(2023) How to Cancel Pending Payment on Paypal

Are you wondering if you can cancel your Paypal payment?

Do you need a guide to cancel a Paypal payment that is pending?

Well, if you nodded your head in affirmation, you are at the right web page.

Here, we will be providing a detailed guide on how to cancel pending payments on Paypal.

And as always, we have also discussed some additional important details. Make sure to check all of them.

Can you cancel pending payment on Paypal

Answer in Nutshell: You can easily cancel pending payments on Paypal by selecting the ‘Cancel Payment’ option under the pending payments section in the Paypal app or official website. But there are some conditions and some additional details that are very important for our readers.

In this post, we will include a guide to cancel pending payments on Paypal mobile and PC. If you are finding it hard to cancel the payment, simply follow the guide provided below.

As mentioned above, before proceeding to the guide, we will be including some of the very important details.

First of all, you must know that you can only cancel a payment if it is pending and has not been received by the recipient for some reason. There could be many reasons why a Paypal payment can be put in pending status.

Sometimes, your outgoing Paypal payment can be pending because you entered the recipient’s incorrect Paypal username, phone number, or email address. In this case, Paypal won’t find the recipient’s account, and your payment status will be changed to pending.


And sometimes, even if you have entered the correct details of the recipient’s account, your pending might still be considered pending. It is because to whom you sent the payment might have opted not to accept some payments automatically.

Sometimes, users disable the automatic money acceptance feature for non-preferred currencies and from buyers with unconfirmed addresses.

It is also important to know the scenarios where you can cancel your pending payments. Paypal doesn’t allow you to cancel all of your pending payments. Only payments which have been sent to a non-registered account can be cancelled.

In another case, the recipient can simply accept the payment after making required changes to their Paypal payment settings.

And if you are a seller, you will need to make some extra efforts to get the Paypal pending payment faster. Check out our dedicated post on how to get pending payments faster.

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How to cancel a pending Paypal payment

So, let us finally talk about how to cancel pending payment on Paypal in a very few steps.

Step 1 – Open Paypal app or website

First of all, open the Paypal app on any mobile device. You can use your Android or iOS device.

The steps we are going to discuss below will remain the same.

You can even proceed with the procedure with your PC on Paypal.com. The steps are very similar.

Step 2 – Open the ‘Activity’ page

Now, after opening the app, you will need to find the Activity page.

You may need to go to the Summary section on your mobile devices.

If you are using a PC and Paypal.com, you can even follow this link to reach out to the Activity page easily.

Step 3 – Select the Cancel option

Now, select the Cancel option. The option will appear only the payment that is unreceived by the receiver.

Cancel option for the unreceived payment

Step 4 – Check details and confirm your selection

Finally, you can confirm your payment by simply selecting the ‘Cancel Payment’ option.

Cancel payment option for the payment

This is how you can cancel pending payments on Paypal.

In some cases, where you entered the wrong credential of the recipient’s Paypal account, Paypal will cancel the pending payment after 30 days.

And the payment will be sent back to the original payments method. That means, if you used your bank account, debit card, or any other method, the payment would be refunded to the same payment method.

The refund to your bank account might take around 3 to 5 business days. And if the original payment was a credit or debit card, it might take more than 30 days for the payment to reflect on your card.

And that’s it, ladies and gentlemen.

That was all you needed to know about cancelling payment on Paypal.

If you need any other help, you can let us know about it in the comments section. We would be happy to help you.

Can you cancel a completed Paypal payment

Well, it is not possible to cancel a completed Paypal payment. As long the payment on Paypal appears as a pending payment, it can be withdrawn. But, if the status has changed to ‘Completed‘, there is no way to cancel the Paypal payment.

So, it is very clear now that it is not possible to cancel a payment if the recipient has already received the payment. But, there is one thing that can be done. You can ask the recipient for a refund.

How to refund a pending payment on PayPal

To refund a pending payment on Paypal, the recipient will have to wait to receive the pending payment first. And after receiving, they will be able to find the option to issue a refund.

Paypal supports the refunding feature; you can easily have the money back. The option to refund the payment can be found on the ‘Activity’ page.

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1. How can I cancel a Paypal payment

You can easily cancel a Paypal pending by simply finding the payment card on the Activity page. And there, simply click on the Cancel option to finally cancel a Paypal payment.

But, the cancelling option will only be available for some payments. You cannot cancel a payment that has been completed.

2. How to cancel a pending Paypal transfer

To cancel a pending Paypal transfer, you need to be sure if the payment can be cancelled. To check, go to the Activity page on Paypal and see if the cancel option is available on that particular payments card.

Final Words

That’s it, ladies and gentlemen.

Here, we first discussed the scenarios where you get the option to cancel the payment. Whereas, in the next part, we provided a guide for how to cancel pending payment on Paypal.

We have included several additional details as well. Make sure to check out all the important details.

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