Fix: Paypal cash a check not working (Reasons & Solutions)

Are you someone wondering why Paypal cash a check feature is not working for you?

Do you need a guide to fix Paypal cash a check not working problem?

Well, if you nodded and want to fix the problem, you are on the right web page.

Here, we will be including a detailed guide on how to fix Paypal ‘cash a check not working.’

Why won’t Paypal cash my check

If you are wondering why Paypal won’t cash your check, you are at the right place. Here, we are going to mention some of the very common issues because of which Paypal is not processing your checks.

You must know that Paypal System doesn’t choose anyone to exclude from using the services. If you are eligible according to the pre-defined terms and your check is legit, you can cash a check with Paypal without any issues.

But, there could be some specific reasons, why Paypal doesn’t let you use the cash a check feature.

Check out the common reasons which might be triggering the problem.


#1 Unverified Identity on Paypal

Paypal needs a user to confirm their identity on the platform before using any of the major services like international transactions and even the cash-a-check feature.

So, if you have not confirmed your identity on Paypal, you will need to confirm it before you can cash a check and have that amount in your bank account.

To find out how to fix this issue, you can check out the second part of this guide for more details.

#2 Incorrect Details Submitted

Another very common reason is the submission of incorrect details on the check that you submitted.

If Paypal doesn’t find any account associated with the details you provided on your check, you won’t be able to cash your check.

And if the details are different than those submitted in the national records, you won’t be able to proceed with the cash a check feature.

#3 Ineligible Uploads

If you have used the cash a check feature, you may already know that Paypal asks you to upload scanned images of the check from both sides. This is done for the verification of the details included on the check,

And if you failed to upload eligible photos, where details can be seen clearly, Paypal won’t consider you eligible for the cash check.

Also, Paypal won’t be able to tell you if the images are eligible as the uploaded images are reviewed manually and take time.

#4 Void Check not Submitted

After submitting the images of the front and back sides of the check, you will be asked to submit the scanned image of Void Check.

If you forgot to submit the void check or made some mistakes, you won’t be able to cash a check on Paypal.

If you need some help, you can follow this link for more details.

#5 Issues with Receiver’s Bank Account

Sometimes, you might have done everything right, but the issues could be with your bank. If Paypal finds it hard to contact your bank for the verification of the check and other procedures, Paypal won’t let you cash the check.

There is also a possibility that your bank account is inactive or has been kept on ‘freeze.’ In this case, too, Paypal won’t be able to submit the funds to your account.

#6 Limited Reached

Paypal has set limits for the cash a check feature. You can’t cash checks with unlimited worth with Paypal. The limits are set for security reasons and keep a check on any potential unethical activity, which might include money laundering.

Only checks with a limit from $5 to $5,000 are allowed on the platform. Talking about the limits, for a single day, you can submit multiple checks totaling up to $5,000 in a day.

Whereas the same limit for a month is $15,000.

#7 Unsupported Check

Paypal allows checks from almost every bank institution and issuer. But, still, there are some check issuers that cannot be cashed using Paypal.

Paypal will inform you about the same if you submit the check for final verification.

#8 Flagged Account

If, after taking a look at the reasons included above in this post, you are sure that you have not done anything wrong on your end, you should check this one last reason.

There could be a possibility that your Paypal account has been flagged. The flagging of the account is different from banning of the account. If your account is flagged, you won’t be able to use some of the features of the app.

Cash a check feature is one of the significant features of Paypal, which might include money laundering of up to $5000 in a day. That’s why for security reasons, Paypal is not allowing you to use this feature.

You might have been involved in some unethical transactions of Paypal and violated Paypal terms.

That’s it.

We have mentioned all of the possible reasons for the cash a check not working issue.

In case you are looking for solutions, you can proceed to the next part of this post for more details.

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Fix: Paypal cash a check not working

1. Verify you identity on Paypal

If your identity is not verified on Paypal, you will be asked by the team to verify your identity by submitting specific details.

The verification takes place through an in-app procedure. You must avoid any email asking to submit official documents, Paypal account details, and bank account details.

2. Review details before submission

As you know, you will need to submit some details on the check you are depositing.

So, always review once before submitting the check and before even clicking photos for verification.

If the details mentioned don’t match your national records details, Paypal cash a check won’t work.

3. Upload clear photos

Scanned images of the check need for to proceed with the cash a check procedure. And if the photos uploaded by you don’t look clear enough to extract details from it, cash a check won’t work.

So, always upload clear photos. Try clicking photos in a well-lit room. And see if the details are readable.

4. Check bank account availability

If you have implemented all the methods to fix Paypal cash a check not working issue, then you must check if your bank account is functional as intended or not.

Paypal, if your bank account is inactive, doesn’t let you cash a check.

Try depositing some funds to your bank account; you can ask your friend to help you out.

If the bank account is working fine, you must try next method to fix the issue. And if not, you will have to contact your bank and describe the problem with your account.

After getting the problem fixed, you can try the cash a check feature again.

5. Contact Paypal

If you have tried everything and there isn’t any problem with your bank account and scanned images, there could be issues with your Paypal account.

As mentioned above, Paypal sometimes flags accounts and restricts their activity. These measures are taken to keep other safe.

But, the automated security systems might sometimes flag an account by mistake. The same might have happened with you.

To get it fixed, you need to contact Paypal support and let them know about the issues you are facing.

And that’s all about the methods to fix ‘Paypal cash a check not working’ issues.

If you have any related doubts, feel free to ask us in the comments section below.


Paypal cash check unable to verify identity

According to users, while submitting the check for verification by the Paypal team, an error shows up saying, ‘Paypal cash check unable to verify identity’ even if they have already verified their identity on Paypal.

‘Paypal cash check unable to verify identity sometimes appear because of an error in the app, and to fix it, you can try restarting your app, your phone and updating the app to the latest version.

And if you haven’t submitted the asked documents for the verification of the identity, you will have to do that if you want to access the cash a check feature by Paypal.

Final Words

That’s it, guys.

Allow us to conclude this guide now.

Here, we first discussed all the possible reasons why Paypal won’t cash your check. And after that, we discussed the guide to fix Paypal cash a check not working issue.

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