[Fix] Why is my Zelle Payment Processing

Does Zelle shows your payment – ‘processing’?

Are you finding it hard to proceed with payment on Zelle? Fret not. Here, you will find all answers to the question.

We are going to include all possible details along with a way to fix them.

So, without any further delay, let us dive right into the details.

Why does Zelle say processing

Quick Answer: Zelle says processing because the transaction you initiated on your end hasn’t reached the user. There can be many reasons, sometimes problems in your app or device result in payment processing. Whereas, sometimes there can be issues with the bank services.

Zelle is a popular app that works on ACH transfer. It allows users to transfer money from one bank to another without entering the details of other’s accounts again and again. Zelle can be used both as an integrated feature in partner banking apps and as a standalone app.

Well, if you are looking for the reasons, we have mentioned all of them along with the ways to fix, their explanation, and additional details, below.

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Fix: Zelle payment processing

Let us talk about the Zelle payment processing issue in detail. Here, we will mention not only all possible reasons for the problem, but also provide the ways to fix it.

You can try implementing the fix on your own. And if you need any further assistance, you can let us know in the comments section below.

#1 Enter correct details

The main issue causing Zelle payment pending is incorrect details submission. To proceed with Zelle payment, enter the registered mobile number or email associated with the account. If incorrect details are entered, the payment won’t proceed and a processing issue may occur.

Submitting details of a non-associated Zelle account can also lead to payment processing problems. To fix this, always enter the correct recipient details and review them before confirming the transaction.

#2 Register the payee on Zelle

In the previous point, we mentioned how users enter wrong details while submitting the Zelle username. And sometimes, the user, to whom you are trying to send the payment, might have changed the registered details or deleted the Zelle account.

And if you have sent the amount to the invalid or deleted account, you will see a Zelle payment processing issue.

Fix – Fret not; the user who has deleted the account has got 14 days to re-create the account and claim the payment. And after the period of 14 days, the money will be returned to you if the user doesn’t accept the payment.

If you want, you can cancel the transaction in between if the user hasn’t created the account back.

#3 Wait for the ACH transfers to complete

As you already know that Zelle works a bit differently from the wire-transfer payments app. Transactions made on Zelle are only transferred between the banks. And in ACH transfers, the funds take time to process and reflect the user’s account.

According to the official statement by Zelle, ACH transfers take around 2 to 3 business days to process and finally reach the recipient’s bank account.

how long does it takes

Fix – You will need to wait for at most three days till the funds reach their destination. And if you initiated the transaction on a weekend or national holiday, the transfer of the funds will take more time.

Zelle processes payments only on business days. So, wait for some time before taking any major action.

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#4 Avoid sending funds to a flagged account

Sometimes, the reason why you see the Zelle payment processing issue is you are trying to send the funds to a flagged account.

Zelle, as a payment processing platform, takes utmost care of the secured transaction. And that is why Zelle keeps an eye on the account activity.

Any accounts that violated Zelle’s terms of use are flagged by Zelle in order to prevent any potential harm to other users on the platform.

That’s why Zelle won’t let you transfer the money to a flagged account to protect you from any inconvenience.

Fix – There is no particular fix for the issue, but if you think the person on the other side has not violated any guidelines, and you are confident about it, you can ask the person to contact the Zelle support team.

Sometimes, Zelle automatic systems block the accounts mistakenly. Your friend might have been flagged by mistake.

#5 Check bank’s server status

Talking about another common issue, sometimes your bank might have issues with the services. As you already know, fund transfers through Zelle are made online.

But what if the bank fails to provide online money transfer services.

Well, this happens a lot of times. Your bank might be having issues with the servers. And if you initiated a transaction in this period, you will get the Zelle payment processing issue.

Fix – Although you cannot fix the issue, there is a way to keep track of the outage. You can visit Downdetector.com and there search for the reports related to your bank.

You can track the bank servers on the bank’s official Twitter account as well. Banks posts the latest updates on their social media platforms. Keep an eye.

server issues

#6 Check Zelle service status

Like your bank, sometimes Zelle services might show issues, and you will see Zelle’s payment processing problem.

Fix – Again, there is nothing you can do. If you want to keep track of the Zelle services, you will need to go to Downdetector.com to check the Zelle services reports. So, wait for a while and check the status of the payment after some time.

Also, keep an eye on Zelle’s official social media handles. Companies often keep the users posted about the current status of the services there.

And that’s all about the possible reasons.

In case, you are unable to fix the issues on your own, there is one last thing that you can do.

Contact Zelle support teams and let them know the issues with your payments.

You can call Zelle support at 1-844-428-8542 from 10 am -10 pm ET, 7 days a week, excluding Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.

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Final Words

And that is it, guys.

In this post, we first included all the possible reasons for the most asked query – ‘why is my Zelle payment processing?’

And in the next part of this post, we provided all the possible reasons and explanations along with the ways to fix it.

We have made sure that the fix mentioned below is easy to implement. So, without any further assistance, you will be able to solve them on your own.

But, in case you need more clarification or any help, you can let us know in the comments section below; we will try our best to help you out.

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