(8 Ways to Fix) Bank of America Zelle not working

Are you not able to send money via Zelle from your Bank of America account?

If you are having issues with Zelle on Bank of America, you have landed in the right place.

Here we have explained why it can happen and what you can do to fix it.

So, let’s begin without any delay.

Why is Bank of America Zelle not working

Bank of America Zelle is not working because either your internet is having issues, you are using a VPN, servers of Zelle or Bank of America are down, Zelle might be having technical issues, or our account might have been frozen.

Whatever be the case, there are always a few ways to fix the problem on your own or at least make sure the issue doesn’t lie on your end.

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How to Fix Zelle Bank of America not working

1. Check your internet connection

To begin with, make sure that your internet connection is working fine.

If your internet isn’t stable, you might have issues loading the Zelle.

Make sure that you can use other apps and other websites on your mobile or PC.

Check your internet speed at fast.com or other similar services.

We would suggest switching off your Wi-Fi router for a few minutes and then turning it on; doing this will refresh your internet, just in case something is unusual and causing issues.

Furthermore, we would recommend switching your internet from Wi-Fi to your mobile data or vice versa.

Well, make sure not to connect to any open, unsecured public Wi-Fi for security reasons.

2. Disable the VPN

Another reason Zelle Bank of America isn’t working for you could be the VPN if you are using it.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) hides your identity and disguises your location, but some apps and services, especially banking and payment apps, need to confirm your identity and location for security reasons.

So, if you are using a VPN, it can cause issues with the loading of Zelle Bank of America.

So, disable your VPN and then try using Zelle Bank of America. It should work now; if not, follow other methods below.

3. Clear Bank of America app cache

Another reason Zelle isn’t working via Bank of America could be that the cache is causing the issues.

Our devices and browsers store temporary data of the apps and services we use the most to run them fast and smoothly.

This temporary data is known as a cache.

However, this cache data can become large with time and can cause issues rather than providing benefits.

So, that’s the reason it is always recommended to clear the cache.

That being said, follow the steps to clear the cache of the Bank of America app on your smartphone.

  • Open setting on your device.
  • Go to Apps or Applications
  • Here, search Bank of America.
  • Now, tap on storage and data.
  • Now, tap, clear cache.

Note: These settings will differ slightly from device to device.

4. Update Bank of America mobile app

Moving forward, another reason Zelle isn’t working for you could be that you are using an outdated version of the Bank of America app.

If you are not using the latest version of the Bank of America mobile app, there could be certain bugs and issues causing the app’s loading or other problems.

So, make sure you are using the latest version of the app.

To update the app, head over to the Google Play Store or App Store on your Android or iOS device and tap the update button if available.

5. Check Zelle server status

If your internet is working fine, you have disabled your VPN, updated the app, and even cleared the cache, and still, Zelle Bank of America is not working, or payment is getting declined; the reason could be the servers of the Zelle.

It might be that the servers of the Zelle are down or having other issues causing payment failures and other issues.

So, it is always good to know whether the problem lies on the client’s side or from your end.

If the problem lies on the server end, there isn’t much you can do about it rather than waiting till the servers get fixed.

That being said, you can check the server status of Zelle online for free.

We would suggest visiting the downdetector page for Zelle. Here check the number of reports and user comments.

Zelle servers down

If the reports are significant, it means Zelle servers are having a tough time.

In this case you would like to wait till the servers gets restored or use alternatives.

6. Check Bank of America server status

Now, if you have checked the server status of the Zelle and there is no problem with them, it could be that the servers of Bank of America are down or having issues.

So, similarly, you check the server status of Bank of America.

Visit the downdetector page for Bank of America, check the number of reports and user comments.

Bank of America servers down

If the reports are significant, it means Bank of America servers are down, which is why you cannot use Zelle to transfer money.

So, if the servers are down, you can’t do much apart from waiting till the servers get restored.

7. Use Zelle via Bank of America online banking

If you were using the Zelle via the Bank of America mobile and it’s not working, there could be some technical issues, especially with the mobile app.

So, instead of using Zelle on the mobile app, you can use it from the Bank of America online banking.

To use Zelle from the Bank of America online banking, follow the steps below;

  • Visit bankofamerica.com and log into Online Banking.
  • From the Accounts Overview page, click the Transfer I Zelle tab and select Send money.
  • Select the account you wish to send money from, then click Add email or mobile recipient to add a new recipient. You can also include an optional
  • Confirm the details of your transaction and select Make Transfer. If the details are not correct, click Don’t Make Transfer and you are able to restart

So, that’s it. Once the money has been sent, you will see a confirmation.

8. Contact support

Lastly, if you have tried everything mentioned above in this guide and still Zelle isn’t working for you, then the last step is to contact the support.


So, that’s all for now, my friends. I hope after reading this post, you were able to know why Bank of America Zelle was not working for you and have probably fixed it.

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