370+ Unique, Funny Snapchat Name (Ideas for Snapchat Username)

Still, searching for some interesting name for your Snapchat username? Are you confused and not getting any interesting ideas for Snapchat names?

Well, you don’t have to worry now. As here, we will be helping you out with this task.

Below, we have mentioned more than 370+ Snapchat Names in our list.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s check out some great names now.

What is Snapchat Username & Snapchat Name?

Like any other social media app, Snapchat has two IDs of a unique user. First, one is Snapchat Display Name or simply called Snapchat Name.

It’s not a unique id, and more than one user can have the same Snapchat display name. But, to identify an individual, Snapchat has a username id.

Snapchat usernames of all users can be a little similar, but they all are unique. You cannot enter the username which any other user on Snapchat has already used.

Both Snapchat username and display name can be identified easily on the user profile page.

As you can screenshot below, the name mentioned just below the ‘Create My Avatar’ option is Display Name. At the same time, the username can be found right below the Display Name in Snapchat.

Snapchat Display Name – Here fr Baby Filtr

Snapchat Username – udelpudili20

What is Snapchat Username

How to choose the best Snapchat username and display name?

There can’t be a specific definition of what exactly the best Snapchat username would be.

It totally depends on your own choice. If you like a username, you should go for it. But, you need to choose very wisely as you cannot change the username again and again.

The only time you get to change the username is while you create your account on Snapchat.

Well, you can change your Snapchat Name again and again.

Whether you choose your username or even a display name, you can always take the help of others’ creativity.

Here, to help you out, we will be listing out some great Snapchat username ideas.

Best Snapchat Names & Username Ideas

Here, we will be mentioning some of the great Snapchat Names and Username ideas.

We have sorted the names into 5 different lists. Unique, Funny, Cool, for Girls and Boys.

Make sure to check them all. And we hope we will be able to discover something really interesting.

#Unique Snapchat Name ideas –

First of all, we will be mentioning the list of Unique Snapchat username ideas for you. You won’t find any of these on the internet. As the title says, all of them are unique.

Here, while creating the list, we haven’t created any gender-specific names. You will find the list of Snapchat Username for boys and girls later in this article. So, if you are looking for usernames specific to boys and girls, you can reach that part.

Here, you can check out the unique Snapchat username ideas. You can use any one of them or a combination of two.

We will suggest you be creative and innovative to create something more unique by taking ideas from the list below.

  • IndieHuman
  • Kittyxlove
  • LewLater
  • GforGenius
  • BombForReal
  • ImForReal
  • SecC
  • Givemelove
  • Antiboredom
  • NewNewbie
  • SocialPanther
  • HereForFilters
  • BossBaby
  • FeedMeSnaps
  • Snapshoot
  • GrownUpNow
  • GrownToddler
  • NotAlien
  • MarsWasBetter
  • MarsSucks
  • UltraSocial
  • NiNiMoNi
  • Xtraa
  • StillinPyjamas
  • CryingHourly
  • BouncinAround
  • BrownBrownie
  • LemeSh+t
  • ProgrammedBot
  • Heeyaa
  • MiniatureGod
  • OnYourDoor
  • OxyMoron
  • PseudoHuman
  • CovidHero
  • SurivedCorona
  • DigitalLove
  • LoveLater
  • Zooomed
  • FingerOnMyLips
  • Entr0py
  • SuperBlackman
  • SnyderCutBerries
  • SnapforSnap
  • SnapStoryteller
  • Area2021
  • IntelCore00
  • Snapination
  • Baebie
  • Buxrob

#Funny Snapchat Name ideas –

Well, if you didn’t like our list of Unique Snapchat username ideas. Then we have more ideas for you guys to try.

This will be the list of Funny Snapchat usernames. You can use them as it is or try combining them with other entries on this list. Try to be innovative and create something more unique by using combinations.

Here, you can check out the list of funny Snapchat username ideas.

