(Reasons) Fix: ‘Insufficient Crypto Buying Power’ Webull

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Are you someone who wants to fix the ‘Insufficient Crypto Buying Power’ Webull issue? 

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What does Webull ‘Insufficient Crypto Buying Power’ mean?

Webull has been the favorite of the users in the US and UK for buying stocks and cryptocurrencies. There has been a trend of buying cryptocurrencies for quite some time now. Users have been investing in crypto more than ever.
Webull allows customers to buy or sell fractions of crypto at $1 minimum with an instant settlement, letting users receive funds instantly. The platform also offers complimentary real-time crypto data and two-factor authentication, which ensures the safety and security of the account.
Webull logo
If you looking to invest in crypto as well as stocks, then Webull is a great choice. The platform allows you to invest in some of the popular cryptocurrencies out there – Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Zcash (ZEC), Stella Lumens (XLM), and Ethereum Classic (ETC).
A lot of users have already bought cryptocurrencies using the Webull app. But, sometimes users report some issues with the Webull app, which does not let them invest in crypto.
An error message “insufficient crypto buying power to place this order” occurs whenever they try to buy crypto. So, what’s the meaning of this error, and can it be solved?
First things first, Webull ‘Insufficient Crypto Buying Power‘ simply means, you won’t be able to buy any cryptocurrency using the Webull services.
This doesn’t mean you are permanently banned from buying crypto on Webull. Actually, you are not even temporarily banned. It’s on Webull, the platform won’t allow anyone to buy more cryptocurrency if their Crypto Buying Power has finished.
The good thing is, that we will help you to fix the ‘Insufficient Crypto Buying Power’ Webull issue. So, stay tuned and check out the step-by-step guide below.

REASONS for ‘Insufficient Crypto Buying Power’ Webull

Before we include our detailed guide to fix the issue. We will be mentioning the reasons if you are still wondering why the ‘insufficient crypto buying power to place this order’ issue appears again and again.
We will start by mentioning the very common issues and then we will dive into the details and tell you why the error code is appearing. This is the most common issue that Webull users face almost every day.
So, if you are someone asking ‘how do I buy crypto on Webull since I have regular funds and it keeps saying “insufficient buying power,”‘ then you should really check out the reasons mentioned below.

If you have been using Webull for a while and understand some basic as well as complex terms, you will be able to fix the issue without any help. But, if you need any kind of assistance, you can check out our detailed guide in the second part of this article.

How to Fix 'Insufficient Crypto Buying Power' Webull

  • #1 Your ACH link has expired –

The very common reason that might be triggering the ‘Insufficient Crypto Buying Power’ Webull issue is the expiration of the ACH link.

This might not happen with you, but if you have changed your registered email, password, or any bank account details, without updating them on the Webull app. Then your ACH link might have expired.

If you have not updated your bank details lately, then you must check out the reasons mentioned below.

  • #2 Your Funds are Unsettled  –

You must be aware of the fact that only funds that are settled can be used for investing in cryptocurrencies. And if you do not have any settled funds, your crypto buying power will remain zero. But, that doesn’t happen in a normal situation.

As soon as your funds get settled, you can continue crypto trading with your funds till your crypto buying power runs out again.

Webull doesn’t allow users to use provisional credit to trade in crypto. The benefits of a margin account are just for stock trading. The company may allow that later in the future, but by the time of writing this blog, Webull doesn’t offer provisional credit for crypto trading.

Moreover, the crypto buying power, which appears on your dashboard as Crypto BP, is equal to the cash available on Webull to withdraw. If both the number is different then you must be aware that there are some funds that need time to get settled.

  • #3 Lower Account Value –

In Webull to perform special actions, you will have to fulfill the eligibility guidelines provided by the company. To switch to the Margin Account, Webull asks you to have more than $2000 in your account.

And if you are not eligible, you won’t be able to get the margin account. Similarly, to switch back to the Cash Account from the Margin Account, you will have to pay off your debts to be eligible.

Similarly, to buy cryptocurrency using the Webull app, you need to satisfy some criteria. As mentioned above, one needs to have some Crypto BP (or Crypto Buying Power) to trade crypto.

Also, if you have a lower Account Value, you will never be able to earn any Crypto BP, which also means, you won’t be able to buy crypto. According to Webull, the account value must be more than $25,000 to be eligible to buy the crypto trading.

So, if you see the ‘Insufficient Crypto Buying Power’ Webull error, again and again, you must increase your Account Value.

  • #4 Insufficient Funds –

Another reason for Webull’s ‘Insufficient Crypto Buying Power’ could be insufficient funds. This is the most obvious one. You won’t be able to buy or trade any currency if you do not have enough funds on your Webull app.

You will see the same error again if you have not deposited money to Webull. But, in case, you have already made the transition from bank to Webull, then we will advise you to wait for the transaction to get over completely.

  • #5 Connection Issues –

Another common reason that might be causing this ‘Insufficient Crypto Buying Power’ Webull issue could be the connection error on your device.

Your Wi-Fi router might not be working as intended. The connection breakdown might have stopped the data transfer between your bank and Webull. That’s why the settlement of the funds might take some time to finally reflect on the Webull app.

And only after that, you can use your funds to buy crypto.

server issues

  • #6 Bank Service Outage –

If your internet connection is OK and you still can not see any updated details on the Webull app. Then there might be a possibility of Webull’s service outage.

