What time does Netspend Direct Deposit hit

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Netspend Direct Deposit

Netspend has been around for over a decade, offering multiple services to the users of the USA. Features like Netspend card, mobile check deposit and direct deposits are one of the most popular services by Netspend.

There are many finance tech platforms out there offering similar services, but Netspend is among the few companies that offer all required services on the same platform. That means you do not have to search for other service providers.

As you already know, Direct Deposit is another method of payment that you can opt for instead of receiving your pay as a paper check. You just need to let your employer know about the change in the mode of payment.

And next time on the payday, you will be receiving a direct deposit instead of getting a check deposit.

The direct deposit payment is considered by a lot of users out there as it saves time. To cash a check from any client in the USA takes at least 5 days. And if you are not using a mobile check deposit service like that of Netspend’s or Cash App’s, you will have to reach out to the bank physically.

The direct deposit doesn’t have to be paycheck only. There are other types of payments too, which can be included as a direct deposit. And below, you can check out all types of payments, which you can include with Netspend direct deposit –

  • Tax refunds
  • Employer’s Paycheck
  • Defense Finance and Accounting Service Payments (DFAS)
  • Government Disability Benefits-SSDI or Workers Compensation (varies by state)
  • SSI (Supplemental Security Income)
  • State unemployment benefits (varies by state)
  • Pensions
  • Veterans’ benefits
  • Social Security benefits
  • Railroad Retirement Benefits (RRB)

And that’s pretty much all you need to know about how Netspend direct deposit works. We will be talking about more details in the next part of this post. Make sure to check all the important details.

What time does Netspend direct deposit hit

Netspend direct deposit hit two days earlier than your payday. So, if your paycheck is scheduled to arrive on Friday, you will be able to get the direct deposit on Wednesday only, and that is quite faster than cashing the paper check.

The direct deposit is the faster way to get the paycheck. You can get the paycheck a lot earlier than the conventional method. If you do not opt for the direct deposit method, you will have to cash the paper check you receive from your employer.

Well, cashing the check takes around 5 to 7 days to finally arrive in your bank account. Even if you choose to cash the check with the Netspend mobile check deposit feature, you will have the cash deposited in your account only after 10 days.

There are some other details that you must know before you opt for direct deposits.

First and the most important. You must keep your Netspend card account active to be eligible to receive the direct deposits on Netspend. Well, according to the official statement, those Netspend card account that has participated in purchase, load, or cash withdrawal actions in the last 90 days period, will be considered ‘Active.’

If your Netspend card account is not in good standing and is not active, the employer won’t credit the paycheck amount in the account. And again, to start receiving the funds, you will need to keep the amount active.

No specific amount needs to be transferred or credited to the Netspend account. That’s why you can make small payments and submissions to keep the account active.

There is one more thing that should be kept in mind to be eligible to receive direct deposits. The name and other details on your Netspend must match with the details your employer have of yours. The mismatch in the details will cause issues in the verification procedure.

And that’s pretty much it.

What time do Netspend deposit

Netspend deposit two days before the actual payday and at around 11 pm (local time).

Well, Netspend doesn’t mention any specific time at which they will be posting the direct deposit to your account, so it cannot be said for sure if the funds will arrive exactly at night time.

Several Netspend users on social media forums like – Quora and Reddit have mentioned that the Netspend deposit arrives at around 11 pm and a couple of days before the official payday. For instance, your payday date is not Wednesday, and then according to forum users, you will be getting your payday on Monday at 11 pm.

And again, do not be very certain that your payday will arrive simultaneously each payday. Some users have also reported that they received their direct paycheck deposit the next day in the morning.


1. How long does Netspend take to process direct deposit

Netspend takes around a few minutes to process direct deposit for the verification. And after verification, the funds are deposited directly to the user’s account. Unlike, Netspend check deposit, the direct deposits arrives two day earlier and are processed instantly.

Final Words

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Here, we first talked about the Netspend direct deposit service and then we discusses the time at which Netspend direct deposit hits.

Along with that we have mentioned a lot of other details as well. Make sure to check all important details here.