How to transfer money from Netspend to Chime

Are you curious if you can transfer money from Netspend to Chime?

Are you looking for a guide to help you out with the procedure?

Well, if you nodded, you will be happy to know that you are on the right web page.

Here, in this guide, we have provided a detailed guide on transferring money from Netspend to Chime.

Can I transfer money from Netspend to Chime

Short Answer: Yes, you can transfer money from Netspend to Chime. Netspend is a prepaid debit card. And it is also associated with a routing number and account number. You need to link your Netspend account with Chime, and you will be good to go.

Well, all prepaid debit cards can be used to transfer funds to your bank as long as they support transfers over ACH (Automated Clearing House) network.

It is required as bank transfer takes place over ACH networks only. But, fret not, as you might already know, Netspend transfers are based on the ACH network. That’s why you can use Netspend to transfer money to a Chime bank account.


How to transfer money from Netspend to Chime

The procedure to transfer money from Netspend to Chime is really simple. You just need to link your Netspend account to the Chime account. And initiate money transfer requests from your Chime app.

You can also transfer money from the Netspend app directly, but we tried using the Chime app here.

You must know that the money transferred from Netspend will be transferred to your Chime spending account.

And now, if you are ready, let us dive right into the details.

Step 1 – Get Netspend Account and Routing Number

To transfer money from Netspend or any prepaid card to Chime, you will need to have details like the account number as well as the routing number.

So, start by identifying the account and routing number for your Netspend account. Well, technically, there is no routing or account number of the card itself. The details are needed for the issuing bank account.

And before you ask, the account number is different from the number printed on the Netspend card. It is called debit card number, but you are supposed to find the account number.

MetaBank and Member FDIC are the two issuing banks for Netspend. You might have been issued the card by one of them.

Well, if you need, you can check out our quick guide to find the account number and routing number associated with your Netspend card.

  1. Log into the Netspend account first. You can use your Netspend mobile app for that.
  2. Select add money or transfer money button in the app.
  3. Find the account number and routing number for your card

Easy, right?

That’s how you can find the required details associated with your Netspend account.

When done, proceed with the next step.

Step 2 – Open Chime app or website

Open the Chime app if you are ready with the required details like the routing number, account number, and all.

You can also continue with the Chime website. Simply visit and log in with your account credentials.

Step 3 – Select the  ‘Link a Bank Account’ option

Right after opening the Chime app or website, you need to go to the app Settings.

There, in Settings, select the ‘Link a bank account’ option.

Step 4 – Select your Bank account

Now you will be asked to select your bank account.

And this is a bit tricky part. Here, firstly search for Netspend in the list of available banks and credit unions.

If you find the option Netspend, select it to continue.

But, if you can’t, try searching for the associated bank with your Netspend card.

As mentioned above, your card must be associated either with MetaBank or Member FDIC. Select the one and continue with the next step.

Step 5 – Add Bank Login details

Finally, link the Netspend account to your Chime bank. You will need to enter bank login details.

Enter all the required details.

Step 6 – Select the Move Money option

After opening the Chime app. You will need to select the Move Money option. And then, go to the Transfers option.

Step 7 – Select Netspend from the list

Now, select Netspend from the list. And again, if you cannot find Netspend, select the associated bank. No issues with that!

Step 8 – Enter the amount

And finally, you will be asked to enter the amount that you want to transfer from Netspend to your Chime account.

And that’s it.

There are a few more steps, do as instructed during the procedure.

Netspend to Chime Transfer Limits

If you are transferring money to your Chime account, you should know about the transfer limits.

According to the official Chime statement, the ACH transfers to the Chime spending account are limited to $10,000 per calendar day and $25,000 per calendar month. There is no limit to the number of transactions per day, though.

How long does it take to transfer money from Chime to Netspend

As we have mentioned earlier in this post. The type of transfer that takes place between banks or involves banks even on one side is ACH transfers.

And unlike wire transfers, ACH transfers take more than one day to complete. So, it would take around 3 to 4 business days to transfer money from Chime to Netspend and vice-versa.

Moreover, ACH-based transfers do not get processed on a weekend or national holidays. So, if you initiated the money transfer on a weekend, it might take some extra days to reflect the funds in your account.

So, wait for at least 4 days for the amount to reflect in your account. If the payment still shows pending, there could be some issues. Check out our dedicated post and learn the ways to check pending deposits.

READ NOW: How to check Chime Pending Deposits

Final Words

And that’s it, guys.

Now you know if you can transfer money from Netspend to Chime.

Just follow the guide mentioned in the post.

And in case, you find it hard to proceed with the steps, do let us know in the comments section below.

We would be happy to help you out.

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