Fix: Unfortunately we are unable to approve your order (Afterpay)

Are you having problems with request approvals in Afterpay?

Are you getting ‘Unfortunately we are unable to approve your order’ error in Afterpay?

Well, if you are having these problems and looking for answers, you have reached the right web page.

As in this post, we will discuss all the possible reasons which might be causing problems with your Afterpay approvals.

And along with the reasons, you will find some ways to fix the issues.

So, if you are ready, let us dive right into the details.

What does ‘Unfortunately we are unable to approve your order’ in Afterpay?

‘Unfortunately we are unable to approve your order’ means that Afterpay won’t let the user enjoy the pay-in-4 services because of the lower trustworthiness of the account.

Afterpay is an excellent platform for someone who needs a cash flow for buying goods. And the best thing is the user can pay back the amount in easy installments. Afterpay doesn’t charge any kind of interest on the borrowed amount.

But, sometimes, users report that they are getting ‘Unfortunately we are unable to approve your order’ in Afterpay. It would be wrong if we say there is nothing to worry about. As an Afterpay user, you need to maintain the trustworthiness of your account while keeping other things in mind.

Fret not; here in this post, we will be providing you with a guide to fix issues with Afterpay services.

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Fix: Unfortunately we are unable to approve your order (Afterpay)

1. Do not buy an expensive item

Well, it’s easy to buy items using Afterpay. But, sometimes, you might not get approval for the purchase because you are trying to buy an expensive item from Afterpay.

According to the official statement by Afterpay, no credit check is done to approve the purchase request of the user. Approvals are given based on the account history and trust factor.

And if you have just started using the platform, you might see the ‘Unfortunately we are unable to approve your order’ in Afterpay. It is because you are demanding to borrow more than the allowed amount.

The simple fix will be to limit your purchase request to around $50 if you have just started using Afterpay.

2. Add funds to payment method

As we mentioned previously, Afterpay works on the trust factor built between the user and company. If you are someone who has a good account standing, the chances of you getting the approval for purchase requests will be more.

Afterpay has got different parameters to check the trust meter. And one of them is the availability of funds in the registered payment method.

Sometimes, buy-now-pay-later services like Afterpay come in handy if the users don’t want to use the funds from their bank account, even after having sufficient funds. Cashing out the bank account just doesn’t feel right!

But, if you are one of those who doesn’t have any funds in the bank account and still try to borrow money from Afterpay, we have bad news for you. The chances of getting the approval will be low for you. Especially you are a new user.

Afterpay wants users to have their payment method funded equivalent to the first installment of the purchase request.

And the solution is simple. Add the amount equal to the first installment, which is around 25% to 50%, to your registered payment method.

3. Complete or close active requests

Afterpay lets you request multiple purchase requests as well. This simply means you can buy more than one product from different supporting online stores using Afterpay.

But, sometimes, multiple purchase requests can be the reason why you are getting ‘Unfortunately we are unable to approve your order’ error on Afterpay.

There are no specific limitations of the number of active requests, but if you are a new user, we will suggest not to keep more than 3 active requests.

And if it is urgent to request a new purchase, you must complete payment for the active requests first. If you cannot complete the payment, you should look for the option to cancel it.

4. Complete pending installments

One of the many common reasons why Afterpay is not approving your purchase requests is because you have not paid your installments yet.

As you already know, Afterpay lets the user pay back the borrowed amount in four installments. But what if you do not pay the installment?

Well, you will be charged an extra fine, and you will not be given any approval for your requests for obvious reasons. Afterpay finds it risky to lend money to users with pending installments.

The only way out of this situation is by paying all the amount and installments left on your account. This doesn’t ensure getting the approval for your next request but will surely increase chances.

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5. Verify your Afterpay account

Like any other payment platform out there, Afterpay also asks its users to get their verification done. This not only helps Afterpay build trust and relationships but also helps the users to get extra benefits.

If you are a new user on Afterpay platform, you must get your account verified to increase the chances of getting the purchase request approval.

If you are not getting approval even for small purchases, make sure to check your verification status. Simply go to the “My Account” and check the “Profile Verification” status.

You can provide the required information and get verified on Afterpay, and enjoy the benefits.

6. Maintain Afterpay account in good standing

As we have been continuously mentioning in this post, you need to build trust to get the best out of Afterpay services. And if you are not maintaining normal payment behavior on Afterpay, you will lose their trust and possibly chances of getting the approval for purchase requests.

The only way to build trust is by maintaining the account and keeping it in good standing.

So, what exactly does that mean?

Well, you can maintain your account by making payments as scheduled. On purchasing with Afterpay, you will be given the schedule to pay the installments. Pay on time, and you will be good to go.

Sometimes, if you cannot pay on time, Afterpay will charge you a fee. The late payment will affect the trust factor a little, but nothing too much to worry about.

7. Use Afterpay Alternatives

In this post, we have included almost all the possible ways to fix ‘Unfortunately we are unable to approve your order’ in Afterpay. But, if you are still encountering the same problem, we will suggest you try alternatives of Afterpay.

There is a number of BNPL (buy now, pay later) platforms like Afterpay where you can borrow money to make a purchase.

Afterpay Alternatives:

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Why isn’t Afterpay accepting my order

Afterpay isn’t accepting your order because you may have a payment pending, you are not verified on Afterpay, and there could be a case that you are blocked by Afterpay for irresponsible financial behavior.

Final Words

And that’s all, ladies and gentlemen.

Here, in this post, we have mentioned almost all possible reasons why you are not getting approvals for your orders in Afterpay.

And along with the list of reasons, you can find the possible ways to fix ‘Unfortunately we are unable to approve your order’ in Afterpay.