(8 Reasons) Sezzle Virtual Card Not Working

Buy now pay later apps are getting more popular as they allow users to split the bill of items they purchase into installments without any interest or other charges.

Sezzle, launched in 2016, is one of the renowned BNPL apps. It allows you to split your payment into four equal installments without interest or hidden charges.

The first payment is due on the purchase, while the other three payments have to be made over the next six weeks.

Sezzle works with thousands of stores and offers a virtual debit card that can be linked with Apple Pay or Google Pay and used in brick-and-mortar stores.

Well, sometimes, you might have issues using your Sezzle virtual card.

Is your Sezzle virtual card not working?

If your Sezzle virtual card is declined or not working, you have landed in the right place. Here we have explained why it’s happening and what to do next.

So, let’s get started.

Why is Sezzle Virtual Card Not Working

Sezzle virtual card may not work due to multiple reasons such as the order value of the item you are ordering is greater than your spending power, the retailer you are buying from doesn’t support Sezzle, you have multiple failed payments, you already have one or more unpaid order, you are a new Sezzle user, your bank or associated debit/credit institution declined the payment, or there are some server or technical issues.

Below, we have discussed all the reasons why Sezzle virtual card is not working for you:

Sezzle virtual card

1. You exhausted your virtual card spending power

If you have exhausted the Sezzle spending limit and are trying to place a new order, your payment or card will get declined.

Every user on Sezzle has a spending limit or power based on how long you’ve been using Sezzle, your order history, your credit situation, and other factors.

You can see your Sezzle spending power by logging into your Sezzle account and heading over to the “Sezzle Card” tab. Here, you will see your available spending power, along with your Virtual Card details.

The spending power for new users ranges from $50-$200. If your spending power is low, do not worry and keep using Sezzle and pay the payments on time, and your limit will increase.

To learn more about increasing spending power of Sezzle visit our detailed post: How to increase Sezzle limit

2. Retailer you are shopping with doesn’t support Sezzle

If you are using your Sezzle virtual card at a retailer or merchant that does not support Sezzle, your card will not work or get declined.

Well, it works with thousands of retailers, but still, some retailers do not accept Sezzle.

So, yes, make sure the retailer or merchant you are buying from support Sezzle.

3. You have a failed payment on your account

Your card may also not work due to multiple failed orders or payments.

So, double-check your payment method. Please ensure there are sufficient funds on your first installment on your debit/credit card to place an order.

4. Declined due to one or more unpaid orders

Moving on, another reason why your Sezzle virtual card is not working or is getting declined may be that you already have some unpaid orders in your Sezzle account.

If you already have one or more unpaid orders, especially if you are a new user, your order will be declined, no matter whether you are using your Sezzle virtual card or any other payment method.

So, before using your virtual card, make sure you do not have any pending unpaid orders.

5. You are a new Sezzle user

If you are a new Sezzle user and have already placed an order and trying to place another within a day, your order will decline, or the virtual card will not work.

Sezzle recommends waiting for at least 25 hours after placing your first order if you are a new user.

New users can only place 1 order but will be able to make new orders once that new user limit period is over.

6. Your bank declined the payment

Another reason why your Sezzle virtual card is declined or not working could be that the default payment method associated with your card is being declined by your bank.

7. Sezzle virtual card only works in US

Seezle as a BNPL service is available in several countries such as Germany, France, USA, Canada, Austria, Belgium, UK, Netherlands, Spain, and Italy. But its virtual card is only available for shoppers in the USA.

The Sezzle Virtual Card is only available to shoppers located in the U.S. and U.S. territories.

So, if you live outside the USA or trying to use your outside the USA, it will not work.

8. Technical issues

Lastly, your Sezzle virtual card might not work due to technical or server issues.

Now, there can be technical issues from the merchant you are buying items from or from Sezzle.

There might also be an issue with Apple Pay or Google Pay if you use your Sezzle virtual card with any of these wallet apps.

In this case, we recommend you use the latest version of these apps and clear the cache once.

Also, you would like to check the server status of these Sezzle and Apple Pay or Google Pay to make sure everything is working as usual or not. If something is wrong with servers, your virtual card may not work.

If you are using the virtual card in-store, confirm that there aren’t technical or server issues with the owner.

Final Word

Sezzle is one of the fastest-growing BNPL apps and is available in many countries. It allows its users to buy items from thousands of online and offline stores.

Sezzle offers a virtual debit card that helps users buy from stores where the direct Sezzle payment option isn’t available.

The virtual Sezzle card can also be linked with Apple Pay or Google Pay, further extending its capability to the stores where Apple Pay and Google Pay work.

Well, sometimes you may have issues using the virtual Sezzle card, or it may not work at all or get declined. The card may not work for several reasons, as detailed above in the post.

So, that’s all for now, folks. After going through this post, we hope you were able to understand why your virtual Sezzle card was not working.

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