You can check out the company’s service status for service availability. The updates might have not been reflected in the Webull app because of the server issues.

You can also check out the reports on Downdetector.com to check out the service unavailability. And if there are issues, if the company is facing an outage, you won’t be able to perform any action.

Well, these were the 6 major issues that might be causing Webull’s ‘Insufficient Crypto Buying Power’ issue.

You can sort it out easily. Just follow our guide where we will mention how to fix the issue in Webull.

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How to Fix ‘Insufficient Crypto Buying Power’ Webull

In the very first part of this guide, we mentioned all the reasons that might be causing the ‘Insufficient Crypto Buying Power’ Webull issue.

If you had understood the part, it would have been easy for you to fix the issue on your own. But, for more details and assistance, we will be mentioning the 5 ways to fix the issue on Webull.

All you have to do is follow the steps and implement them one by one.

How to Fix 'Insufficient Crypto Buying Power' Webull

METHOD 1: Let your funds settle

As we have already mentioned above, you won’t be able to buy any cryptocurrencies if you do not have any Crypto BP (or crypto buying power). Webull, like other platforms, only allows users to use settled funds to buy crypto.

That’s why you will have to let your funds settle before you can buy any more cryptocurrencies. As the transaction made on the apps like Webull takes some time to reflect the data.

According to the official website of Webull. The settling time for the funds available through Stock and ETF trade takes up to 2 business days from the day of the transaction. Whereas, options trade settles 1 business day following the day of the transaction.

This simply means you will have to wait around 3 days after a trade to use that fund to buy cryptocurrencies. Only after the settlement, you will get some crypto buying power, which is equal to the total amount of available settled amount.

Are you countering the error again? Proceed with the next method.

METHOD 2: Apply for Crypto Trading again

If you have not activated any trade recently, and you still cannot buy cryptocurrency, then there might have been an issue with your crypto trading account.

You can fix this right away. You just need to apply for crypto trading on Webull again. And in case, you need assistance, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • STEP 1 – Open the Webull app on your mobile. Make sure you are using the updated version of the Webull app. Go to the respective app store to download the latest version.
  • STEP 2 – Open the app and click on the Webull logo. It can be found in the middle of the screen.
  • STEP 3 – Now, click on the Assets tab. It will be on the topmost part.
  • STEP 4 – In the Assets section. Click on Details.
  • STEP 5 – Now scroll down a bit, where you will find the Trading Access option. Click on it to continue.
  • STEP 6 – And finally, click on the Crypto Trading option to continue.

METHOD 3: Clear Cache & Reinstall Webull app

Till now, we have mentioned some concrete methods to fix the ‘Insufficient Crypto Buying Power’ Webull issue. But, if you are still getting the same error code then you should try some basic troubleshooting methods.

One of the common fixes includes clearing the app cache and reinstalling the latest version. Follow the steps mentioned below to clear the app cache on your mobile device.

Note: Before proceeding, you must know that the saved info in the app, like the user account details, will be cleared by deleting the cache. And to use it again, you will have to enter the Webull account details again.

Steps to clear the app cache –

Tap and Hold the Webull app icon. Tap on the App Info option.

Then select the Cache & Storage option.

At last, select the Clear Cache option to delete the app cache.

After that, uninstall the existing Webull app on your device and install the latest version from the app store.

METHOD 4: Check for Service Outage

Sometimes, you might have everything fixed on your side. There could be issues on the other side, with the service provider. Well, in that case, you can sit back and relax and wait for the services to come back online again.

The outage issues with Webull or your bank may happen inevitably. But, you can check out the unavailability on the official website of your bank and Webull.

Another way to check the outage is by observing reports on the website called Downdetector.com. The platforms collect the details of the service status reports and complaints from the users from different locations.

METHOD 5: Call Customer Care

If you have implemented every above method mentioned and still facing the same ‘Insufficient Crypto Buying Power’ Webull issue, then, you should try reaching out to Webull customer care services.

You can also try contacting the official support account of Webull on Twitter. Create a Twitter post, mention the issue properly and tag the official Webull account.

Wait for the response patiently for a day or two. Do not spam the DMs.

After the support team reaches out to you, follow the instructions given by the team.


Well, guys, that’s all.

That was all about the methods to fix the ‘Insufficient Crypto Buying Power’ Webull issue.

Make sure to implement every method very carefully.

Final Words

So, here, we talked about the solution for a very common issue on Webull where users can’t buy Crypto on Webull.

Well, the reason for the issue is very straightforward.

You can’t buy crypto on Webull because you have insufficient crypto buying power in your Webull account. That means the funds obtained from your ETF/ Stocks/ Options trading have not settled yet.

You can only get the Crypto Buying Power after these funds get a settlement. Generally, the Crypto BP is equal to the amount of money available for the investment.

If you have landed directly on this part of the guide, then make sure to check the first 2 parts of the guide. You will learn the reasons as well as the guide to fix the ‘Insufficient Crypto Buying Power’ Webull issue.

Conclusion –

Ladies and gentlemen, we are now concluding our detailed guide on how to fix Webull’s ‘Insufficient Crypto Buying Power’ issue.

We hope, the guide helped you out in sorting out the problem completely.

We have tried our best to include every possible detail and explanation of the procedure. But, if you need any kind of assistance, you can let us know in the comments section below.

It will be our pleasure to help you out.

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