Fix: Paypal refunded but no money in bank

Is your Paypal refund initiated, but you still haven’t received it?

Are you wondering where your Paypal refund is?

You will be glad to know; we have answers to all of your queries here.

We will include not only reasons for the problem but also a guide to fix it.

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About Paypal Refunds

Paypal is a renowned payments platform worldwide, well known as an international payment transfer service in the global market.

In the USA, Paypal sports some exclusive features like the Cash-a-Check feature and more.

Well, Paypal is trusted by millions of users around the globe as the platform handles hundreds of thousands of transactions each minute without any issues.

Paypal also supports the money refund feature. Where the user, with the seller’s content, can ask for a refund for the goods. And Paypal processes the payment to transfer to the user’s original payment method finally.

But, sometimes, users report not receiving the refunded amount even after waiting for weeks. And if you are having the same issue, you can check out the next part of this post, where we have discussed the reasons for the refunds not appearing or showing issues.


Reasons: Paypal refunded but no money

A lot of users report that Paypal showed status as refunded, but no money was received in their account. Well, there could be many reasons, sometimes user looks for the refund in the wrong payment method, whereas, sometimes, there could be a technical issue.

Here, we will be looking at all the reasons why Paypal shows ‘refunded’ even when a user doesn’t find the refund amount.

#1 You are not checking original payment method

As you may already know, after receiving the payment from the seller’s end, Paypal transfers the amount to the original payment method only.

This means, that if you made a payment using your credit card, you would receive the payment in your credit balance only. So, checking for the refund amount in the bank account or Paypal balance won’t help.

You might be checking the amount in the wrong place.

#2 Original payment method unavailable

As mentioned in the previous point, Paypal refunds the seller’s issued amount to the original payment. But, what happens when the original payment method is unavailable during the refund procedure?

For instance, if the original payment method was a debit card, Paypal will try to put the refund back to the debit card. But, if Paypal finds the debit card unavailable during the refund procedure, the amount will be put in the Paypal balance.

So, if you find out that your debit/credit card was the original payment method and still couldn’t find the refund amount there, you should check your Paypal balance for the refunded money.

#3 Funds being transferred to bank account

As you are aware of the fact, by now that Paypal transfers the money back to the original payments method. And in case you used your bank account to pay the seller, Paypal will transfer the amount to your bank account only.

There is an exceptional case, if by any chance, your bank account is not available during the refund procedure, Paypal will transfer that amount to Paypal balance, which will be transferred to the bank account once it is available.

But, if everything is correct, the refund will be transferred to your bank account. And according to the official statement by Paypal, transferring the funds to a bank will take somewhere between 1 to 5 business days.

So, your refunds might be in the pipeline; you just need to wait for a while.

#4 Additional time for credit/debit card transfer

If your original payment method was a credit or debit card, you would only receive the refunds in your debit/credit account.

And Paypal says that it might take them around 2 to 5 business days to refund the amount if everything goes right.

But, in some cases, it might take up to 30 days as well! The required time for the refund majorly depends on the card company involved in the deal.

#5 Other possible issues

If you checked for the refund payments in every possible payment method and waited for long enough, it could be possible that the problem was on Paypal’s end.

Sometimes, your bank might have had issues in keeping in contact during the refund procedure.

And that’s all, folks.

We have mentioned a possible reason for the ‘Paypal refunded but no money issue.

If you are looking for ways to fix this problem, you can check out the next part of this post for more details.

Where is my Paypal refund?

Your Paypal refund is transferred back to the original payment method. If you used your Paypal balance or Paypal credit balance, the fund would be transferred to your respective balance. And in case you used your bank balance for the money transfer to the seller, Paypal will send back you the refund in your bank account.

But, the thing is, it takes time for the refund amount to reach the original payment method if it is not your Paypal balance or Paypal credit balance. For instance, it takes around 2 to 5 business days for the refund to appear in the bank account.

You can visit our dedicated article to know more about the time taken for the refund.

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Fix: Paypal refund not showing in bank

Fix 1 – Check the refund status

First, you need to be sure if the money has been refunded to you. Paypal shows the status of the refund amount, where you can see if the amount has been refunded to you or if it is still pending.

To check the status of a transaction on Paypal, you can check out the steps provided below –

  1. Select Activity option at the topmost section
  2. Select Filters
  3. Select Refunds
  4. Now, choose the date range to find your refund.
  5. Select the refunded transaction to view the status

The procedure can only be followed on Paypal official website on a PC browser.

Fix 2 – Check your original payment method

You need to check only your original payment method for the refund amount. Paypal only refunds the amount to the original method.

If by any means, you forgot the original payments method, you can check the transaction details in the Activity tab on Paypal.

Fix 3 – Check your Paypal balance

When Paypal finds it hard to transfer the refunded amount to the original payments method, they simply transfer it to the user’s Paypal balance.

So, check your Paypal balance, you might have gotten the refunded amount there.

Fix 4 – Contact Paypal

There is one last option left if you have tried everything and still couldn’t find the refunded amount, even after waiting for 30 days – which is the maximum time a credit/debit card refund takes.

Contact the Paypal support team and let them know all the details of the situation.



1. Paypal refund completed but no money

If you ask that your Paypal refund be completed, but there is no money in your account, you should check the refund status first. Check if the seller has issued the refund. Secondly, you should make sure if to check the refunded amount in the original payment method.

Final Words

And that’s it, ladies and gentlemen.

In the first part of this guide, we included all the possible reasons for Paypal’s refund but no money in bank’ issues. You can check all of them for more details.

Later in this post, we provided you with a guide to fix Paypal ‘refunded, but no money in bank’ issue.

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