[Fix] Why is Varo Advance not working

Are you wondering why Varo Advance is not working for you?

Do you want to know the reasons why you cannot use Varo Advance services?

If you have these queries, you would be glad to know this is the right place to find all the answers.

Here, in this post, we will be discussing all the possible reasons why Varo Advance is not working for you.

Moreover, you will find the methods to fix the problem on your own. So, without further ado, let us dive into the details.

Why is Varo Advance not working

There can be multiple reasons why Varo Advance is not working – you do not qualify for Varo Advance services, your payment history is in a bad state, your Advance limit has been exhausted, or there could be issues in Varo servers.

Here, we will be discussing more the possible reasons for the occurrence of the Varo Advance ‘not working’ problem. Check out the post for more details and the methods to fix the issue.


1. You skipped repayment to Advance

Varo is one of the neo banks offering money advance service – Varo Advance – to the users who need an immediate cash flow to buy essential goods.

Varo Advance can let the user borrow a limited amount of money depending on the eligibility of the user, which is generally calculated based on the user’s financial behavior on the platform and account history.

After borrowing the amount, users are also required to pay back the same amount for obvious reasons. The amount is generally automatically deducted from the user’s bank account, and the feature is called auto-repayment. But, if you opted out of the auto-repayment feature, you will be required to pay back the amount yourself before the 30 days period.

What happens if you do not repay the borrowed amount? Well, the Varo Advance feature won’t work for you.

And if Varo Advance is not working for you, there is a possibility that you have not paid the amount that you have borrowed from Varo. To ensure you repay the amount on time, always make sure the bank account has at least some funds to pay back the borrowed amount.

2. You are not eligible

Well, most of the users are not aware of the fact that they are required to qualify for the Varo Advance feature. They do not get to enjoy the feature of just creating a Varo Advance account.

If you are one of those wondering why Varo Advance is not working for you, there is a possibility that you are even qualified to borrow money from Varo Advance.

To be eligible to use the Varo Advance –

  1. You will have to activate your Varo Bank debit card. Once you activate and use your Varo debit card, you are automatically considered qualified for Varo Advance.
  2. You have to make sure that your Varo bank account is active. If your account is flagged or restricted, or closed, you won’t be considered eligible to borrow money from Varo.
  3. Your bank account must be a month old. New users, even if they qualify for other points, will be able to use Varo Advance after 30 days of opening their account on Varo.
  4. You will be required to have a minimum of $1,000 as direct deposits received to your Varo bank account, savings account, or both in the last 30 days. If you do not receive direct deposits of worth at least $1,000, there is no chance of enjoying Varo Advance.
  5. You will be required to pay back the amount before the scheduled time.

Only after ensuring you are eligible for Varo Advance service, you should proceed with the next step.

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3. Lower Varo Advance limit

On getting qualified for Varo Advance, the new user only gets a limited amount of money that can be borrowed. And if you are trying to finance your purchase using the Varo Advance, you might face issues if your Varo Advance limit is low.

Generally, the new Varo user gets a daily limit of $20. The limit increases once Varo considers you a responsible spender on their platform. If you use Varo Advance regularly, you will be expected to pay the borrowed amount on schedule or before the 30 days.

Responsible financial behavior on the Varo platform will definitely help the user get an increment in the borrowing amount. The Varo Advance limit is updated each month. So, put some effort and get your limit increased easily.

Before you ask, here we will be mentioning exactly what Varo considers while evaluating your Varo Advance limit.

  1. As mentioned earlier, the financial behavior of the user on the Varo platform is considered. Varo will check if you repaid the borrowed amount on the scheduled time or not.
  2. The payment history of the bank account is also considered while calculating the Varo Advance limit.
  3. Users’ qualifying direct deposits for the past 30 days are also considered. This is to make sure that the user will be able to repay the borrowed amount to Varo before the schedule.

If you take care of the points mentioned above, you will be able to get an increased Varo Advance limit. But, one must expect the limit to go above $100. It is the best Varo Advance has to offer.

4. Account Restrictions by Varo

As mentioned in the very first part. If a user fails to pay off the borrowed amount, Varo restricts that account, and the user won’t be allowed to enjoy Advance services anymore.

But, payment history is not the only parameter considered by Varo. If your account is not in good standing, you might not be allowed to use Varo Advance.

To keep your Varo account in good standing, make sure you keep your account active with a continuous flow of funds through direct deposits. If you are loaning any amount from Varo, always make sure you pay back on time.

Sometimes, Varo might penalize you for making payments through your Varo account to buy unsafe or illegal items. If you are using your account for online gambling, drugs, and ammunition, your account will be flagged for sure.

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5. Technical issues

Till now, in this post, we have mentioned almost every possible reason why Varo Advance is not working for you. We have also included the methods using which a user can fix the problem independently.

If you have tried everything and still the problem pertains, it could also mean the problem is from the company’s end.

The internet-based services like Varo Advance might not sometimes work because of glitches and bugs in the system. A single bug can be the reason for the failure of the whole service.

But, as you can tell, there is nothing that you can do if anything like this happens. You can only wait till the services come online again.

If there is urgency, you can try contacting the Varo support team and ask them about the problem.

Or you can follow third-party platforms like Downdetector.com and Isitdownrightnow.com to keep track of the service status.

Final Words

And that’s all, ladies and gentlemen.

Here, in this post, we discussed all the possible reasons why Varo Advance is not working for you. And along with that, we have provided a possible method to fix the particular issue.

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