Does Netspend accept 3rd party checks: Extra Fee, Locations

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Does Netspend accept 3rd party checks

The very simple answer is Yes. Netspend accepts 3rd party checks. Doesn’t matter what bank your payday check is associated with; you will be able to cash your check with Netspend and have the funds transferred to your Netspend card account.

Netspend has been offering financial services like Netspend debit card, direct deposit services, overdraft protection, and check deposit to users in the USA.

Well, Netspend offers both online and offline methods to cash a check on their platform. Users can choose the online method where they just need to submit some personal details along with the scanned images of the check from both sides.

If you have tried using the mobile check deposit services by Netspend and failed to cash a check, you can check our guide. We have talked about the method to fix ‘mobile check deposits not working’ issues here.

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Talking about another one, which is the offline method, you can cash your check at the reload locations. Netspend has partnered with all major stores like – Walmart, 7 eleven, and many more to offer services to reload Netspend card account.

Users can either reload their Netspend card by simply asking the manager at the billing counter to add money to their Netspend card by simply paying the money in cash.

Well, there is also an option to add the money to the Netspend card account by simply cashing your payday check. If you want to know more about it, follow the quick guide in the next part of this guide.

How to cash 3rd party check on Netspend

As we have already discussed in the first part of this post, one can easily cash 3rd party check. Netspend offers the service to check any third-party check. Not all types of checks are allowed for the service, but still, we will say all third-party checks can be checked on Netspend.

In case you are doubtful and want to be sure if your bank’s check will be accepted on Netspend, you can try contacting the Netspend support team.

The procedure to cash a 3rd party check is pretty simple. You can cash it using the Netspend app with the mobile check deposit feature. Follow the quick guide below for more details –

  • 1. Open the Netspend app or official website
  • 2. Log in to the Netspend app
  • 3. Select the mobile check deposit feature
  • 4. Submit personal details
  • 5. Upload scanned images of the check
  • 6. Wait for the verification procedure

If you entered all the required details and uploaded the scanned images as per the requirement, you might hear from the Netspend team about the verification soon.

  • 7. Upload scanned images of void check

Finally, after the verification, you will be able to have your check cashed in your Netspend card account.

And that’s all about the steps for ‘How to cash 3rd party check on Netspend’ with the online method.

As discussed above, there is an offline method too.

Netspend has partnered with all major retail stores, and you can visit any one of the stores across the USA to cash your check.

We will include a quick guide here.

1. Find the partner store

Netspend has a special web page using which anyone can find the partner store near them in any location in the USA. Follow this link to visit the store locator web page.

You can either search the store using the zip code of the location or the exact name.

2. Cash your check

After visiting the store, ask them if you can cash your check at their store. And if the service is available, you can deposit your check in the store only.

And that’s all.

You just have to wait for the response now.

How much does Netspend charge to deposit a check

Netspend doesn’t charge for depositing a check if you have opted for the standard transactions. Whereas, for the ‘Money in Minutes’ transaction, you will be charged a little fee per transaction.

Well, the standard transaction for a cashed check is a great option if you are ready to wait for around a week, at least, for the transaction to arrive in your Netspend card account. You won’t be charged a single penny even for the standard transaction option.

And if you are in a hurry and need the funds at the earliest, we will suggest you choose the fast transaction option, that is, the ‘Money in Minutes’ transaction. According to the official statement by Netspend, with the paid option, you will be able to have your funds in your Netspend account in a few minutes.

But, sometimes, even the paid option might take an hour to finalize the funds in your account.

And that’s pretty much all you have to know about the Netspend check deposit procedure.

Netspend ATM check deposit locations

You can deposit check with ATMs in many locations, but not all ATMs across the USA offers the service to deposit check. So, you need to be sure that your Netspend partner ATM also supports the check deposit feature.

And if it does, insert your Netspend card and select the option to deposit the check. And after that, you just need to follow the instructions as shown on the screen.

That’s how you will be able to deposit check to your Netspend account using a partner ATM.

Final Words

And that’s it, ladies and gents.

Here, we first discussed if it is possible for Netspend to accept 3rd party checks. And later, we discussed other queries related to the Netspend check deposit procedure.

We have done our best to make things easy to understand, but if you have any other queries, you can let us know in the comments section below.

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