  • NoFilterPliz
  • ImSingle
  • Snapdom
  • MacBlush
  • Quickies
  • dkroeger
  • CastBound
  • real heroes
  • Single-tone
  • happy me
  • rokeefe
  • Lazy Looser
  • dazzling sweetie
  • snapittysnap
  • ocooney
  • smart mover
  • Kitty Bloom
  • Pretty Law
  • always a winner
  • jelly cuddles
  • culturedSnapchat
  • rainbow sweety
  • jolly brownie
  • GreatOrgeat
  • twilight queens
  • SinaOzer
  • BennyFunny
  • pure dove
  • Threebabes
  • Sorties Sorry
  • mystical dimples
  • Soul Sweety
  • rcomfort
  • ttimmons
  • misterAwesome
  • Twin butterfly
  • princessnow
  • GreatSnapOutdoors
  • Tattoo Puncher
  • Miss ballerina
  • Tai Lopez
  • Crenshaw
  • Morrissey
  • crazy blossom
  • peppermintpretty
  • covenant
  • sweet whimsy
  • NoMansSnap
  • Covalent Bond
  • INeedNany
  • NanoBeer
  • BearOnGrills
  • FunnyBones
  • SendDudes

#Cool Snapchat Name ideas –

Coming to the most interesting list of Snapchat username ideas. A lot of Snapchat users try to use names that look cool. And if you are one of those, we will definitely help you out. We will be mentioning a list of very cool Snapchat username ideas for you guys.

Well, try not to combine these names with any other names on the list. You might end up creating something weird. As the names on the list are already weird.

So, without any further delay. Let’s see some Cool Snapchat username ideas.

  • Spellonyou
  • EnoughLoveNow
  • BeachPliz
  • YouNeedChocolates
  • CyaBabe
  • MultivitaminKiss
  • ButterCup
  • I’mMe
  • Kingofqueens
  • Calum Hood
  • trendsetter
  • kcox
  • FilthyDrops
  • flickflack
  • click me a pic
  • valfonso
  • heavenly goddess
  • moonlightbae
  • Adventure on wheels
  • BrainIndependent
  • fmariano
  • sugar secrets
  • prettykitty
  • obrazell
  • whambrick
  • charming chap
  • Sam Pepper
  • wearefivesos
  • uschwarz
  • living it
  • Time Blossom
  • fbelew
  • always busy
  • Wiz kid
  • Klarity
  • uwayne
  • daddy’s girl
  • hozuna
  • inspired looser
  • thunder stud
  • CarlyRaeJepsen
  • tubbySnapme
  • secret keeper
  • TestNamePleaseIgnore
  • groggy giant
  • the smartest one
  • prettuduckling
  • FooBar Widget
  • mwiegand
  • masterzen
  • snapchitt
  • kylizzlmynizzl
  • party-lover
  • missfoodieprobs
  • AmericaCute
  • ladysnapsa
  • Turnip King

#Snapchat names for girls –

Till now, we have seen some really good Snapchat usernames here in our lists. But, none of the lists was gender-specific, as anyone can use cool, funny usernames.

So, let’s see some gender-specific usernames ideas. Here, we will be mentioning the best Snapchat names for girls.

And ladies, you can either copy the same name or use it with the combination of other names to create something more unique and creative.

Let’s check out some of Snapchat usernames, girls.

  • ВαвчGurl
  • BαBчDall
  • pippinsplugins
  • real me
  • bigbrowneyes
  • tough fighter
  • Groovy angel
  • Little Mix
  • HitStick
  • little cutie
  • purpledove
  • thecut
  • rsayers
  • crazy photo
  • awesome
  • lover
  • cblomquist
  • thug life
  • cakes1todough1
  • blessed
  • hstonge
  • badass techie
  • Born-confused
  • the gossip queen
  • urbalicious
  • Mαmi
  • Lul Mαmα
  • domenic
  • impossiblyinsane
  • brave warrior
  • Snapchattr
  • Constellation
  • smile a lot
  • Tim and sim
  • singing sensation
  • ynorth
  • Cool Brownnie
  • wonderful guy
  • nharbour
  • miss lucky
  • artist_wonders
  • ice cold
  • cblackshear
  • Scotty Sire
  • BαBчCakes
  • ShαrtCake
  • Short Stuff
  • Shortчч
  • Funsized
  • Blondεεε
  • Princεss
  • Quεεn
  • Dollч
  • Dollfαcε
  • superhero
  • pwolter
  • kindlittleangel
  • Wifεч
  • Gigglεs
  • PrεttчKittч
  • funnies
  • esullins
  • LeadBest
  • little angel
  • Dimples
  • GrεεnEчεs
  • Brownie εчεs
  • little princess
  • pink-kisses
  • funky angels

