Does Sezzle take Chime? (Alternatives, Guide)

Are you having issues in adding payment methods in Sezzle?

Are you wondering if Sezzle accepts Chime?

Well, here, you will find answers to all of your questions. In this post, we will discuss if Chime can be used as a payment method in Sezzle, along with other important details.

Does Sezzle take Chime

No, Sezzle doesn’t take Chime. You cannot use your Chime bank account as a payment method for Sezzle for either new orders or installments. It is because Sezzle doesn’t work with Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank, which provides banking services to Chime.

Sezzle is a popular buy now, pay later platform that lets the user borrow some amount of money to buy the goods they want. This is an excellent service for the users who need an instant flow of money to buy essential goods without paying extra for the interest.

To pay back the borrowed amount, Sezzle lets the user pay the amount in installments over 6 months. But, before financing a purchase, the users are required to pay at least 25% of the borrowed amount. It can be considered the down payment, and the installments are later decided.

A lot of users are not aware of this fact. But, there are different terms for the first installments on new orders and the scheduled installments.

According to Sezzle, users cannot use their bank account as the default payment method for the first installments on the new purchase orders. The bank account can only be used as a payment method for scheduled installments only if you have added a debit or credit card on your Sezzle app as a payment method for the first installment.

To know more about the Chime alternative and workaround, make sure to check the next part of this article.

Chime alternatives supported by Sezzle

So, ladies and gents, now you know that you cannot use Chime as your payment method with Sezzle. And if you want to use Sezzle to finance your purchase, you will have to select a different payment method.

We have mentioned in the previous section that no bank account is considered as payment for the first installment of the purchase. You can use it to pay second, third, and fourth installments, though.

There are a lot of alternatives you can select as a payment method for the Sezzle app. Here, we won’t be able to include all the names of supporting banks as the list is quite long. We would rather include the list of the banks that are NOT recognized by Sezzle as payment methods.

The list includes all the banks and credit unions whose bank accounts cannot be used with Sezzle.

  • Chime (The Bancorp Bank)
  • Green Dot Bank-DBA Bonneville Bank
  • Sutton Bank
  • Stride Bank-National Association
  • Alabama One Credit Union
  • Metabank
  • Cabela’s Credit Union
  • PenFed Credit Union
  • Redstone Federal Credit Union
  • CNB Bank
  • Varo Bank

Other than a bank account, you can also select your debit cards, prepaid cards, and prepaid cards. And yet again, not all types of cards are supported by Sezzle as a payment method. So, find the list of companies that are not supported by Sezzle below.

List of credit cards that are NOT supported by Sezzle as payment method.

  • Capital One
  • American Express

List of debit cards that are NOT supported by Sezzle as payment method.

  • American Express
  • Chime (The Bancorp Bank)
  • Green Dot Bank-DBA Bonneville Bank
  • Sutton Bank
  • Stride Bank-National Association
  • Alabama One Credit Union
  • Metabank, Cabela’s Credit Union
  • PenFed Credit Union
  • Redstone Federal Credit Union
  • CNB Bank
  • Varo Bank

Now you know the type of credit and debit cards are not supported by Sezzle and cannot be used as a payment method for placing a new order to pay the installments.

Sezzle also supports one more type of card – Prepaid card. But, the user must know that a prepaid card can only be used to pay the installments. But, you cannot set it as a payment method when placing an order. And while you add your prepaid card as a payment method for your installment, you will be asked to link a supporting credit/debit card for new purchase orders.

Well, talking about the type of prepaid card that is eligible to be used as a payment method, you can check if ‘Network Only’ is found written on your prepaid card. If you see it, bingo, it can be used with Sezzle.

How to change payment method in Sezzle

So, we have discussed all the possible payment methods in Sezzle. Now you know about all the credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards that can be used as a payment method for Sezzle.

After selecting the appropriate alternative for yourself, you can add a new payment method or change your current one.

For more details, you can check the step-by-step guide below –

Sezzle logo

Step 1 – Open Sezzle app or website

First of all, you will be required to open Sezzle. You can open the Sezzle app on your mobile app or the official website.

The steps for both platforms will be the same. And before you continue with the procedure on your mobile app, we would suggest you update the app.

Simply visit the respective app store and search for ‘Sezzle.’ If there is an update available, you will see the update button popping there. Select it to continue.

Step 2 – Go to ‘Accounts’

Once you open your Sezzle app or visit, you will find yourself on the Sezzle dashboard. There you will see a lot of tabs. Search for the ‘Account’ tab and select it to continue.

Step 3 – Select the ‘Payment Methods’ option

You will be redirected to the Accounts tab. Here, again, you will see some more options. Select the ‘Payments Method’ and proceed with the next step.

Step 4 – Select prepaid, credit or debit card

In the Payments Method section, you will be able to see the linked debit/ credit card and other payment methods. Here, the option to add a new payment method can be selected. Select the type of card or bank account you want to add.

Step 5 – Submit card details

If you choose to add a new card. You will be asked to add details like card number, expiry date, associated name and other required details.

Be ready to submit all the required details.

Step 6 – Confirmation

And finally, if you added a participating card correctly, you will receive a confirmation on the screen.

After the confirmation, you are free to add more payment methods.

Sometimes, you might find using your newly added payment method hard. Well, to avoid this inconvenience, you should wait at least 48 hours before using your bank account or any card to pay your installment and even order a new purchase.


1. Does Sezzle take Chime as payment method?

No, Sezzle doesn’t take Chime as payment method. Chime is a neo bank and the fintech services are provided by both Bancorp Bank and Stride Bank, which are not supported by Sezzle.

Final Words

And that’s all for this post, guys.

Here, we first discussed if Sezzle accepts Chime as payment method. Later in this post, we provided all the alternatives to Chime. Along with a guide to add new payment method in Sezzle.

For any queries, you can write to use.

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