(2023) Does Varo work with Zelle | Setup Guide

Yes, Varo have Zelle as integration feature on the Varo banking app. You can use Zelle to make money transaction from you Varo bank account to recipient’s bank account.

Are you wondering if Zelle supports Varo bank?

Do you need assistance in adding Varo bank card to Zelle?

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Here, we will be providing a guide to add Varo bank card to Zelle and some additional important details.

Does Varo work with Zelle

Yes, Varo bank works with Zelle. You can either link Varo bank card on Zelle app or use Zelle as an integration feature in Varo banking app. Varo bank debit card can be linked on Zelle to make payments.

Zelle is one of the most popular payment apps for users in the USA. The exciting thing about Zelle is its integration feature with other popular banking apps. You do not need to download the Zelle app to use the features. Zelle can be simply added in the same banking app as an additional feature.

With Zelle, users can send money from one bank to another without holding the funds on any other platform. Zelle standalone app provides a similar feature.

Zelle supports some of the most popular banks in the USA. If you are a Chase, Citibank, Bank of America user, you can easily use Zelle supported features. There are still a lot of banks and credit unions that have not partnered with Zelle yet. You can check out the list of eligible banks and credit unions here.

Does Varo bank have Zelle
Source: Varo Official

Well, the official list of eligible banks doesn’t mention the name of Varo bank. As you cannot add Zelle as integration feature in Varo bank. But, the support team of Varo bank has stated that their Visa debit card can be added to Zelle app and used for money transfer.

We have tried using Varo bank debit card, and we were able to use it with Zelle.

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How to add Varo bank card to Zelle

Varo Visa debit card can be easily added and used with Zelle. You just need to download the Zelle app and add the card credentials. And you will be good to go.

With the Varo debit card added to your Zelle app, you will be able to transfer money directly from your Varo bank account to another user’s bank account.

Step 1 – Download Zelle app

First of all, you will need to download the Zelle app if you want to use Zelle’s additional features and other offerings.

Step 2 – Head to App Settings

Right after downloading the Zelle app on your mobile device, open it.

And in the app, search for the App Settings icon. The Settings icon can be seen on the home page only, on the top left side of the screen.

Step 3 – Select Account option

You will be redirected to a new page by selecting the Settings icon. There simply select the Account option.

The option can be seen in the top section itself.

Step 4 – Tap on ‘Add Accounts’

Now that you have been redirected to the Accounts settings, you will be required to search for the ‘Switch Account’ option.

The option can be seen below the details of your previously added bank account details on Zelle.

For those using Zelle for the first, they will have to select ‘Add Account’ settings.

And that’s it.

This is how you can initiate the procedure to add card.

Step 5 – Submit Varo Card Credentials

It doesn’t matter if you are adding your card for the first time or replacing a former one. The steps mentioned below will remain the same.

You will be asked to add a new card or bank account. Simply select ‘Add a new card.’

Right after selecting the Switch Account. You will be asked to add a new card or bank account. Choose to add a new card.

And then, add your card details. You will be asked for the card number, CVV and other related details.

Step 6 – Submit Personal Details

After submitting the required card details, you will be asked for your personal details like first name, last name and all.

Before finally submitting the details, make sure to check all of them again to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

Zelle verifies the bank debit card and other payment methods by comparing the details with the national records. On finding the incorrect details, Zelle will reject your application, and you will have to retry again.

Click Continue when done.

Step 7 – Add Billing Address

Lastly, Zelle will ask you for the billing address and other details like area ZIP code and residential address.

Enter the details and review them once before the final submission

And that’s pretty much it, ladies and gentlemen.

Check the details you entered and review them before hitting the submit button.

These were the steps to add Varo card to Zelle. The steps involved are easy and doesn’t need any special efforts.

In case you need any help regarding the procedure, do let us know in the comments section below.

After the final submission, you will wait for a couple of minutes for receiving the confirmation notification through an app or email address.

The verification procedure doesn’t demand much time, and you will be able to add your card in a few minutes. But, if Zelle fails to verify your details, your request to add a card will be rejected.


1. Does Varo bank have Zelle?

Yes, Varo bank have Zelle support in its official banking app. You can easily add your Varo bank debit card to Zelle, add and transfer money directly from your Varo bank to other users’ accounts.

2. Does Zelle support Varo Bank?

Yes, Zelle support Varo Bank. According to the statement by Varo’s official support website, Varo Visa Debit Card can be used with Zelle to transfer funds easily.

Final Words

We are wrapping this post right here.

We first talked about if it is even possible to use Varo bank card with Zelle. Whereas, in the second part we included a detailed guide on how to add Varo bank card to Zelle.

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