How to remove funds on hold CIBC (4 main Reasons)

Why do you have funds on hold in your CIBC account?

How to remove a hold on your funds in your CIBC account?

How long will your funds be on hold in your CIBC account? Get the answers to all these questions by the end of this article.

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce or more commonly known as CIBC is a financial institution situated in Canada. If you have ever deposited or received money through a check and tried to take it out, you might have experienced a hold of funds.

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Why do you have your funds on hold in your CIBC account

Short Answer: You have your funds on hold because CIBC needs to verify that the check is legit and can be cleared. 

For example, you have gotten your paycheck of $3000. And now, you have spent this amount somewhere online or at a store. After that, you have visited the nearest ATM, entered your PIN, and deposited the check. Finally, your balance will show a negative of the amount you received. And the bank will ask you to pay that amount back.

The above example helps you understand the need for the hold on your funds. So, funds are on hold to protect the bank and yourself. Therefore, it just ensures that the bank receives the correct amount of funds before they remove the handle and allow you to access it.

Altogether there is less chance of the bank holding on to your money if you directly deposit with a teller. But if you do a deposit to your account or at an ATM, there will be a hold on your funds.

Reasons your funds could be held longer than usual are given below. 

Reason 1: Bad history with the bank

If you have a bad reputation for overdrafting and not paying back before the deadline, they will hold your funds in the bank for longer than usual. Any possible reason they have to suspect you, they will hold your funds. Then review everything possible, and then release it to you.

Reason 2: Deposit time

Banks have a time limit for what they consider a business day. If you cross that time, say 6 o clock in the evening, your check or deposit will be considered for the next day. This is why people tend to deposit their money in the mornings rather than in the evening.

Reason 3: Day of deposit

If the day you deposited your check or has been deposited by your employer is not a business day, the money will not be credited to your account and will be held by the bank. Until the next business day arrives, your money will be with them.

Reason 4: Larger amounts

If the check or deposit is more significant than $5000, they will keep a hold of your account. The greater the amount, the more time it will take to review your account and the money deposited.

How to remove a hold on your funds in your CIBC account

Short Answer: There is no way to remove funds on your funds in your CIBC account, you can only prevent it from happening. 

You probably cannot do anything about hold in most cases, but they will definitely inform you why they did it. If they are taking longer than a certain period of hold generally 7 days maximum, you can report the bank or file a complaint against them.

You can absolutely contact the customer support of the bank and plead with your side of the argument. But the hold on your account will not be removed until the review of all the necessary information is done. You can ask them why the hold has been placed and how long it will take for you to access your money.

If you have a good history and no overdraft or bounced check your hold will probably be removed faster. You can request them to process your deposit faster if you have a good or spot-free rapport with the bank.

Here are a few methods to prevent a hold on your funds in the future.

Method 1: Use direct deposits

Direct deposits as you must probably know are electronic payments. If your employer gives you checks to deposit, you can inform and talk to them about the insanely long hold on the funds. You can convince them to do a wire transfer or ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments which are faster and the money will be in your account as soon as it is sent.

Method 2: Use a secondary account

It is better to have a secondary account that you don’t use frequently, for depositing your money. That way your daily purchases or expenses will not be hindered by a temporary hold on your funds. Make sure the money in your essential account is not locked.

Method 3: Do an In-person deposit

If you have received some money or a check and want to add it to your account, go to the nearest bank. There you can give the money to the teller and add it to your account. Money will appear in your account on the same business day. This is a faster method than going to an ATM for a deposit.

How long will your funds be on hold in your CIBC account

Short Answer: It depends on the account and the money in question, but generally it takes 4-7 days. The release date of the money will be mentioned on the receipt that informed you of the money being held. 

If your amount is particularly less say in hundreds of dollars, you will get the amount in one business day. And as mentioned any amount more than $5000, will take at least 5-7 days to get cleared and credited into your account.

Again, it depends on the amount being deposited and how it was deposited. Faster if it is a direct deposit and slower if it is an ATM deposit.


Q1. How should you deposit a large amount without it being held for too long?

A direct deposit or an in-person deposit is the way to go. 

If you want the deposited money in your account as soon as possible, you should inform the payer to send a wire transfer. Or you can take a check directly to the bank and deposit it with the teller. This is sure to speed up your process. Your money will be available to you in or maybe even less than 24 hours.

Q2. Why did you get only some of the deposit into your available balance?

Sometimes for larger deposits, a little bit of the amount will be released and the other part will be released later. 

The actual balance shows you the full deposit amount but the available balance will be credited with a part of it in the beginning. And the remaining will be credited to your account after the review is done and the hold is lifted.

There are two types of balances available and actual. The actual balance shows the money that should be credited to your account too. And available balance shows you the money that you can use right out of the gate.

Q3. How will you know that a hold has been placed?

On the receipt of the deposit, you will be given information about the hold.

As soon as you make a deposit, you will receive a receipt giving you the information for the hold and the release date of your funds. If you think they are placing a hold on your account unnecessarily you can contact them and ask them to remove the hold.

Q4. Can you waive off holds from your account?

After a period of 6 months with the bank, you can request a waiver. 

When you build up a good relationship with your bank and they trust or rely on your deposits and money, they will remove holds from your account. Isn’t that the dream? They will not give anyone this opportunity. So, you should have a very good standing with the bank.

Final words

This article provides you with all the necessary information on why the holds are present and the reasons for it. Also, the details for how to remove, prevent, and the time they are held are also clearly mentioned. Furthermore, a good number of frequently answered questions have also been given to enlighten you on the topic a little bit more.

I hope this article has given you the answer you were looking for. That is all folks!

Don’t have a good day, have a great day!

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