Can you buy gift cards with Affirm

Buy Now Pay Later services have taken the world by storm. These days, a lot of people are tending to buy things on the spot and are planning to pay for them later. Affirm helps you in this case.

But one thing to remember is that it gives these point-of-sale loans to people with a good credit score. So, maintain that in a good manner and you will be a customer with Affirm for as long as you want.

So, if you are wondering whether it is possible to buy gift cards, groceries, and any other items with Affirm, this page will give you all the possible answers.

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Can you buy gift cards with Affirm?

Short answer: Yes, you can buy gift cards with Affirm.

Gift cards are prepaid cards, that are filled with a certain amount of money. And as you know, they can only be used at designated places. The card mentions the place or site where you can use the card to shop.

Affirm offers 18% APR or Annual Percentage Rate. You can visit sites across the internet and buy the gift card you like.

Can you buy groceries with Affirm?

Short Answer: Yes, you can buy groceries with Affirm.

For example, groceries can be bought from Walmart and Walmart accepts Affirm. Affirm is made to help you at the point-of-sale purchases, as I have previously mentioned in the article.

So you can go to a Walmart store,

  • Pick up the groceries you need and open Affirm application.
  • There you need to apply for the amount you are going to spend on that purchase.
  • You will have to select a payment plan to Affirm.
  • Then when you head to the cash register where they will scan the single-use barcode and the payment is done.
  • You will get monthly or weekly reminders about paying them back. Depending on the plan you selected.

What items can you buy with Affirm?

Short Answer: The items you can buy with Affirm are plenty like electronics, groceries, clothing, accessories, bikes (electric and motor), furniture, jewelry, auto parts, and tons of other things. 

There are a lot of stores online or offline that accept Affirm. You can go to a Walmart and buy groceries, you can go to an online vacation planning website and fund all the things required for your next vacation. Even the tickets can be bought and paid for later, using Affirm.

Footwear, sports goods, online courses, art, security systems, interior decor, you name it and Affirm will help you pay for it. If one store doesn’t help you get an item through Affirm, you can search for another store online or in real life. One that accepts Affirm and helps you get the thing you need.

In any case, there is little that Affirm doesn’t let you buy. Anything illegal is not backed by Affirm. Drugs, weapons, ammunition, and the like. Also, you cannot pay for other money transfer services like Venmo or PayPal. Loan, crypto, and credit card payments also cannot be paid for by Affirm.

Final Words

This article tells you for a fact that you can buy gift cards, groceries, and a plethora of other things using Affirm. I hope you got the answer you were looking for.

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