(2023) Can I Overdraft my Chime Card at Atm or for Gas with SpotMe?

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Can I overdraft my Chime card

Yes, Chime allows users to overdraft the Chime card. But, not all Chime members can take advantage of this feature. Chime only allows users having a healthy transaction history on the platform to use the overdraft feature which is also called SpotMe.

Eligible Chime users can withdraw up to $200 with the Chime Spotme. But, the limits for the withdrawals are low$20 at the very starting. And you can increase them only by maintaining a healthy account on Chime that depends on direct deposit frequency, spending history, and a lot more.

In the next part of this post, you can learn how to overdraft Chime card. Make sure to check that out too.

But, before let’s check out if Chime card can be overdrafted at ATM and for gas.

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Can I overdraft my Chime Card at ATM?

Yes, you can overdraft Chime card at ATM. You can simply use the card to withdraw up to $200 at ATM. But, the amount that you can withdraw depends on the limit you have been provided by Chime. The maximum amount that can be overdrafted using Chime Spotme is $200.


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Can I overdraft my Chime Card for gas?

Yes, you can overdraft your Chime card for gas. You just need to pay using your Chime card. And the Chime Spot me feature will overdraft the required amount. And the next time, when you add funds to your Chime card, your account will adjust itself. Chime will be taking back the amount that was given to you.

And the best thing is, Chime doesn’t charge any extra fee for the overdraft amount, unlike other banks who charge a percentage of the amount you requested.

How to overdraft Chime Card

To overdraft Chime card, you first need to be eligible for the Spotme feature. If you have a Chime account and an active Spending Account, you are eligible to apply for Spotme. And after applying for the Spotme feature, you will be given an overdraft limit. And next time, whenever out of funds, Chime will allow you to overdraft the amount using Chime card.

Enroll for SpotMe –

  1. To enroll for the Chime Spotme feature, first of all, check if you are eligible for Spotme. To do this, open the Settings on the Chime app. There you will see the Spotme feature. Check if you are eligible.
  2. After checking eligibility, you can enroll for Spotme. To do this, simply accept and agree to the Spotme Terms and Conditions. And that’s it.

Chime Metal Card

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The maximum limit for the overdraft feature is $200. But, you should be aware that you do not get the access to $200 overdraft limit as soon as you enroll for the Spotme feature.

In the very beginning, the Spotme feature only allows for a $20 overdraft limit. This can be increased depending on the user’s transaction health, which depends on direct deposit frequency, spending history, and a lot more.

Also, it is futile to ask the Chime support team for an increment in the overdraft limit. The limits are increased automatically. You just need to be active on Chime and maintain healthy transactions on an account.

And remember, your overdraft limit can be changed, decreased at Chime’s discretion. This usually happens when Chime believes that the users will be unable to pay back the amount.

You can check out the official Terms for Chime SpotMe feature here –

  1. Bancorp – Spotme Terms
  2. Stride – Spotme Terms

Can I overdraft my Chime Card without Spotme?

No, you cannot overdraft Chime card without Spotme. Chime Spotme feature is made to help people with an extra boost of money when there is a dire need. And users can only overdraft Chime Card if they are eligible to apply for Chime Spotme.

And to be eligible to enroll for Spotme. You just need to have an open and active Spending Account.

Can I overdraft my Chime Credit Builder Card?

No, you cannot overdraft your Chime credit builder card. Chime has two different card services – debit card and Chime credit builder card. And you can only overdraft Chime debit card. Users are not allowed to overdraft credit builder card as it can reduce their credit score. And the whole point of having a Chime credit builder card is to build a good credit score.

The Chime overdraft feature doesn’t cover any non-debit card transactions. FYI, the non-debit card transaction includes ACH transfers, Pay Friends transfers, or Chime Checkbook transactions.

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Does Chime have overdraft fees?

No, Chime doesn’t have overdraft fees. According to an official statement, Chime doesn’t charge for the Spotme overdraft feature. But, one should be aware as sometimes there are third-party fees applicable with the ATM transactions.

But, as mentioned above, Chime is never going to ask for a fee if you overdraft the amount.overdraft coins


1. Does Chime let you overdraft?

Yes, Chime lets you overdraft your account. But, to overdraft any amount, you will need to apply for the Chime Spotme feature. And to be eligible for Spotme, you need to have an active spending account and the top of it, a healthy Chime account history. Chime won’t allow you to loan any amount if you are not trustworthy to return the amount.

2. How does Chime overdraft work?

Chime overdraft work with the Spotme feature. First, you need to enroll yourself for the Chime Spotme feature. And if Chime trusts you, it will be easier to enroll for Spotme feature. And getting enrolled, you will be able to overdraft the amount in the limit given to you.

Chime overdraft limits are decided by Chime, you cannot apply to increase the overdraft limit. Just maintain an active and healthy Chime account and you will be able to get an increment in your overdraft limit

3. Can I use Chime Spot me for online purchases?

Yes, you can use your Chime Spot me for online purchases. You will have to use your Chime debit card to overdraft the amount. Be aware, Chime Spotme cannot be used for non-debit card purchases, Friends transfers, and ACH transfers.

Final Words

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