Why won’t my Netspend card activate (Solutions)

Are you having issues with your Netspend card activation?

Do you want to know why you cannot activate your Netspend account?

Well, if you are facing problems and looking for the answers, you have reached the right webpage. As here, we will be discussing all the possible reasons why your Netspend card activation is having problems.

Why won’t my Netspend card activate

Netspend, the renowned payments platform, offers multiple features to its users including Netspend prepaid debit card. The debit card can be used for online and offline payments as well as for ATM money transactions.

To use a Netspend card, you have to activate it first using the Netspend app. The procedure is quite easy but sometimes users report that they are having issues in activation procedure.

There are many reasons why you are not able to activate your Netspend card. And if you are looking for the answers, here we will be discussing all the potential reasons why your Netspend card won’t acitvate.

We will also provide the solutions for the issues, so, let us get started.

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1. Incorrect Card Number or Security Number

As you already know, Netspend card can be bought from a local retailer for a very small amount. Sometimes, users can get it for free as well. However, the Netspend card is not ready to use as soon as you buy it from a store. The users are required to activate it first.

You can start the activation procedure using the Netspend app. If you want to know more about the activation procedure, you can follow our detailed guide on the same.

For the activation, you will be asked the details like card number and security number. These details can be seen on the plastic card you bought.

You will have to peel of the packaging first.

And if you do not enter the correct card number or the security number, you won’t be able to activate it.

Solution – You get multiple chances to enter the correct details. Enter the details carefully to continue with the procedure normally.

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2. Invalid username for registration

Right after entering the card number and security number, you will be asked to register for the Netspend Online Access. This is nothing but the services by Netspend to help you in getting status updates online.

For the registration for the services, you will be asked for the username as well as the password. And if you cannot enter the correct credentials, you won’t be able to continue with the procedure.

Solution – Enter correct Netspend credentials for the registration and select Continue when done.

3. Incorrect personal details

After the registration to the Netspend online access and selection of the card PIN, you will be asked some details for the verification of your identity.

For the personal verification, you will be asked for the Names, Address as well as Date of Birth.

And yet again, you submit any of the details different from the what you submitted earlier in the Netspend account, your application for the activation of the Netspend card will be rejected.

Solution – Always make sure to enter your official and full name for the verification procedure. Netspend even verifies the details submitted by you with the help of third party platforms. So, even if you submit a correct spelled name, your application will be get rejected as the name submitted doesn’t match with the records.

4. Fake or Invalid SSN

For the personal verification of an individual, Netspend also asks for the submission of the SSN (Social Security Number) of an individual.

Well, SSN is probably the best and easiet way to prove your identity. You just need to know nine digits of your SSN.

But, sometimes user try to submit the fake SSN which are generated by an online SSN generator.

Whether you enter an incorrect SSN by mistake or an online generated SSN deliberately, your verification application will be rejected.

Solutions – Check if you entered the correct nine digits of your Social Security Number. You will be able to enter the SSN again. But, if you are trying a fake SSN or an online generated SSN, you can get yourself banned. Drop this idea right away.

These methods of generating SSN never worked in the past. And even if they did, the companies today have become smart enough to tackle that loophole.

Moreover, the multiple submission of the incorrect or fake SSN can get you banned from using your Netspend account as well.

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5. Invalid email address for verification

After the personal verification, you will be asked for the verification of the email address. And before you enter your email address for the verification, make sure the email address is valid and active.

If the email address is not active, you won’t be able to receive the code for the final verification.

Solution – Before submitting the email address, make sure you are providing the correct email address only. The same email address must be logged in your device as well.

6. Incorrect code for verification

For the verification of the email, Netspend also send a security code to inbox of the same email address. You are supposed to submit the same security code for the verification.

Don’t worry if you enter an incorrect code, you can choose to receive the security code again.

Solution – You will receive the code as an email in your submitted email’s inbox.

7. You are not 18 years old

You might already know that you can only own a Netspend card if you are 18 years old or more.

This is one of the major eligibility criteria if one wants to own a Netspend card.

Solution – No specific solution. Users below 18 years age can use Netspend with limited features only. Netspend services like Netspend card cannot be used by the minors.


1. What’s the minimum age to own a Netspend card?

The minimum age to own a Netspend card is 18 years. If you are a minor and do not have a Social Security Number, you won’t be able to even activate your Netspend card.

Final Words

And that’s pretty much it, ladies and gentlemen.

Here, we have discussed all the possible reasons why your Netspend card is not activating.

If you have queries regarding the procedure, you can let us know in the comments section below.

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