[Fix] Why is Chase Refer-a-Friend not working

Are you unable to earn rewards through Chase referral program?

Is Chase Refer-a-Friend not working for you?

Well, if you are facing issues with the Chase Refer-a-Friend feature, you have reached the right web page.

Here, we will discuss all possible reasons for the problem with the Chase Refer-a-

Friend program, along with the methods to solve the same.

If you are ready, let us dive right into the details.

[Fix] Why is Chase Refer-a-Friend not working

1. You are sharing the wrong link

Chase a provides great options for the users to earn bonus points and redeem them in exchange for different services. The user just needs to share the referral link with another Chase user.

And if the user, on the other hand, uses the referral link to buy a credit card brand offered by Chase bank, you will earn some rewards. The limit of the rewards varies as per the offer.

If the link is not working for your friend, we suggest checking if you have shared the correct URL. If you delete some part of the URL even by mistake, things might not work out for you.

Fix: Always make sure you copy-paste the exact link if you share it on a social media platform like Instagram, Whatsapp, or any other. Use the ‘Copy’ button available right next to the URL box to make it easy.

2. Your card doesn’t support referrals

The second reason your Chase Refer-a-Friend is not working for you is that your card is not eligible to earn a bonus from their referral program.

Well, Chase offers the referral program for 11 credit cards only as of February 2022. Not all card owners can enjoy the bonus with the Chase refer program.

If Chase Refer-a-Friend is not working for you, check the latest list of available credit cards in the referral program here.

Fix: Before you even share the referral link to your friend, check even if your card is eligible for the usage and you have selected the right card.

Chase Refer-a-Friend not working
Image Source: Chase.com

3. You are entering wrong card details

Way before you can generate the referral link, you will be asked the details of your related credit card and your details. If you are entering the wrong information, you might not generate the referral link.

You will be asked your last name, and you might be entering your first name in the detail box.

Fix: Start with entering your last name in the detail box; make sure you enter the correct spelling per the Chase account. And then enter the ZIP code. It must be the same as per your billing address, the same address you registered while registering for your Chase card. And finally, enter the last four digits of your card.

Chase Refer-a-Friend not working
Image Source: Chase.com

4. Your card account is not eligible

Many Chime users do not realize that not everyone can enjoy the bonus rewards by referring Chase card to a third person. Chase only allows eligible users to use the Refer-a-Friend feature.

And if you are wondering why Chase Refer-a-Friend is not working for you, it might be the case that you are not eligible to involve in Chase’s referral program.

Fix: The good part is you can check your eligibility very easily. And the chances are you have already observed it. But, let us help you out by checking your account’s eligibility.

Right after selecting the card service you want to refer to, you will be directed to a new page. And there, on entering the details like the last digits of your card, your last name, and the ZIP code, you will get to know if you can refer your friends.

The option – ‘Refer Friends’ will appear as shown in the screenshot below.

Chase Refer-a-Friend not working
Image Source: Chase.com

5. Program is expired

Nothing lasts forever, not even the referral program. Let us talk in simple language like we always do.

So, if Chase Refer-a-Friend is not working for you, it might be the case that the referral program for your card has expired.

Another possible scenario could be that you have sent the referral link just before the expiry date. You won’t receive any bonus if your friend signs up using the link after the expiration of the referral link.

Fix: There is no particular fix for this issue, but you can check if your referral program is live or expired. The procedure is very simple; first of all, select the referral program associated with your Chase card.

You will be redirected to a new web page, where you will see details like the expiry date of the referral program and other details.

Chase Refer-a-Friend not working
Image Source: Chase.com

6. Issues with Chase system

Well, till now, we have mentioned almost all the possible reasons why Chase Refer-a-Friend is not working for you, along with the ways to fix them. Things might have worked for now.

But, if you still are facing the same issues, the problem can be with the Chase system.

If the Chase servers are having issues, you won’t be able even to generate the referral link. And you will see an error code.

The error code ‘Unfortunately, the system is unavailable at this time, and therefore we cannot complete your request. Please try again later’ simply means Chase is facing problems with their services, and you won’t be able to continue with the procedure to refer your friend.

Fix: The one and only thing that can be done here is to wait before trying again.

If you continuously encounter the same error code, we suggest you contact the Chase support team asking for assistance.

To start with, visit the official contact page of Chase, click here to visit now.

Chase Refer-a-Friend not working
Image Source: Chase.com

7. You account is restrictions

Well, we have discussed all the possible reasons now. But, after considering everything, every way to fix the issue, if you still cannot use Chase Refer-a-Friend, this could mean that the Chase systems have put a restriction on your account.

And that’s why you cannot use the referral program anymore.

The restriction is generally applied if a user is found manipulating the platform in any way.

Fix: To get the account unrestricted, you will have to contact the Chase support team. You will get the exact status and reasons for contacting the support.


1. How to fix Chase Refer-a-Friend not working?

You can fix and avoid Chase refer-a-friend not working problem by making sure that you are sharing the correct referral link, check if your card support referrals, also check if you are not entering the wrong card details, and there could be an issue with Chase system, so try generating the referrals later.

Final Words

And that’s pretty much all, ladies and gentlemen.

Firstly, in this post, we discussed all the possible reasons why Chase’s refer-a-friend is not working for you. And along with all possible reasons, we also included ways to fix and avoid the problem.

If you still have any issues or want to suggest more ways to fix/avoid this issue, let us know in the comments section below.

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