Why is Chase Plaid not working

Plaid is a mediator between various kinds of financial services and applications. It lets you store all your banking details in one place. So, whenever you are trying to add or make a payment method to a financial service, Plaid comes into the picture. It provides the third-party service or app with all the necessary bank or card details you have added previously.

So, if you are having issues with adding your Chase account to Plaid, shut your worries away. Scroll down and learn all about it.

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Why is Chase not working with Plaid?

Short Answer: If Chase is not working with Plaid then there must be a server issue on any of the sides.  Or if the login details of Chase have been changed by you previously. Or your account has been limited. 

Another reason to mention is the low network connectivity on your side. This can limit what kind of internet banking services you can access.

Reason 1: Technical or server issues

Banks and financial tech aggregators’ servers are prone to shutdowns. Or sometimes they take down the servers for maintenance. This causes some problems with your banking experience.

Also, issues with the Chase application, Plaid app, or website will not aid you in working with your bank account. There are unexplained problems with apps or websites which are called bugs. These hinder your bank account from working with Plaid.

Reason 2: Login details of Chase have been changed

If you have recently changed the login details of your connected Chase account, you will not be able to use it for Plaid. This only works for people who have previously connected their Chase to Plaid.

Reason 3: Account has been limited

Due to some sort of suspicious trail or any other kind of illegal activity your account can be limited. That will not be brought back to normal after they have done a formal review.

Reason 4: Slow network

As previously mentioned if you are on a slow network connection you might not be able to access your Chase bank account details using Plaid.

How to fix can’t verify your Chase bank account with Plaid?

Before we get into the ways to fix it, here are the steps to add your account to Plaid explained in a simple fashion.

  • Step 1: Open the Plaid application or website and near the profile icon to the top right, you will find a downward arrow.
  • Step 2: Select that and you will find the Billing information option.
  • Step 3: After selecting it, you will find the Edit Bank Account option.
  • Step 4: Once you select it you will be shown two options Add account and Verify Instantly with Plaid. Choose the latter.
  • Step 5: Then click on Continue, select your bank account (Chase) and enter credentials.
  • Step 6: Later, click on submit and select the account you choose to connect and select continue.
  • Step 7: Your account is now verified.

Here are various methods to help you verify your Chase bank account with Plaid. 

Method 1: Check your login credentials

If you have entered incorrect login credentials while adding your Chase to Plaid, it will not work. You need to enter your Chase username and password to connect it.

Another thing to keep in your mind is if you have recently changed your Chase Bank account password, you need to enter the updated information. Otherwise, Plaid will not be able to verify your identity instantly.

Method 2: Check your internet connectivity

A 5-7 Mbps network is required for using any internet-based application or website. Visit this website to check if you meet the minimum requirements. Furthermore, you can contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and ask them to upgrade your plan, if you frequently face problems with the internet.

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Method 3: Check server status

As stated before, servers might be down for maintenance or have been shut off due to a large amount of traffic (users). So, if you are currently facing a problem with adding your Chase account to Plaid, check each of their server statuses.

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And as of this moment, while I draft this article, the Chase server is unresponsive while Plaid is working normally. So, next time make sure to check on their servers before you try to add your account.

Method 4: Clear cache

The cache is the build-up of data from each and every encounter you have done with the application or website. They are generally supposed to make your later engagement with the app or website easier. But in some cases, they tend to do the opposite. And come in the way of your hassle-free experience.

In any case, it is healthy to clear the cache daily for your device, website, and application.

  • For an Android, you can visit Settings, search for applications, and select Plaid or Chase. Then under storage settings, find and select the Clear Cache option.
  • iPhone users can visit settings, and search for both of those applications. After that, they can offload or delete the application. Because they do not have an option to clear the cache. Then, they can download the app again.
  • If you are accessing the website, clearing the cache is done using refresh combination keys. “Ctrl+Shift+R” or “Ctrl+F5” or “Shift+F5” for Windows users and “Shift+Command+R” for Mac users.

Method 5: Restart your application and the device

Something as simple as closing and opening an application. Or turning off and turning it back on can get you back on track. Because once you do either of these, the RAM (random access memory) is cleared. And this makes your app or device faster than the last time you accessed it.

Method 6: Contact customer support

When you have tried all the possible methods to fix adding your account to Plaid, you need to turn to customer support. It can be either Plaid or Chase. Contact them and tell them your problem in detail, so that they can help you find a solution.

Final Words

This article gives you plausible reasons for the “can’t verify your account” issue. The ways to fix the issue have also been clearly mentioned too. So, I hope this article has helped you solve this particular issue for you.

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