money not showing up on Cash App.’ If yes, you are possibly having issues with your Cash App mobile app.

For some reason, your app is not updating the data in account balance.

Check out the 2nd part of the guide to fix Cash App money not showing up.

  • #8. No Funds in Cash App

Well, ladies and gentlemen, if your Cash App money is not showing up, then chances are you do not have funds in your Cash App. The user, on the other hand, might not have sent payment to your account.

And that’s all.


Here, we have mentioned every possible reason for the issue. And to help you guys, and to make this guide worth the read, we have also mentioned how you can fix this issue. And you can check it out below.

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Cash App money not showing up in bank account

Let us check out some of the very common reasons why Cash App money not showing in bank account.

You will find the guide to fix this issue in the next part of this guide. Stay tuned!

  • 1. You selected the Standard Transfer

Well, the reason why your Cash App money is not showing in your bank account is that you selected the Standard Transfer while cashing out the money.

Generally, in Standard Transfer, the funds take about 1-3 days to finally reach your bank account. So, wait for around a few business days before taking any action.

  • 2. No Bank Account Linked

Well, the most common reason why Cash App money not showing in bank account is that the user might have not linked the bank account on Cash App.

It is very important to link a bank account if you want to transfer money from Cash App to the bank.

  • 3. No Debit Card Linked

If you do not have a bank account linked to your Cash App, another choice is to connect a Debit Card. And again, if there is no Debit Card linked to your account, then the issue of ‘Cash App money not showing up in bank account’ would definitely be there.


  • 4. No Funds in Cash App

This one is a very obvious reason.

If you do not have any funds in your Cash App account, you won’t be able to cash-out money to your bank account.

  • 5. Bank transfer failed

If you have linked your Bank account or debit card, have some funds, and still countering the ‘Cash App money not showing up in bank account’ issue, then there are chances of problems in bank services.

Sometimes, bank servers face issues, resulting in delayed payments and money transfers.

  • 6. Cash App Transfer Failed

The same happens with Cash App sometimes. The Cash App services might face an outage because of some reason. And this might result in a ‘Cash App money not showing up’ issue.

  • 7. Issues with App

If you have happened to reach this far, then there is a possibility that the Cash App on your device is having some issues.

  • 8. Internet Issues

Make sure to check if the network connection is working fine. The reason for Cash App money not showing up in bank account could be because of internet issues.

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Cash App paper money deposit not showing up

If Cash App paper money deposit is not showing up on your Cash App then the reasons could be that you haven’t verified Cash App account, you do not have a Cash App card, your Cash App isn’t updated.

So, verify your account, update the Cash App to latest version and get a Cash App to get the paper money option on your Cash App.

How to fix Cash App money not showing up in balance/bank account

Now that you know every possible reason that might have caused the Cash App issue, let us talk about the solution. Here, you can find out 9 ways to fix Cash App money not showing up issue.

Begin with the first solution and if the issue persists, move on to the next one. Similarly, try each one till the issue eradicates.

  • Solution 1 – Link Bank Account or Debit Card

You have to link your bank account or debit card to transfer money to your Cash App.

You won’t be able to see Cash App money if you can’t receive it.

  • Solution 2 – Change Email Address & Phone Number

One can receive money from anyone on Cash App using the registered email address or phone number. But, if you shared an email address or phone number that is not registered with any Cash App, you won’t receive your money.

And the ‘Cash App money not showing up’ issue might be occurring only because of incorrect details shared with the person.

You just need to log in with the registered email address or phone number. And any amount that has been sent to you will reflect on your Cash App immediately.

  • Solution 3 – Get your Account Verified

Cash App only allows you to send and receive a particular amount of money if your account is not verified. In a month, you can only request for a total of $1000. And if Cash App money not showing up then it means you do not have a verified account.

But, the good thing is you can apply for verification without much effort. And in case you face any issues, make sure to check out this guide for assistance.

  • Solution 4 – Reboot your Device

If you are done with trying all of the steps mentioned above, then we suggest you reboot your device. If you haven’t rebooted your device for quite some time, then we suggest you give it a break and reboot it.

To reboot your device, press and hold the Power Off button. You will see some options there; simply select Reboot or Restart option to reboot/ restart your device.

  • Solution 5 – Relogin Cash App

The ‘Cash App money not showing up’ might be occurring because of some app issue. You can fix that with a simple troubleshooting method.

You just need to log out from Cash App and re-login with the exact details. And hopefully, the issue might get fixed.

  • Solution 6 – Clear App Cache

Another very common troubleshooting method that could help you get rid of the Cash App issue is the clear cache method. As you may know, Cache is the data like login details, app settings history, theme data, and more.

Try clearing the Cache and storage to fix the issue.

And to do this, open the app first, press, and hold it to go to App Info.

On the app info settings page, select the Storage and Cache option.

Clear Cash App Cache

And finally, select the Clear Cache option.

Note: On clearing cache, you will lose all app data like login info, so make sure to have the login details before you try clearing the Cache.

  • Solution 7 – Contact your Bank

If, even after getting through and trying all the solutions, you are countering the same issue; then, it is the right time to contact your bank. You can visit the official website of the bank and find the support page there.

Another option is to contact the bank via Twitter. You can tweet and tag the bank’s official account or direct message the bank if the account has enabled the feature.

  • Solution 6 – Contact Cash App support

Well, if you cannot find any way to contact your bank or you cannot find a solution for your situation, then you can try contacting the Cash App support team.


Cash App will only contact you through email. You will be contacted at your registered email address. You just need to initiate the conversation and mention the issues you are facing with your Cash App.

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