Zelle Not Working: Here are 6 Ways to Fix it

Is your Zelle app not working?

Are you finding it hard to use Zelle on your bank app?

If you cannot use Zelle and having issues with Zelle like app crashing, payment not processing and are finding solutions, you are at the right web page.

In this post, we have explained why Zelle is not working on your device.

You should not that the reasons and fixes provided in this post are relevant to banking apps by Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Capital One, PNC, etc.

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About Zelle –

Zelle is the simplest way to send money to someone in the US. To transfer money to someone using Zelle, you don’t even require their bank account details. Money can be sent using just the phone number or email.

Unlike the Cash App or Venmo, Zelle doesn’t hold money. Transferred funds goes directly into the bank account.

The best part of using Zelle is that you don’t even require to install the Zelle App separately, as most of the bank’s apps house all Zelle features inside their apps.

Zelle is really one of the easiest, fastest, and safest money transfer services.

But sometimes you might face issues while using the app, or while logging into your account, or while transferring money.

Whatever be the case, below, we have listed all the potential reasons why Zelle is not working for you.

We have also provided a few methods that you can perform to fix issues with Zelle.

So, let’s get started.

Why is Zelle not working:

If Zelle is not working, there could be due to several reasons such as internet connection is not working, you are using a VPN, you are using an outdated version of the App, servers of Zelle are down, servers of your bank are down, or your Zelle account has been blocked.

Let us check out each reason in detail.

1. Internet Connection is Not Working

The most common reason why Zelle is not working is your internet connection is not working or is not stable.

You can check your internet speed on the speed test by Ookla here.

So, before doing anything else, make sure your internet is working fine. You can try switching your internet from your Wi-Fi to mobile data and vice-versa.

2. Zelle Servers are Down

If the Zelle service is not working, or you cannot send or transfer money from your bank app using the Zelle, it might be the case that Zelle servers are down.

You can check the server status of Zelle on the Downdetector page here.

If the servers are down, it is best not to use the service for a while and wait to get everything sorted.

Zelle server status

3. Your Bank Servers are Down

If the servers of the Zelle are working fine and still you cannot use them, then it might be the case the servers of your bank are down.

To check the status of your bank, you can simply search your bank server status on the web and follow websites like Downdetector,

If the servers of your bank are down, then wait to get the servers to restore. It may take a few minutes or hours, or even a few days in rare cases, to get servers of your bank fixed.

4. Zelle/Bank App Outdated

Another reason Zelle is not working for you or with your bank app is that you are using an outdated version of the app.

If you are using the standalone Zelle app, you can check if there is any update available for it or not by going to the App Store on iOS devices and to the Play Store on Android devices.

If you are using Zelle through your bank app, then it might be that your bank app is also not updated.

Banking and money transferring apps get new updates frequently due to security reasons, so it is essential to update them and always use their latest version.

5. You are using a VPN

If you are using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service, then it is likely that your banking and money transferring apps like Zelle will not work.

Zelle and other payment apps and services require your location to send or transfer money. And as a VPN hides your location and makes you anonymous, so payment apps like your Bank’s app or Zelle do not recognize your location and won’t work.

So, if you are using a VPN, then disable it and then try using Zelle. It should work now.

6. Your Zelle Account is Blocked

Another potential reason why you are not able to use Zelle is that your Zelle account might have been disabled due to fraud or suspicious activities, or due to other security reasons.

In this case, you will need to contact Zelle support.

Why is my Zelle payment pending/processing

If you are having issues with your payment on the Zelle then it could due to several reasons as listed below.

Zelle problem enrolling my mobile number

  • Your number already enrolled with Zelle at a different bank or credit union
  • It is already enrolled with clearxchange.com

How to Fix Zelle not working:

1. Check your internet connection

If Zelle is not working for you, the first step to take is to make sure that your internet is working fine.

You can also try switching your internet from your Wi-Fi to mobile data and vice-versa, and then you use Zelle.

2. Clear App Cache

App and services we use on our mobile devices store some data to save login details and user profiles. This data is known as cache.

However, this data can pile up with time and might cause issues with the app’s functioning.

So, you can try clearing the cache of the Zelle App or your Bank’s app.

To clear the cache of the app –

  • Open settings
  • Tap on Application, or Apps
  • Search for Zelle, or your Bank App
  • Tap on clear cache

Note: These settings will differ slightly from device to device.

3. Update Zelle or your Bank App

As stated above, using an outdated version of the App often causes issues and problems. So, it is always recommended to use the latest version of the App.

You can download or update the latest version of Zelle or your Bank App from the Play Store or App Store.

4. Disable your VPN

As mentioned above, using a VPN service hides your location, but the banking and payment apps require your location to work.

So, if you are using a VPN, disable it and then try sending money using Zelle.

5. Contact your Bank

If nothing is working for you, then it is best to contact your bank. They will be able to understand your problem better and assist you accordingly.

6. Contact Zelle

If everything is fine with your bank, and still Zelle is not working for you, then the last step that remains is to contact Zelle support. Contact Zelle® Support at 844-428-8542 or get in touch through the support page at zellepay.com/support/contact.

Zelle error code C201: What is it and how to fix it

Most Zelle users often complain that they get an error C201 while registering their mobile number or logging into their Zelle account.

Below is a complaint by a Reddit user –

I recently signed up for Zelle, I sent money to my mom twice, on the 3rd time I went to send her money my account was gone. When I try to register my number now I get the C201 code, I’ve contacted customer service, but they said they don’t know why I’m getting that error.

Zelle Error code C201

The error C201 is caused mainly because your number is blocked by Zelle due to some fraud or suspicious activity. 

How to Fix C201 error in Zelle:

  • Use Zelle within your Bank App
  • Use Zelle Web version instead of App
  • Contact Zelle support

Final Words

Zelle is one of the best, easiest, fastest, and safest money transferring apps, but sometimes you might have trouble using it. However, most of the problems and issues can be fixed by checking your internet connection, disabling your VPN, clearing the app’s cache, and updating the app.

If you have done everything from your side and still cannot use Zelle, then the best is to contact either your bank or Zelle support.

So, that’s all for now. We hope you are able to know why Zelle was not working for you and have probably fixed or solved it.

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