How to Close Netspend Account & Cancel Netspend Card

Are you a Netspend user?

Are you someone looking for a guide to close Netspend account?

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Here, we will provide you with a guide on how to close Netspend account.

Things to consider before you proceed

Before you even proceed to cancel your Netspend account and delete it, there are things that you must consider. It is more of a prerequisite list.

You need to be very sure to check all of them before cancelling your Netspend account to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

We are going to discuss some points below.


1. Check/ Cancel Pending Payments

First of all, you should see if there is no payment having a pending status on your Netspend account. Pending payment simply means that you have initiated the payment from your side, but the payment has not been received by the user on the other side.

Well, there are many reasons why a payment is pending. But, if you delete or cancel your Netspend account in between, you might not be able to complete the payments.

So, before deleting the account ensure that the user on the other hand gets the payment in their Netspend account. And in the case, where you are the receiver and waiting for a payment through Netspend, you must wait till you finally receive the payment.

Or you will have to create the Netspend account again and receive the payment on the Netspend account.

2. Cancel Recurring payment

Netspend is one of the popular payments apps offering multiple great features. Users can even set up recurring payments on Netspend which turns out to be very helpful and handy for those who need to make multiple payments regularly.

But, before you delete your Netspend account, you must cancel all recurring payments that you set up with Netspend earlier. This is required as you will have to set up recurring payments with a new payment platform.

Again, this has to be done in order to avoid any kind of inconvenience after you delete the account. This is because the account deletion procedure might take some time.

3. Transfer Funds from Netspend account

Netspend also allows its users to hold funds on their platform as well. This is very required if one wants to use Netspend card. The Visa-powered Netspend debit card uses the available balance in Netspend account to make payments.

And before you cancel your Netspend account, you will have to move the funds to your Netspend account. There are many ways to do it, by using an ATM and by check.

If you need a quick guide on how to transfer funds from your Netspend account, you can check out the second part of this post for more details on the same.

4. Unlink Bank Accounts/ Debit Card

After making sure that you do not have any kind of payment pending on Netspend, you can proceed with next step.

A bank account or a debit card is needed if you want to have funds in your Netspend account and spend that money anywhere else. That’s why, you might have added a bank account or associated debit card in your Netspend account.

Before deleting your Netspend account, you must unlink your bank account. Well, this might not be the very important part, but it should be done to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

5. Let your contacts know

Well, if you have considered all the steps provided above, you are good to go. You can now delete your Netspend account if you want.

But before you proceed with the deletion procedure, we highly suggest you to let your contacts on Netspend know that you will no longer be able to receive payments through Netspend now.

And that’s it, ladies and gentlemen.

We have now included everything that you must know before you proceed with the deletion procedure. Consider all these points to avoid any kind of problems and issues that you might counter.

How to close Netspend account

Now, after ensuring that you are not going to face any kind of issues, you can now proceed with the final steps of closing your Netspend account.

There are three ways of closing a Netspend account. We will be including all of them here. You can choose any way to close it.

1. Contact Netspend Support

To close Netspend account, you can directly call Netspend support team at 1-866-387-7363. This is the best and easiest way to close your account without much fuss.

Netspend lets its users call them to solve issues like closing accounts. But, this is also their last chance to convince the user to keep using the Netspend account and make payments. So, you can expect some questions asking for the reason for leaving Netspend and all.

So, if you are thinking of contacting Netspend directly to close the account, you must be ready to answer logically. Be sure to be patient and calm, and do not get carried away if you have had a bad experience with the Netspend services.

And if the support team helps you out with your problem, you might choose not to close your account. But, if there isn’t any other choice and you have made up your mind to leave Netspend, let them know you are not going to continue with Netspend.

2. Transfer Funds with Check

Well, calling the Netspend directly is not the only way to cancel Netspend account. If you are having any issues in calling the support team, you can use your Netspend app to request a check.

By requesting a check, you will be able to transfer all of your funds from Netspend account. And by transferring all of your funds from Netspend account, you will be able to cancel your account.

But, you must know that it is not a fast way to cancel your Netspend account. It is because it takes around three to four weeks for Netspend to send you a check.

The requesting a check option might not come as a surprise to you, as there is a fee to request a check from Netspend. According to an official statement, there is a $5.95 fee applied by Netspend against the remaining balance.

And if you have no issues in paying the fees, you can request the check on Netspend’s online account center.

3. With supporting ATM

If you withdraw all the funds in your Netspend account at ATM, you can cancel Netspend account. You just need to use your Netspend debit card in a supporting ATM.

Simply, visit the supporting ATM, insert the card and enter your PIN. Cash-out all the money in your Netspend card, and you will be good to go.

And before you proceed with the procedure, there are some details that you must know. The ATM cash withdrawal by a Netspend card is not free, you will be charged a fee of $2.50.

Well, there is an additional ATM transaction fee which varies from bank to bank. And you can be charged between $2 to $5.

How to cancel Netspend card

You can easily cancel your Netspend card by closing your account. This can be done by contacting the Netspend support team. Ask the team to close your Netspend card and simply follow their instructions.

You can proceed to cancel Netspend card yourself by cashing out all the funds from Netspend card account.

Final Words

Let us wrap this post here only.

We first talked about the things that one must consider before closing the Netspend account.

In the second part of this guide, we talked about the entire procedure to close Netspend account.

Hope, we were able to help you out. If you have any queries, do let us know in the comments section below.

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