How much can you Load on Netspend card

Do you want to know your Netspend card limits?

Do you have queries related to Netspend loading limits?

Well, if you are looking for these answers, you are at the very right place.

As here, we will discuss not only the Netspend card reloading limit but also provide a quick guide on how to load Netspend card.

How much can you load on Netspend card

In a day, you can load a maximum of $7,500. But, there is no limit on the number of times you can load on Netspend card. You can load it multiple times and the total worth of reloads can only be $7,500.

Well, there are other limits as well, and if you are a Netspend cardholder you must be aware of them.

You can hold a maximum of $15,000 on your Netspend card. So, even if you reload the maximum limit on your card in a day, you cannot reload it not more than two times.

And that’s the only limit you have with the Netspend card account. There is no other defined limit. But, if your account is restricted or flagged by Netspend, you might have other limits to use and even reload your Netspend card.

We won’t be able to mention those limits here as Netspend has not defined those limits anywhere officially, but we are pretty sure that the limits do exist.

If your account has been flagged and you want to know more about the restrictions, you can try contacting the Netspend support team for more details on the same.

And if you have any experience as far as the restrictions are concerned, do let us know about them in the comments section below.


How to load Netspend card

Now that you are known to the limits to reload the Netspend card let us see the ways to load Netspend card.

So, Netspend cards can be loaded by both modes – online and offline. For online modes, you can use the mobile check deposit feature, Paypal, and more to add money to Netspend card. Whereas for the offline method, you will have to visit a partner store near to load the card.

Here, we will be providing a quick guide on how you can load Netspend card using the Netspend card.

1. Mobile Check Deposit

Like other popular finance tech platforms like Cash App, Chime; Netspend also sports a mobile check deposit feature.

As you might already know, you can deposit a check on Netspend without any trouble with the long queue in the banks. And this came out to be a fantastic feature when there were restrictions due to Covid 19 pandemic around the world.

You can simply submit the details written on your check along with some scanned images to cash your check. Netspend supports checks from almost every financial institution.

So, this would be the first online method to load Netspend card without any issues.

And if you ever counter issues with the Netspend mobile check deposit feature, you can check out our dedicated guide on how to fix Netspend mobile check deposit not working. In this post, we first mentioned all the possible reasons why Netspend is not working for you, along with the ways to fix them.

2. Using Bank Account

Other than the mobile check deposit feature, you can add m0ney to your Netspend account using your bank account. Well, before you proceed, you must know that on adding money to your Netspend card account, you automatically load Netspend card.

Adding money to your Netspend card or Netspend account are not any different. The debit card simply accesses the funds in the account only.

If you have ever transferred the funds from your bank to Netspend, you will just need to repeat the same procedure and load your Netspend card account.

3. Using Paypal

You can even use your Paypal account to load your Netspend card. To do this, open the Netspend app or official website and search for the option to add money to Netspend card account.

And there, you can select your Paypal account to transfer funds to your Netspend account.

And that’s it.

That’s how you can load Netspend card using Paypal account.

4. At partner store

If you are also looking for offline mode, you can recharge your Netspend card by visiting the nearest partner store.

Netspend has partnered with all the major store chains like – Walmart, 7eleven, and more to offer the service to load Netspend card.

If you want to check out the nearest location to you for loading the Netspend card, you can check out and visit this particular link.

The Netspend location finder uses the Google Maps service to locate the nearest location of the partner store.

Here, we will be including a quick guide on how to load Netspend card on the partner store.

Step 1 – Locater the partner store near you.

Step 2 – Visit the location along with your valid Netspend card.

Step 3 – Enter the store and head to the billing counter. Some stores might have a dedicated area in the store itself to load Netspend card. You can ask the store manager for help.

Step 4 – Visit the counter and ask them to add money to your Netspend card. You will be asked for the card and other details along with the cash amount you wish to add.

And that’s pretty much it.

Before you proceed, you will be charged extra for the reloading service. According to the official data, you will be charged $3.95 for a single reload service.

And that’s all.

If you need help in any of the steps, do let us know in the comments section below.

Final Words

Allow us to wrap up the post here, ladies and gentlemen.

Here, we first talked about all limits that Netspend puts to reload Netspend card. And after that, we discussed all the ways to reload Netspend card.

Hope, we were able to provide all the required information.

If you need any assistance, do let us know in the comments section below.

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