How much does StubHub charge to Sell Tickets

Interested in selling tickets for an upcoming event but worried about the fees StubHub will charge?

If so, you’ve stumbled upon the correct article. Sellers may not know how much money they will make from ticket sales if the fees associated with selling tickets are not clearly defined. And they might also be confused about what happens if their tickets don’t sell on StubHub.

But have no fear! This article will give you a general estimate of how much money you can expect to make by selling tickets on StubHub.

How much does StubHub charge to sell tickets?

Short Answer: On the successful completion of a ticket sale, StubHub charges a commission fee of 15% to the sellers.

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For those looking to purchase or sell tickets to live events like concerts, sports games, and theatre performances, StubHub is an online marketplace that facilitates such transactions. There are costs associated with selling tickets on StubHub, however.

StubHub does not charge sellers anything for listing their tickets for sale. This implies that creating a listing to sell tickets is completely free of charge for you to do. If your tickets do sell, though, StubHub will take a cut of the proceeds.

StubHub’s normal charge for sellers as a percentage of the selling price is 15%. This implies that if you sell tickets for $100, you will only earn $85 after StubHub takes its 15% cut. Keep in mind that the commission is only charged if and when your tickets actually sell. No service costs will be assessed if your tickets remain unsold.

Unlike other online marketplaces, StubHub does not often provide sellers with promo coupons or other discounts to reduce the commission they must pay. The only way for sellers to possibly minimise the fees they pay on StubHub is to increase the number of tickets they sell.

Please note that StubHub’s cost structure and rules may change at any moment; for the most up-to-date and accurate information about selling fees and any possible discounts, please check their official website or contact their customer service directly.



1. What is the fee associated with buying tickets from StubHub?

StubHub used to charge a flat 10% fee on all purchases. However, the business has recently made adjustments to its pricing approach, and it now uses a dynamic pricing system for customer payments.

Several factors, including the venue, the time of the purchase, the artist or team, and any other relevant event-specific details, might affect the actual amount paid by purchasers.

According to the new policy, StubHub’s buyer fees might equal anywhere from 2% to 20% of the total purchase price. Depending on the factors mentioned above, the exact percentage charge paid to a given ticket purchase may change from one event to the next.

Final Words

In conclusion, sellers who want to maximize their profits should familiarise themselves with the fees involved with selling tickets on StubHub.

After reading this, you should be aware that StubHub takes a 15% commission on all completed ticket transactions and does not provide any discounts or promo coupons to lower this price.