Fix: Netspend mobile check deposit not working (Reasons)

Are you someone having issues with the Netspend mobile check deposit feature?

Is Netspend mobile check deposit not working for you?

Well, if you are still struggling with the Netspend check deposit feature and need some assistance, you are at the right place.

Here, we will first talk about the potential reasons which might be causing the issues. By understanding the potential reasons, you can fix the issue yourself. And if not, our detailed guide on how to fix Netspend mobile check deposit not working is going to help you out.

And if you are ready, let us dive right into the details.

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Why is Netspend mobile check deposit not working

Netspend is a great platform for transferring money to family and friends. Other than money transfers to friends, you can also deposit your checks with Netspend without waiting in the queue.

Well, sometimes Netspend users have problems in depositing their checks. Fret not, you are not alone.

There could be many reasons why Netspend mobile check deposit is not working for you. Here, we are going to include all possible reasons which might be causing a problem with the Netspend mobile check deposit feature.

1. Incorrect details

The first and the most common reasons why a lot of users face the Netspend mobile check deposit ‘not working’ issue is the submission of the wrong details while depositing the check.

You will be asked a lot of details while depositing the check with Netspend mobile check. Some of these details, like the amount and check number, are already mentioned on the check itself.

And even if by mistake you enter incorrect details while submitting the details, you will surely counter the Netspend mobile check deposit not working issues again.

Netspend verifies the check details submitted by the users with the bank. And things can only move forward if you Netspend finds the check to be legit.

2. Maximum limit reached

As you may already know, the mobile check deposits service is free but cannot be used to deposit an unlimited amount of money in a single go. Similar to other services, Netspend has also put a limit on the amount that can be deposited daily and monthly.

This type of limit is put to keep a check on excessive money laundering and unethical money transactions. It is basically security measure steps taken by Netspend.

The limits vary for different services providers. And talking about the Netspend, the account holders can load a maximum of $2,500 per check.

There are other limits too. In a day, multiple checks totaling up to an amount of $5,000 can be checked with Netspend. And in a month, you can only deposit multiple checks with a total worth of $10,000.

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3. Issues with Void Checks

As you already know, in the procedure of depositing a check with Netspend you are also required to submit a scanned image of a void check.

And to submit a void check, Netspend instructs users to write the word ‘Void’ over the check and upload the scanned image of the same.

But, sometimes, if a user doesn’t submit a proper void check, the check deposit feature fails. And the entire procedure has to be repeated again.

4. Issues with Uploads

If you have ever tried depositing a check on Netspend, you may already know that the users are required to submit the scanned images of the check.

This is done to verify the details written on the check with the submitted details by the users on the Netspend app. The uploaded images are used just for verification.

And in case the details in the scanned check image do not match with the submitted details, the mobile check deposit fails.

5. Check not supported

The Netspend mobile check deposit feature can be used with any check. Almost every bank-issued check can be used with Netspend. But, not all checks issued by the financial institution can be used with Netspend.

So, if you are doing everything right and still cannot deposit the check, it might be the case that Netspend does not support the check.

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6. Account Flagged

Netspend is a popular payments platform that takes security very seriously. That’s why Netspend keeps an eye on the activity of the users on the platform. And if someone is found to be violating the rules and regulations, Netspend flags that account.

By flagging an account, Netspend also limits the feature that the user can enjoy. And if you cannot use the mobile check deposit feature, it might be the case that you have been flagged by Netspend.

You can contact Netspend support and get this issue fixed.

7. Account not verified

Netspend, like other payments apps, asks its users to get verified on the platform. For the verification, users need to submit some details which proves that it’s a legit account and not being used for unethical purpose.

But, if you do not own a verified account on Netspend, you might be restricted from using features like mobile check deposit.

8. Issues with Bank Account

Well, you might have made mistakes in submitting all the details and uploads. But, not always there are issues from the user’s end. Sometimes, there could be issues in the sender’s bank. And that is clearly not your fault.

Even if you initiate the check deposit procedure and proceed with the steps carefully, it is possible that Netspend fails to deposit the check.

Netspend verifies the data submitted by the user and then transfers the funds from the sender’s account to yours. But, if the sender’s bank account doesn’t work as intended or any other services do not work, Netspend will not be able to transfer the funds.

But, this doesn’t mean your check deposit has failed. If the details submitted have been verified OK by Netspend, you will definitely receive your funds. It might take some extra time to deposit the funds.

Fix: Netspend mobile check deposit not working

Now that you have learned all the possible reason which might be causing the Netspend check deposit not working issue. Let’s now see some ways which can be followed to fix Netspend check deposit not working problem.

Fix 1 – Enter Correct Details

As you already know, Netspend asks the user to enter details during the check depositing. And if you want your check deposit to succeed, you must make sure that the details you are submitting are correct.

So, check the details twice before the final submission.

Fix 2 – Rescan & Reupload Images

Most of the time, there are issues with the scanned images of the check. Netspend asks the users to upload images of the scanned images of the check from both the front and back sides.

This is required for the verification procedure. But, blurred images are rejected right away. So, make sure to capture clear photos. All the details must be visible clearly.

Fix 3 – Contact Netspend Support

If you have tried everything that we included above but still can’t deposit your check, you must contact the Netspend support team. But, before that, you must be pretty sure that you are doing everything appropriately from your end.

You can contact the Netspend support team through email at [email protected]. You can also try to call them at 1-866-387-7363.

Describe your issues with the support team member and let them know what problems you are facing.



1. Netspend mobile check load not working, what to do?

If Netspend mobile check load is not working for you, there could be issues with – details submitted, photos uploaded, void check submitted, account verification, and more. If you are having a lot of issues in depositing your check, you can contact the Netspend support team.

Final Words

And that’s it.

Here, we first discussed the possible reasons which might be causing the Netspend check deposit not working issue.

And if you are looking for a solution, the second part of this post discusses the ways to fix the Netspend mobile check deposit not working issue.

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