#Snapchat names for boys –

Hi there. We have something for the boys out there as well. If you have directly landed on this part, let us tell you we have mentioned some other list as well.

Earlier in this article, we have mentioned a list of Unique, Cool, and Funny Snapchat username ideas.

We also mentioned a list of Snapchat names for girls. And now, let’s see some interesting Snapchat usernames Boys.

  • King-o-Bach
  • little angel
  • DannyFunny
  • CynthiaLIVE
  • dark wizard
  • wloomis
  • adorablelittlefreak
  • snuggle kitty
  • MelanieIglesias
  • wuz good
  • dark wizard
  • white hawk
  • miologie
  • obviousjim
  • QuickLifeHacks
  • little freak
  • thegreatwarrior
  • Perry Fan
  • jstarks
  • headius
  • Miss moondy
  • hharkins
  • peace hug
  • kymnonstop
  • smile a lot
  • twhitcomb
  • strawberrylips
  • hit stick
  • shinysmiles
  • blue jeans
  • epuentes
  • thebighulk
  • live life queen
  • Dolly Dolphin
  • sizzly
  • WillFerrell
  • never fail
  • tlaporte
  • CalebCoffee
  • super giggles
  • FifthHarmony
  • Cutechby
  • candy cane missy
  • HighOnLife
  • celebrations all around
  • dchristophe
  • Mindset Player
  • smart snapper
  • BelReady
  • Pink Page
  • Sniperred

How to change Snapchat name/ display name

  • STEP 1 – First of all, open your Snapchat app. Make sure you are using the latest version of the app. Update the Snapchat app before proceeding to the next step.
  • STEP 2 – Open the app. And click on your Bitmoji. It’s your animated display picture at the top left corner of the screen.

How to change Snapchat name

  • STEP 3 – Now, simply click on your Snapchat display name. The one just below the ‘Create My Avatar’ option.

How to change Snapchat name

  • STEP 4 – This will open a new window. Here, you can easily edit your name. You can change your display name as many times as you want.

How to change Snapchat name

And that’s it.

That’s how you can change your Snapchat name or display name easily.

Well, a lot of users also ask about the ways to change Snapchat username. And if you are one of those, then there is something you should know. Make sure to check out the guide below.

How to change Snapchat username

You will find many websites, blogs, and Youtube videos on how to change usernames in Snapchat. Well, all of them are misleading, mere click baits.

It is because Snapchat username cannot be changed again. Not even a second time after it is created.

You get just a single chance to create your username on Snapchat. Unlike in Instagram, where users can change usernames as many times as they want.

According to the official Snapchat blog. It is not possible for any user to change her username because of security reasons.

(Update – February 2022)

You can now change your Snapchat username as well. According to official statement by Snapchat, they will now allow users to change username as well. The Verge, reported that users will be able to change their username once in a year. And previously selected username will be allowed to use ever again in the same account.

To change username in Snapchat go to Setting > Username > Change Username > Add new username > Select Next.

How to change username in Snapchat

Conclusion –

That’s all for today.

Hope you have selected a good-looking username and display name for your Snapchat account.

We have mentioned the most unique and creative names here. And we will be updating this list, so make sure you check it back again.

You have also learned how to change your Snapchat name. And remember, the guide articles, videos to change Snapchat username are nothing but click bates. Do not fall for them.

Happy Snapping 🙂

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