How to Fix ‘You can’t use Facebook right now’ in FB

Have you encountered a ‘You can’t use Facebook right now’ message on Facebook recently?

Are you wondering what’s happening to your account and how to fix it?

Well, you are at the very right place if you are finding the answers. Here, we will be mentioning some details about what exactly the ‘You can’t use Facebook right now’ message means.

And you will get to know how to fix ‘You can’t use Facebook right now’ issue in 12 Easy Steps.

So, what are you waiting for? Let us dive right into the details? We will be starting with the first part.

Learn what exactly is ‘You can’t use Facebook right now’ issue on Facebook.

What does ‘You can’t use Facebook right now’ mean in FB?

There can be many reasons why the Facebook team has banned or disabled your account. According to Facebook, they disable accounts that do not follow community standards and guidelines.

These are nothing but the rules mentioned by Facebook to safeguard every user on Facebook from any kind of potential threat.

So, if you are using a fake name on Facebook, a fake id, then you will surely be banned on Facebook. And if you try to impersonate anyone else on Facebook, your account will be disabled.

Another reason for the account ban is continuously posting content that doesn’t follow Facebook community terms. This generally covers content related to fake newssexualitynudity.

One of the most common account bans takes place because of spammingharassmentirrelevant advertisement, and all.

Sometimes, the automated system of Facebook may disable an account mistakenly. But, bans like these are always triggered by third-party reporting. That means if a group of users reports your account, Facebook will consider it for disabling the account.

In Facebook, the message ‘You can’t use Facebook right now’ means that your account has been disabled on the grounds of violation of the Facebook community standards. Probably, you have been reported by several users.

Fix You can't use Facebook right now

But, ladies and gentlemen, the good thing is, you can fix things up.

You can appeal to Facebook to review the account ban. And if you are clean, you will be able to access your account in no time.

Here, we will be proceeding with a step-by-step guide. Using this, you will be able to appeal to Facebook for the account review.

How to Fix ‘You can’t use Facebook right now’

Well, if you are sure enough that Facebook has mistakenly disabled your account. Then it is time for you to get justice. And we will be helping you out in getting your account back.

So, as mentioned above, the ‘You can’t use Facebook right now’ means that some reports against your account might have triggered a message. If the reports do not make any sense, you will get your account back very easily.

You just need to contact Facebook for that. So, can you contact Facebook directly? Well, no, you cannot contact Facebook directly using an email or phone number.

The only way is by using the Facebook support contact.

You can visit the support page of Facebook to mention your issues. And hopefully, you will hear back from the tech giant to resolve your issue.

And guess what? We will be helping you out. Below, we will be mentioning the whole procedure in 12 easy steps.

You just need to follow all the steps mentioned below one by one.

Sounds easy, right?

  • STEP a1 – Visit Facebook Support Link

We have already mentioned in part one of the guide that the only way to solve this issue is by contacting Facebook. We can’t directly contact Facebook. The only way is by using the Facebook support pages. So, simply open the web browser on your device and search for Facebook Account Report.

You can proceed with the steps mentioned below using any device, be it mobile or PC.

  • STEP a2 – Select Report a Login Issue page

You will get the Facebook page links on the top of the results. Here, you need to click the ‘Report a Login Issue’ page link. In case, you cannot find the link to the page. You can visit the link mentioned here. VISIT NOW

Fix 'We can't review decision to disable your account' on Facebook

  • STEP a3 – Submit personal details

Well, the link mentioned above will redirect you to the ‘Report a Login Issue’ support page. Well, here you just need to mention the details asked. Also, it is not necessary to add the same email id you used to create your Facebook profile. You can use any active email account.

Fix You can't use Facebook right now

  • STEP a4 – Submit description

Start with entering your email id in the first given box. And then, the important part, mention the description of the issue you are facing on Facebook. Make sure to mention the error phrase ‘You can’t use Facebook right now.’ 

