How to Fix Paypal security prompt not working

Are you having issues with Paypal security prompt on your account?

Is Paypal security prompt not working for you?

Well, if that’s the case and if you are looking for solutions, you are at the right webpage. Here, we will be discussing all the reasons which might have caused problems with the Paypal security prompt.

And with every reason, you will also find solutions to fix them as well.

What is Paypal security prompt

Paypal is one of the most popular payments app in the world, having more than 300 million users. And to safeguard every user on the platform, Paypal takes different security measures which review any suspicious activity.

Paypal security check is one of the tools which keeps a check if the Paypal account is being used by its owner only. Different actions trigger the Paypal security prompt; there is not just one.

If you are an owner of a legit account and have never been involved in any unethical activity on the platform, you don’t have to worry about it.

Paypal security prompts are just to make sure everything is working fine. You will be asked to verify your identity using different methods.

But, sometimes, the Paypal security prompt might not work as intended for you and shows the problem. But, fret not, here we will be helping you out with the issue.


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Fix: Paypal security prompt not working

A lot of users report problems with the security prompt on Paypal. And if you are one of them and the Paypal security prompt is not working for you as well, we are here to help.

Now, we are going to enlist all the reasons why the Paypal security prompt is not working for you. And along with the reasons, you will also find the solutions for all.

So, proceed with the first method to fix the issue and implement the included steps.

1. Contact your mobile phone carrier

As you may already know, the Paypal security prompt gives you an option to receive the text, using which you can easily get your Paypal account verified very quickly.

You will find a code that needs to be entered in the given space in the app to get the account verified. The code expires after 5-10 minutes, and the user is supposed to use it before the expiration.

But, sometimes users report that they do not receive the security code and sometimes not even a single text from Paypal.

Well, this is an issue with the mobile phone carrier. If you do not receive the code even after trying many times, you will need to contact your mobile phone carrier’s customer support and enable shortcodes.

And after that, you may possibly receive the 6-digit code, which can be used to verify your account on Paypal.

2. Enter a new phone number

Even after enabling the shortcodes, you cannot find the six-digit security code in the texts that you receive from Paypal; there is one more solution for that.

You will have to enter a new phone number where you can receive a security code for verification. This can be done in Paypal settings.

If you have other options for the verification of the Paypal account, we would suggest you continue with them instead of changing your phone number, as it might take some time.

The availability of options for verification is different for different accounts.

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3. Update personal details

Another reason why you are receiving the error code is that the personal details submitted in the Paypal account are different from the personal details on your phone billing statement.

This usually happens when a user is sharing the mobile plan with family members. And while verification, the details of the primary account holder of the family plan are considered, which won’t match your details, and an error code will appear.

Other reasons are spelling errors, spelling variations, addition/removal of maiden name, etc.

So, to fix the Paypal security prompt not working issue, one needs to fix issues with personal details first.

4. Update account details

Another reason why your Paypal security prompt is not working is that the account credentials submitted on your Paypal app are not up to date.

If you have recently changed the address, or the phone number associated with your bank account, you must make the required changes in your Paypal app as well.

Failing to do so will throw errors during the Paypal security prompt.

5. Submit correct Security Questions

Other than verification through the text message on the phone number. The other way for verification is by answering the security questions.

You are required to put the correct answer to the questions.

On failing to answer correctly, Paypal will show you an error.

If you are unsure about the answer, we suggest you try other ways for security verification.

6. Fix Internet connection issues

If you have checked and tried all the methods to fix the issue, then we will suggest you check for one more potential issue.

There could be an issue with your internet connection. If your internet is not working fine, you might find it hard to continue the Paypal security prompt verification.

To fix the internet connection, you should check if your wifi router is working fine. Try connecting another device with the wifi router and stream some Youtube videos to check network speed.

If your internet is working fine, you must check the following method to fix the Paypal security prompt not working issue.

7. Download Paypal update patch

If everything is working fine, there could be a problem, a bug in the Paypal app, which might be causing the Paypal security prompt not working issue.

The good thing is, it can be fixed very easily. To do this, check the latest updates for your Paypal app. Visit the respective app store for your iOS or Android device and download the latest patch update for the app.

8. Contact Paypal customer support

If none of the above-provided methods is working for you, we suggest you contact Paypal customer support.

If you are a US citizen, you can call the Paypal support team at 1800 419 9833

How to void Paypal security check

You can easily avoid a Paypal security check by simply keeping your Paypal account details up to date. As mentioned above, security check prompts when Paypal can’t identify if you are accessing the account.

So, always keep your personal details like your current address, phone number, and other personal details updated in your Paypal app.

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1. How to bypass Paypal security check?

We are not sure what you guys were expecting, but there is no way to bypass the Paypal security check. You can choose not to get your account checked, but you will have to do it eventually if you want to get the best out of Paypal. If you do not get your account checked, you won’t be able to use all Paypal features and there will be limitations.

Final Words

That’s all, ladies and gents.

Here, we have talked about all the possible reasons for Paypal security prompt, not working issues, and the ways to fix them.

If you need any kind of assistance in fixing the problem, do let us know in the comments section below.

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