(8 Reasons) Why Paypal Pay in 3 not working

Is your PayPal pay in 3 not working, not available, or pending?

Are you wondering why is PayPal pay in 3 not showing up for you?

Or getting the following errors:

“Sorry we cannot offer you at this time”

“We’re sorry, it looks like something went wrong”

“Looking for pay in 3? Unfortunately, pay in 3 isn’t available for this purchase”.

If that’s the case, you have landed on the right page. This post explains all you need to know about what PayPal pay in 3 is and why it is not working for you?

So, let’s get started.

With the growing number of buy now pay later apps, PayPal has also introduced a few options to allow people to purchase items and pay for them over time. Paypal offers pay in 4 and pay in 3 features for users to split their purchases.

Let’s learn more about PayPal pay in 3 below.

What is Paypal pay in 3

PayPal pay in 3 is a buy now pay later type of service or can be called an interest-free loan that lets you split your bill into three payments. The first payment is made at the time of the purchase, and the other two payments are made every month on the same date.

PayPal pay in 3 is a great way to split the cost of larger items you buy, which helps manage your budget.

Pay in 3 payment options is only available for users in the UK. Well, it is not available for every merchant, and there are certain goods for which you can’t use the feature.

Note: PayPal pay in 3 is a form of credit; it may affect your credit score: says PayPal.


Features of PayPal Pay in 3

  • No fees. There is no monthly or sign up fee to use PayPal in 3. However, there is a £6.00 late fee.
  • Zero-interest. No interest on the amount is charged by PayPal Pay in three.
  • Automatic payments. PayPal Pay in 3 can automatically deduct the second and third installment from your account.
  • Easy split. PayPal Pay in 3’s simple payment plan splits the total into three equal installments.
  • Payment reminders. You’ll be sent an email or SMS reminder to let you know when your next payment is coming up.
  • Buyer Protection. You’ll be covered by PayPal Buyer Protection on eligible PayPal Pay in 3 purchases.
  • Multiple currencies. You can pay in all currencies that PayPal supports, not just GBP.

How does PayPal pay in 3 work?

Working for PayPal in 3 is simple, if you are eligible for it, you can use it to split the bill of your purchase into installments without any charge. The first payment will have to be made at the time of the purchase, while the other two payments are paid every month on the same date.

How to use PayPal pay in 3

Just choose to pay with PayPal when you shop online, log into your PayPal account, and, if it is an eligible transaction, you’ll see PayPal Pay in 3 as one of the available payment methods.

After selecting it, you can apply for a PayPal Pay in 3 plan in a few simple steps, get an instant decision, and finish checking out.

Why Paypal Pay in 3 not working

PayPal Pay in 3 is not working for you because you are not a citizen of the UK, or you are not 18 years old, your purchase is not within Pay in 3 limits, your merchant does not accept it, your credit score is not good, or it’s an issue from PayPal’s side.

1. You are not a citizen of UK

Currently, PayPal pay in 3 is only available for the citizens of the UK. So, if you are anyone from any other country or region, the Paypal pay in 3 options will not be available for you.

If you are from the USA, you would like to use PayPal pay in 4.

2. You are not 18 years old

If you are a UK citizen and still the option is not showing up for you, then it might be that you are not 18 years old.

As per PayPal, to apply for PayPal pay in 3, you must be at least 18 years of age (or the age of majority in your state) to apply.

3. Your Purchase is not in Paypal pay in 3 limits

PayPal Pay in 3 can only be used to purchase items between £30.00 to £2,000.00

If your order is below or over the limit, PayPal Pay in 3 will not be available or shown to you.

So, make sure your order is within the Pay in 3 limits.

PayPal pay in 3

4. Your Merchant do not accept it

Certain merchants do not accept PayPal Pay in 3. Also, there are certain goods for which Pay in 3 options will not be available.

So, if the Pay in 3 option is not showing up for you, it might be the case that the item isn’t eligible for it, or the merchant you are buying does not accept it.

5. Circumstances for Non-Offer

In certain cases, PayPal may choose not to offer PayPal Pay in 3 as a payment option. This decision could be due to increased fraud risk or ineligibility based on the data they hold.

6. Your Paypal account have restrictions

PayPal pay in 3 is not showing up for you because your account has restrictions, such as you have not verified your account, you do have a good account history, or you have not paid the installment of PayPal in 3 on time on your last purchase.

7. Your Credit score is not good

Yes, Paypal does a soft credit check before it can provide a loan to you. If your account history is not good, or you have a bad credit history, PayPal in 3 will not be available for you.

PayPal says,”We may also run a credit check when you apply if we need more information to be able to make a decision”.

8. Issue from PayPal’s side

Nevertheless, if everything is good from your side, the issue might be from PayPal’s side.

It might be that the servers of PayPal are having issues at the time you are using the Pay in 3 option. Or there can be an issue particularly affecting the PayPal pay in 3 payments.

Whatever be the case, here you cannot be done. In this scenario, you can only contact the customer support of PayPal.

How many pay in 3 PayPal can I have

Yes, you can have more than one Pay in 3 on PayPal at a time. As long as you see the option for PayPal Pay in 3 at checkout, you can choose a new PayPal Pay in 3 plans.

You’ll see all of your PayPal Pay in 3 plans in one place in your PayPal account under PayPal Pay in 3, including plans you completed in the past 12 months.

PayPal pay in 3 limits

You can use PayPal Pay in 3 for eligible shopping cart amounts between £30.00 to £2,000.00. These values may vary from merchant to merchant.


Final Words

PayPal is an American-based financial technology company that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks and money orders.

You can use PayPal to send or receive payments for online purchases, sell goods and services, donate money, or receive donations.

Similar to buy now pay later services like MoneylionAfterpayFloat, and more, PayPal has lately launched is BNPL service or feature called Pay in 3. It allows you to split your payment into 3 installments. 

However, not everyone is eligible for it. So, if PayPal Pay in 3 is not showing up for you, you should check the requirements and other details discussed above.

So, that’s all for now. We hope you were able to know why PayPal in four was not working for you after reading this post.