Fix You can't use Facebook right now


  • STEP a5 – Attach supporting screenshot

Facebook also allows you to add screenshots related to the same issue. If you do not have one, try taking the screenshot first. When you have to screenshot on the same device, tap/ click on the Choose Files option.

This is not mandatory at all but will definitely help the support team of Facebook to understand the issue better.

Fix You can't use Facebook right now

And you are done.

After adding the screenshot of the issue, you just need to click on the Send’ button to continue.

This will send a report about the issue you are facing to the Facebook support team.

Well, the report to the Support team would be enough. But, we will suggest you submit your personal id verification as well where you will have to submit a soft copy of your id.

Using which Facebook will verify if the name and other personal details mentioned in your Facebook account are genuine or not.

The procedure of id verification is simple. You just need to add some details and attach an image for the verification. Simply follow the step-by-step guide mentioned below to proceed.

  • STEP b1 – Visit FB Support page

To start with the procedure. Open the link mentioned below on your device. You can use any device for the procedure. It can be a mobile device or a PC. VISIT NOW

  • STEP b2 – Submit login email address or phone number

On clicking on the link, you will be directed to a new FB Support page. Where you can report an issue related to your account ban by Facebook, start by adding the login email address or phone number.

Here, make sure to add the same email id you used to create your account. The same goes for the phone number.

Fix You can't use Facebook right now

  • STEP b3 – Enter official full name

After login email address, add your full name. Use the same name mentioned in your Facebook account. And if you have used a different name from your original name. You must not proceed with this procedure as your account has been banned for being fake.

  • STEP b4 – Choose ID from Group 1

Now comes the most important part. You need to attach an image of your id. Well, of course, you cannot add any id. Facebook allows only a few types of IDs that can be submitted. The first category is the Group 1 ids, where you can submit any one of the mentioned ids.

Fix You can't use Facebook right now

  • STEP b5 – Choose ID from Group 2

Then there is Group 2 of the ids, different options to select from. But, here, you need to choose two different ids from the list mentioned below.

Fix You can't use Facebook right now

  • STEP b6 – Attach scanned images

Select the id from the list. Click pictures of them using your smartphone. And finally, click on the Choose Files button mentioned on the same page and then upload the images.

Fix You can't use Facebook right now

  • STEP b7 – Select ‘Send’ when done

When done, click on the Send button to submit your report. Make sure to check the details entered once before clicking the Send button.

And you are done here. You have finally submitted both of the reports for id verification as well as account report.

Now, sit back and relax. The Facebook support team will contact you after completing verification on their end.

How long will Facebook take to review my account?

Proceeding to the most asked question of all time.

After submitting the report, the Facebook support team will manually verify your identity with the official sources. Mostly, these are government websites that confirm that id is genuine and exists.

Actually, it can’t be said for sure. Facebook can take anything from 1-2 days to months to review your account. It depends on the type of report you have submitted. ID verification reports generally take longer, as the team has to verify the identity of an individual manually.

How long is going to take to get my Facebook account back?

After you submit the report, you will have to wait for the Facebook Support team to contact you. And if you are wondering, let us tell you that you will be contacted using the email id you mentioned in the account disability report.

And as soon as you get the mail from the support team, you can get your Facebook account right away; just follow the instructions mentioned in the mail.

As we mentioned above. Facebook usually takes a couple of days to respond back. But, sometimes, users reported that it took around a month to get the verification process done.

Well, if you are, sure enough, you have not done any activity like spamming of links, and you are not using any fake account, you must wait to hear back from the support.

Make sure to check the first of this guide to know more about the reasons for the account ban on Facebook.

Final Words

Allow us to wrap up the guide now.

Here, in the first part of the guide, you learned the meaning of the ‘You can’t use Facebook right now’ message in Facebook and the reason for its appearance.

In the second part, you learned how to fix ‘You can’t use Facebook right now’ with just 12 easy steps.

And lastly, we told you to sit back and relax if you haven’t done anything wrong. You will get your account very soon.

Trust the process and trust the Facebook team.

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