(4 Steps) How to lock Cash App Card or Deactivate

Are you a Cash App Card user?

Have you lost your Cash App Card?

Are you looking for a guide to deactivate Cash App Card?

Well, if you nodded in affirmation, you have found a relevant webpage. As here, we will be discussing the guide to lock Cash App Card.

So, without any further ado, let’s see what’s in the bag.

Why should you lock Cash App Card?

Cash App is an American peer-to-peer payments app that comes with a lot of features. In addition to the money transfer, users can deposit checks onlinetransfer moneybuy stuff online, buy Bitcoin, and a lot more.

The company also released Cash App card service. It is Cash App’s own Visa powered debit card service, using which users can make payments without using their mobile. It is a great option when it comes to making offline payments.

Cash App

One can use a Cash App card at all eligible stores across the USA. And the company also lets users load the Cash App at any of the eligible stores without much effort.

Cash App seems an excellent option to make money transactions, and it is an easy-to-carry option. You can keep that in your wallet, really convenient to use.

But, what if you lost the card? Is there any option to avoid any trouble?

Well, yes, you can choose to disable Cash App card by locking it right from your mobile app.

You can also choose to lock Cash App card if you want to stop money transactions temporarily. Cash App also provides an option to unlock Cash App card anytime whenever required.

And here, we will be talking about the procedure to lock and unlock Cash App card in easy steps.

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How to lock Cash App Card

We have got your back if you are looking for a guide to lock your Cash App card. In very easy steps, you will learn how to lock Cash App card. So, without any delay, let us dive right into the details.

Also, if you need a guide to unlock Cash App card, make sure to skip to the next part of this guide.

  • STEP 1 – Open the Cash App

Before proceeding with the next steps, make sure you are using the latest version of the Cash App. Visit the respective app store and look out for the Cash App.

Hit the update button and download the latest patch. Open the app and proceed with the next step.


  • STEP 2 – Select Cash App card button

On opening the Cash App, you will find yourself on the green-colored home page. There, you need to find the Cash App card icon.

The icon can be seen on the bottom left part of the display—the second one from the left side of the screen.

  • STEP 3 – Click on Cash App Card

You will find yourself on the Cash App card settings page. There you will also see an image of the card.

The black one, with the details of your account, the last digit of the card number and more. Select it.

  • STEP 4 – Click on ‘Enable Cash App Card’ Toggle

On clicking the image, a new pop-up will appear with some additional options.

There, you just need to click the toggle button next to the Enable Cash Card option.

And it is done.

This was all about the steps to lock Cash App card. Your card is now locked. No one will be able to use it.

The best thing is that the card lock is temporary. If you want, you can enable that again, repeat the steps mentioned above, and at last click on the toggle next to ‘Enable Cash App Card’ to unlock Cash App card.

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How to unlock Cash App card

Check out the step-by-step guide to unlock Cash App Card.

  • Step 1 – Update Cash App on mobile

To begin with, open your Cash App on your mobile device. You are free to continue with any Android or iOS device. The choice is yours; the steps for both the device are the same.

Check for the app updates if you haven’t turned on the auto-app update feature. Search for the app name in the respective app store and click on the update option if it appears.

  • Step 2 – Open Cash App card settings

Next, you have to open the Cash App card settings page. To do this, select the Cash App card icon, which can be seen on the home page.

The Cash App card icon can be selected from the bottom left portion on the bright green-colored home page. Open the Cash App card settings and proceed.

  • Step 3 – Select Cash App Card preview image

In the Cash App card settings, select the white (faded) image of your Cash App Card. And on clicking the preview, you will find some different options as well.

  • Step 4 – Turn ON ‘Enable Cash App Card’ button

A new window will slide up on the same page. You will be presented with different options.

Here, you need to tap on the toggle button next to the ‘Enable Cash App Card’ option to turn the feature ON.

And you are done.

These were the step for how to unlock Cash App Card. The steps involved were very easy, but if you need any kind of assistance, do let us know in the comments section below.

After enabling the Cash App card, you will be able to use it again for transactions at stores.

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Q1. How to enable Cash App card when disabled

You can easily enable Cash App card after disabling it right from your Cash App. To do this, open your Cash App and go to the Cash App Card settings. And there, select the Cash Card image. From the available options, select the toggle button next to ‘Enable Cash Card.’ Bingo! This will enable Cash App card again.

Q2. How to deactivate Cash App card

To deactivate Cash App card. You need to open Cash App on your mobile device. And there, select Cash Card icon, which can be found on the bottom left side. On the same page, select Cash App preview image. This will show you some options. You just need to turn off the toggle button next to ‘Enable Cash Card.’ Your card will be deactivated; you wouldn’t be able to use it for any transaction.

Q3. I lost my cash app card, what to do?

If you have lost your Cash App card, you can report the issue to Cash App and apply for a new Cash App card. To do this, open the Cash App Card settings in your Cash App. Then, select the card preview image to see more options. In more options, select ‘Report Card Lost or Stolen,’ and follow the instructions. You will be asked to submit some details.

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