Why did I get a Netspend all access card

Did you just receive a Netspend all-access card in your mail?

Do you want to know why you get a Netspend all-access card?

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What is Netspend all access card?

Netspend is probably one of the most popular finance tech platforms out there, which offers several features like the mobile check deposit, a prepaid debit card that can be used for online and offline payments, and other features, including overdraft protection Netspend all-access account.

Well, if you are a Netspend user, you might be already aware of what Netspend all-access is. But, if you are new or haven’t heard about it, let us see what Netspend all-access is about and what it offers.

For starters, all-access is nothing but Netspend offering a bank account with several different features. To create an account and start using the Netspend bank account, one doesn’t have to maintain a minimum balance in the account.

One of Netspend most marketed features is the pre-arrival of the paydays. With Netspend all-access, one can get access to their payments 2 days before the actual payday.

Other features include Direct DepositsOverdraft Protection, High-yield Savings Account, Online Banking, and a lot more.

There’s a lot that Netspend all-access offers. And you might be already using it. The name sounds like a whole different feature, and it is just your online bank account.

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Why did I get a Netspend all access card

You got a Netspend all-access card as a marketing campaign by the Netspend team. The marketing buffs at the Netspend team want the new users to try out the Netspend card by activating it and adding money to it.

It’s like a new milk vendor in your area wants you to try out their services as you are a potential customer for them. You can try the services for free and choose to shop from them again or ignore them.

Well, the Netspend marketing campaign is the same. You get the Netspend card for free, which might have cost you somewhere between $2 to $3 from your local retailer.

And after getting the card for free, you will be required to activate the card and add funds to it. The activation procedure of the card is very simple too. If you need, you can even follow our dedicated guide on – How to activate a Netspend card online.

If you are already using a debit card from a payment platform like Cash App, Chime, or any other financial institution, you can even choose to ignore the card received by Netspend. Or you can offer it to someone else who might be interested in joining Netspend.

Sometimes, campaigns like these receive negative reactions from potential customers. A Redditor – u/MEGACOLL posted on a subreddit named PersonalFinance and said that he received a Netspend prepaid debit card in his mail without even him signing for it from Netspend.

If you are a Netspend user and received a Netspend card for free, you can choose to try out the feature for you and if you do not want any debit card, you can ignore the card or return in. Netspend card has to be activated before it can be used by adding funds and money.

How much does it cost to activate Netspend card

You are free to open a Netspend all-access account, and all the services will be accessible to you. And similarly, there are no extra fees to activate the Netspend card, and it can be done for free.

But, if you do not receive a Netspend card for free, you will have to buy Netspend card from your local retail store, and it costs around $2 to $3. And the next procedure, that is, the activation procedure of the Netspend card, doesn’t cost you a single penny.

How long does it take to receive permanent Netspend card?

Well, the Netspend card that you buy from your local retail store is a temporary card that can be used for around 4 months only. After activation of the card, when the user keeps the card in good standing, Netspend also sends a permanent card to the user.

And it takes Netspend around a week to send the permanent card to the user on their mailing address. The address and other details are asked in the activation procedure only; that’s why we suggest our users enter correct details while activating the card and review the details once before making the final submission.

Should you use the Netspend card?

The answer depends. Netspend is one of the best companies out there offering their prepaid debit card services, which is powered by both Visa and Mastercard. And the prepaid card service by Netspend is surely reliable and can be trusted.

You can use Netspend card for both online and offline payments. The reload procedure is also simple, and both online and offline modes are available to load the Netspend card. You can proceed with any of the modes.

Final Words

And that’s it, ladies and gentlemen.

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Here, we first talked about the reasons why you got a Netspend all-access card.

Whereas, in the next parts of the post we talked about the cost to activate the Netspend card and other details.

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