What does Klarna ‘payment in progress’ mean

Are you having issues with your Klarna payment?

Are you receiving Klarna ‘payment in progress’ status?

Do you want to know how to resolve the issue?

Well, if you are looking for the answers to these queries, you are on the very right web page. As here in this post, we first discussed the meaning of Klarna ‘payment in progress’ and why it appears.

We have also discussed the ways to avoid the ‘payment in progress’ problem in Klarna.

What does Klarna ‘payment in progress’ mean

Klarna ‘payment in process’ means that your purchase has not been completed as the payment is still in the verification procedure by the Klarna team. The payment will remain in the process until the Klarna team approves the payment review.

Klarna is indeed a great app for someone who needs an urgent money flow for a particular purchase. Well, Klarna doesn’t support the purchase of everything on the internet. But, still, a lot can be purchased using Klarna.

Popular online stores like Amazon, Etsy, etc., are supported by Klarna. Users can use Klarna services to request money to buy any goods at the checkout.

Well, to buy anything using Klarna, users must qualify for the purchase. You might be already aware that Klarna considers credit score, payment history and a lot more before approving the purchase request. Sometimes, users wonder why their Klarna limit goes down. Well, if you are looking for the answer to similar question, you can consider visiting this link.

Coming back to the Klarna ‘Payment in Progress’ query. Klarna puts a payment in a ‘Payment in Progress’ status when the team detects a potential fraud and consider reviewing the payment again.


The payment made by the user still remains on the ‘Payment in Progress’ status till the fraud team reviews the payment, which includes several verification procedures. According to the official statement by Klarna, the concerned requires a total of 24 hours for the verification of the payment and provide the final status.

If the payment has been verified clean, the payment status will be changed from ‘Payment in progress’ to ‘Approved’. You will check the payment status using the official Klarna app or the official Klarna website. To check the status, you simply need to open Klarna on your device and head to the Activity Log of the Merchant portal.

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Why does Klarna ‘payment in progress’ appear

Well, there could be many reasons why the’ payment in progress’ error appears in your Klarna account. If you are also receiving the same error code on your Klarna, you might be worried, as it is not a commonly occurring error.

To help you out, here, we will be discussing all the possible reasons for the appearance of the Klarna ‘payment in progress’ error.

1. Restrictions by Klarna

As we have discussed in the previous part, and as you may already know, the eligibility criteria for a Klarna purchase, your credit report is continuously observed by Klarna before providing you with the approval for a purchase.

And in case your credit score doesn’t meet the minimum credit criteria, Klarna will consider it risky to let you borrow money and use any of the Klarna services. That’s why you might get a restriction from team Klarna.

And this is the reason why Klarna ‘payment in progress’ error is appearing on your Klarna account. Well, if you are sure that your credit report is better than what is required, you should check out the other reasons before taking any action.

2. Detection of Fraud

There is another reason why the payment status is still ‘payment in progress’. On Klarna, if the fraud detection team detects any possible fraud associated with the payment, the status of the payment is changed to ‘Pending’.

Before the payment can be made, the fraud team reviews the payment for any fraud and provides the result at most 24 hours. And if everything is fine, the payment status is changed to ‘Approved’.

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3. Issues with Klarna

The Klarna ‘payment in progress’ appears when there is a fraud detected or Klarna puts any kind of restrictions. But, that is not always the case. Sometimes, issues with the Klarna app or website might have triggered the Klarna ‘payment in progress’ error.

And that’s not your fault. So, before taking any actions like contacting Klarna support, you must know the exact reasons why you are facing the error code.

How to avoid Klarna ‘payment in progress’

If you have been encountering the ‘payment in progress’ error code again and again in Klarna, we will be discussing a few points using which you can avoid the issue.

If you are ready, let us dive right into the details.

1. Pay back dues

Klarna lets you borrow money using its various services. You can request the purchase of any amount in your provided limit. And you need to pay back the dues. Sometimes, users do not pay the dues, which causes issues for them.

Klarna always reminds you about the dues through in-app notifications. So, if you have disabled the notifications, turn them back on.

2. Good payment history –

If you are a regular Klarna user, always make sure to maintain a decent payment history with Klarna. You already know that you have to pay back the amount you borrowed using any Klarna services. But, you have to pay back on time.

Paying back the amount after the scheduled time will negatively affect your payment history.

Avoid any issues by paying on time and even before the scheduled time to maintain a good credit score and eventually a good payment history.

3. Maintain good credit score

As mentioned multiple times in this post, Klarna considers the current credit score before allowing users any purchase requests. Maintaining a good credit score not only increases your chances of getting a purchase request but also checks the appearance of ‘payment in progress’.

Final Words

Let us wrap this post now, ladies and gentlemen.

Here, we discussed the meaning of the ‘payment in progress’ issue in Klarna; we mentioned the reasons for appearing it along with a quick guide to avoid it.

If you need assistance with any part, you can let us know in the comments section below.

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