Can I use Sezzle anywhere Apple Pay is accepted

Are you curious as to whether or not Sezzle payments can be made in the same places Apple Pay can?

And which merchants now accept Sezzle as a payment method?

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Like PayPal’s Pay in 4 and Affirm, Sezzle is a payment processing service. When you are ready to complete your purchase, choose Sezzle as the form of payment you want to use. Users will be required to input some personal data, and the service will do an informal check of their credit.

After being accepted, you will pay off your loan in four equal monthly installments with no interest charged. After that, over the following six weeks, you’ll make three additional equal payments every two weeks.

Can I use Sezzle anywhere Apple Pay is accepted?

Short Answer: Yes, if you connect your Sezzle Virtual Card to Apple Pay, you may use it practically wherever Apple Pay is supported. While Sezzle is generally accepted at most merchants that accept Apple Pay, there are still certain establishments that do not accept the virtual card.

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Customers who have a Sezzle Virtual Card will have the ability to utilize the company’s installment payments technology in-store at businesses that currently accept Apple Pay, in addition to using the technology digitally.

You may spread the cost of your purchases out into four equal payments, each due every two weeks, with no interest charged.

The in-store shopping experience is straightforward and uncomplicated. At checkout, customers verify themselves by tapping their smartphones at the POS terminal, which activates their Sezzle card. Afterward, they can complete their purchase.

To use Apple Pay with a Sezzle Virtual Card, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Click on the Add button inside the Wallet app.
  • Step 2: Select Debit or Credit Card.
  • Step 3: Select the Continue button.
  • Step 4: To complete the process, just comply with the on-screen prompts.
  • Step 5: Ensure the accuracy of your details

Ensure the accuracy of your details by checking with your bank or card company.

What store takes Sezzle payments?

Using the Sezzle Virtual Card, you may make purchases at brick-and-mortar establishments that accept Sezzle. After adding the card to your Apple Pay or Google Pay account, you may use it to make purchases just as you would with any other payment method supported by those digital wallets.

Sezzle Virtual Card
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After that, you may continue to make your payments in installments as you normally would. Currently, Sezzle is accepted by over 29,000 different online retailers. In the same places that accept Apple Pay and Google Pay, you may use your Sezzle Virtual Card.

Just follow these steps to get a rundown of all of the businesses that are presently compatible with the Sezzle Virtual Card.

  • Step 1: Launch the Sezzle app and log in.

You may use your mobile device to access the Sezzle app by logging in.

  • Step 2: Go to the “Sezzle Card” section.

From this page, you would be able to view the list of establishments that are presently compatible with the Sezzle Virtual Card as a mode of payment. Right now, the only places you may use your Sezzle Virtual Card are the ones specified on that page.

On the other hand, as BNPL applications increase in popularity and Sezzle continues its rapid expansion, you will notice an increasing number of shops joining them.

Listed below are the top ten establishments accepting Sezzle:

  • 1. GameStop
  • 2. Goodie Co
  • 3. Bass Pro Shops
  • 4. Thursday Boot Company
  • 5. Lou Lou & Company
  • 6. Target
  • 7.
  • 8. Jamie Kay
  • 9. Yaasa Adjustable Furniture
  • 10. SoftMoc

Customers who are physically situated in the United States or any of the territories administered by the United States may use the Sezzle Virtual Card.


1. How do I use Apple Pay with Sezzle?

If you use Apple Pay or Google Pay, you may add your digital card by clicking the “Add to Wallet” button that appears underneath the card’s picture. You may pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay in the same way that you would with any other card.

You may pay for your complete transaction with Sezzle, all you need to do is touch the POS terminal with your smartphone while selecting your Sezzle Card from inside your wallet app.

2. Can I use my Sezzle Virtual Card anywhere?

At participating Sezzle retailers, you may use your Sezzle Virtual Card exactly like a regular credit or debit card, whether you’re making a purchase over the phone, shopping online, or swinging by the store in person.

3. Does Sezzle charge fees?

Sezzle will not assess any fees to your account so long as you are regular with your payments and make them in whole and on time. Should you repay your debt earlier than the due date, you won’t be subject to any additional fees either.

If, on the other hand, you miss a payment or have to postpone a payment more than once, you will be subject to additional costs.

Final Words

We have provided you with as much information as possible to make it easier for you to determine whether or not Sezzle is accepted in any place Apple Pay is accepted.

A Sezzle Virtual Card may be used just as a physical card would be, both online and in-store, everywhere Sezzle is accepted.

Despite this, there are still certain stores that will not acknowledge Sezzle as a valid form of payment. By following the steps indicated above, you will be able to access a list of retailers that will take Sezzle as payment.

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