Fix: Klarna ‘Sorry we can’t complete this purchase’

In case you were wondering, Klarna is a BNPL service that lets you shop and keeps tabs on your orders without ever leaving the app.

This article will explain Klarna’s “sorry we can’t complete this purchase” error in detail.

If you have had a similar problem, the information in this article should help you find a solution.

What does Klarna ‘sorry we couldn’t approve you for this option’ mean?

Short Answer: When Klarna says, ‘sorry we couldn’t approve you for this option’, it means that you are not eligible to utilize the Klarna service to make the purchase.

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Fix: Klarna ‘sorry we can’t complete this purchase’

Method 1: Ensure that you are of an appropriate age.

For you to be eligible to use Klarna’s payment alternatives, you must be at least 18 years old.

If you are under the age of 18, you will not be able to use Klarna for any of your shopping needs.

Method 2: Keep a solid payment history.

It is crucial that you have a positive payment history on Klarna, especially if you are a frequent Klarna customer who uses the service at least once each month.

You must pay back every loan you take out with Klarna by the due date, regardless of the amount you borrowed. There are additional criteria that may be used to determine eligibility, but past payment records hold the greatest weight.

Method 3: Adjust the amount of your order

Customers who have used Klarna for a considerable length of time know that the company has a maximum payout that may be requested. Klarna limits the amount of money you may borrow, regardless of your repayment guarantee.

The overall amount of credit available to a user is determined by several factors, including but not limited to financial habits, payment history, credit score, and more. Because of this, you can only purchase low-quality items.

If you keep receiving the “sorry we can’t complete this purchase” message from Klarna, it’s likely because the total price of the products in your basket is more than the maximum permitted by your account. If your shopping total is beyond your Klarna limit, try eliminating some items.

It’s possible that this won’t prevent the issue from happening again, but it’s worth a go. In addition, please be aware that repeated attempts within a short period would likely result in denial, thus consumers are encouraged to try again after 48 hours.

Method 4: Link your bank account

Set up a Klarna bank account connection if you are offered the opportunity to. This will provide them with the opportunity to get a more complete understanding of your financial situation, allowing us to make a more well-informed lending decision.

Klarna only gives this choice if it is unable to gather sufficient data through other methods. Please rest assured that your information is safe with them and that you have the option to revoke access to your bank account at any moment.

Method 5: Avoid setting off fraud-detection systems

When it comes to financial technology, Klarna is a worldwide favorite. As a result of Klarna’s widespread adoption, it is at risk of being used by dishonest users or those who simply won’t be able to repay the loan at any time.

However, Klarna has a fraud-prevention mechanism in place to control its use. Overuse of Klarna’s services in a short time frame will often set off this system.

For their security measures, Klarna has not specified what the number “too many” really implies. There’s a good chance you’ll get the message “sorry we can’t complete this purchase” from Klarna if they determine that your actions pose a security risk.

Klarna ‘sorry we can't complete this purchase’
Image Source: Klarna

To avoid this, we recommend that you only use your Klarna account twice a month for purchases. Once again, there is no assurance that your payment request will be granted, but it will assist.

Method 6: Provide accurate information

You may be having trouble checking out on Klarna because you keep getting an error message reading “, sorry we can’t complete this purchase.”

You must be aware that you will need to provide certain information to utilize some services, such as the one-time virtual card. Personal information like name and billing address is required in addition to virtual debit card data like expiration date, card number, and CVV.

We strongly advise you to double-check the information you provided before completing your purchase. Incorrect information will result in a message requesting you to reenter all of your information and a request for a new password.

Method 7: Clear your debts

You may use Klarna to pay for anything online. For someone who needs the basics but can’t afford to pay the whole sum all at once, that’s a fantastic offer. But the borrowed money must be repaid at some point.

Due to the high probability of timely repayment, Klarna easily grants payment requests from customers in this category.

Method 8: Verify the Status of Klarna’s Services

If you have tried everything and are still receiving the issue while attempting to pay, then you should visit the Klarna service status page. There will be occasions when the problem is not due to your actions. Klarna platforms might experience downtime on occasion.

The ‘sorry we can’t complete this purchase’ error message might be the result of a malfunction in the system. As users, we can’t do much when put in such a position. It’s out of our hands till the service is restored.

Method 9: Get in touch with Klarna Support

If you’re still having trouble after trying the previous method, contact Klarna by phone at 02030050833 or online using the chat feature.

Those who contact Klarna’s customer service team will have their inquiries about their Klarna order history reviewed by agents who may then provide suggestions on how to improve their future purchase eligibility based on that information.


1. Why can’t I pay with Klarna anymore?

While making a subsequent purchase with Klarna, you may find that some or perhaps all of your previously used payment methods are no longer an option. Blocking from future use of Klarna may occur for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to missing or delayed payments or alleged financial difficulties.

Final Words

We’ve reached the end of this article now that we’ve covered the solutions that would correct the error we were addressing.

These potential answers are offered in the hopes that they may be useful in fixing the problem.

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