Fix: Klarna says my billing address is wrong

In its capacity as a payment service provider, Klarna makes available a variety of payment options, the most well-known of which is known as Pay Later.

When attempting to make an online purchase, though, you can run into problems just as you would with any other payment app.

For instance, if the billing address you provide doesn’t match the one that’s associated with your account, you might get an error message.

Is your billing address not getting accepted by Klarna?

If so, you have stumbled upon the correct page.

In this post, we’ve explored the main causes of this problem and the best ways to fix them.

What is Klarna billing address

Klarna billing address is the one that you submit on the payment platform when you are either registering for an account or logging into an existing account.

An address that is linked to your credit or debit card account is referred to as the “billing address.” For instance, if you register for a credit card online, the address you provide during the application process will be used as your billing address.

The billing address for Klarna appears identical to a street address. The street number and name come first, then it lists the city, state, and finally the ZIP code.

Your billing address will also contain the particular apartment or unit number where you now reside.

Why is Klarna saying my address is wrong

Klarna says your billing address is wrong or not working because you may not have entered the correct billing address that is associated with the linked bank account. This issue may also be caused due to a lack of internet access, an outdated app or if the credit reporting agencies have not updated your address in their database. 

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Before you submit your payment information, you should carefully review and verify your billing address.

Make sure your internet connection is strong enough to prevent this problem from occurring.

It’s also possible that an outdated app is to blame for this problem. To prevent running into this problem, make sure your app is up-to-date.

Many consumers have complained about this problem because credit reporting bureaus have not updated their databases with the correct address information.

How to fix Klarna billing address not working

Your internet connection’s reliability should be checked first before moving on to the next phase of the troubleshooting.

Klarna may not be working for you if the app has problems loading the page because of a poor internet connection.

Klarna may also reject the billing address due to the same.

Method 1: Examine the name or address for misspellings.

Klarna uses your billing address to determine whether or not you are eligible to make a payment.

It is critical that the billing address you provide corresponds to the one on file with your bank.

Verify that the name and address you supplied include no typos or misspellings, and that the credit card number you are providing is accurate.

You may contact your credit card company or bank to confirm the spelling of your address and name on your account if required.

Your apartment or flat number should be entered correctly if you have a second row in your address.

Method 2: If you have a middle name, include it.

You have to request that Klarna add your middle name to your account with them so that they can properly identify you.

It is probable that your bank account and voter registration contain your middle name, thus if Klarna is not functioning for you, it is likely because they do not have your middle name.

Once they have updated your account to incorporate your middle name, Klarna will become operational.

Your Klarna customer service representative may assist you with this by requesting some kind of ID or driving license documentation in order to verify your identification.

Method 3: Request that Klarna display your prior address or contact Experian.

There are situations when Klarna will not accept the new billing address even after you’ve updated your address with your bank or credit card issuer.

This might be due to the fact that the credit reporting agency Experian has not yet updated its database with the new address.

There are two options for dealing with this.

It is possible to re-enter your old address information or to modify your Klarna account information to reflect your prior address information.

You’ll be able to log in without a problem this way, and your package will be delivered exclusively to your new address that you provided during the purchase.

Another option is to contact Experian and request that they change your address in their database.

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Method 4: Update the app to the most recent version.

Most likely, you’re experiencing this problem because your app is out-of-date.

Bug fixes and security enhancements are both facilitated by regular app upgrades.

To prevent this problem, make sure your program is updated to the newest version.

In order to accomplish this, you may open the Google Play Store or App store and look for updates.

Method 5: Klarna server error

It’s not uncommon for Klarna to have technical issues connecting to their servers.

Try refreshing the app or website or wait for the server to get back up if Klarna is rejecting your billing address or if the payment page doesn’t load.

Many technological issues may be resolved with a simple refresh.

Method 6: Get in touch with Klarna Support.

If none of the aforementioned methods resolve your issue, you may always contact Klarna’s customer service team for assistance.

For this, you may fill out the form on their official website, call them at 0808 189 3333, or use their live chat feature to communicate directly with them.


1. Why am I being rejected for Klarna?

Too many purchases made in a short period of time may lead to denial (fraud prevention).

Rather than relying exclusively on a person’s credit score to make an acceptance decision, the bank considers a variety of internal factors, including the borrower’s historical payment history.

2. How can I make sure my Klarna address is correct? 

To change the billing or delivery address for a purchase, open the “Orders” app and find the order in question.

It will be changed in the system after Klarna has checked and authorized the new address. You’ll get an error notice if the address isn’t allowed.

Final Words

Recent years have seen an increase in the use of BNPL services like Klarna’s.

Younger consumers are more inclined to purchase on credit because of the convenience that these services provide, therefore they tend to favor them.

Some faults in the app may be caused by mistakes on your part or problems with the app itself.

That being said, we hope we were able to help you resolve the billing address not working issue.

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