[Fix] Why is my Affirm virtual card not working

Customers can use Affirm to buy items and services from online vendors in return for a loan, which is paid back in equal monthly instalments.

A virtual Visa card may be used to pay back a loan if you’ve been authorized for one in the app or on Affirm.com.

It’s supposed to be used once, either online or in-store, at a retailer of your choosing.

If you don’t use a virtual card within 24 hours of receiving it, you won’t be charged for using it.

If you decide to cancel the card before it expires, you won’t be responsible for any fees. Even if you just utilize a percentage of the cash, that’s acceptable too.

Your debt is limited to the amount you spent, plus any interest that may have accumulated.

Why is my Affirm virtual card not working

Short Answer: Your Affirm virtual card is not working either because it has expired, the merchant doesn’t accept Visa, you are buying an unapproved item or you are trying to make a transaction in a country where Affirm is not accepted. This issue may also occur if you submit incorrect card information or have insufficient funds.

Affirm virtual card

Ensure that the virtual card number, expiry date and CVV have been input properly in order to complete the transaction on the merchant’s website.

In order to avoid having your purchases rejected at checkout, it is vital to keep an eye on the balance of your virtual card.

The Affirm virtual card may only be used once and is only valid for the next 24 hours from the moment it has been issued.

As a result, if you attempt to utilize the virtual card after it has expired, it will clearly not work at checkout.

You won’t be able to complete your purchase if the merchant doesn’t accept Visa cards as a valid payment method.

Currently, the Affirm Visa virtual card is valid in the United States, as well as in select areas of Australia.

It is your responsibility to check that your credit card has the necessary authorization before using it for any transactions that take place outside of the United States.

Affirm will not allow you to use their loans to acquire products that are not authorized or approved by them.

Fix: Affirm virtual card is not working

Since we have figured out the various reasons why Affirm virtual card is not working, let’s go through the various workarounds and troubleshooting techniques to solve the same.

Method 1: Enter the correct card details

If your Affirm virtual card isn’t functioning, check to make sure the proper card information was input at checkout.

The 16-digit card number, the expiration date, and the CVV are all included in the card information.

In many cases, customers make a mistake while entering their credit card information at the moment of checkout, resulting in a declined transaction.

As a result, you must be attentive while entering your credit card information during checkout.

Method 2: Purchase amount should not exceed your credit balance

If your card’s credit limit has been reached or you don’t have enough money to cover the purchase, the transaction will be declined by the merchant.

All credit card holders have a predetermined credit limit. The credit limit is determined based on the user’s credit history, as well as other variables.

Affirm’s virtual card also includes a credit limit that should not be exceeded while making purchases.

Prior to making a payment, check to see whether you have enough money on your card for the transaction.

Method 3: Make sure you card hasn’t expired

Once issued, the Affirm virtual card may only be used once and is only active for 24 hours.

In the event that you try to use the virtual card after its validity period has expired, it will not operate.

The cards are designed so that they may be used as a kind of security.

The user should check to see whether their Virtual Card is still active before making payments or request for a new one if the previous card has expired.

Method 4: Check if the merchant accepts Visa

Affirm Virtual card

If the merchant does not accept Visa cards as a form of payment, you will not be able to finish your transaction.

The Affirm Visa virtual card is now accepted at most establishments that take Visa in the United States, as well as across certain regions of Australia.

For purchases outside of the United States, you must ensure that your credit card has the required permission.

Method 5: Refrain from buying items unapproved by Affirm

Affirm’s Terms of Service prohibit you from using your virtual card at any merchant selling goods or services that include:

  • Unlawful items and activities

  • All kinds of weapons, from guns and ammo to specific components or accessories of firearms and knives, that are restricted by applicable legislation.

  • Narcotics and narcotics-related items

  • Cryptocurrency and other forms of currency

  • Transferring money with services like PayPal, Venmo, and others

  • Advances in cash

  • Payments on loans and credit cards

  • Other products or services that Affirm or its Bank Partners find inappropriate


1. Does Affirm have an impact on your credit score?

Customers may use Affirm to get the products they wish to purchase without racking up a mountain of debt.

A “soft pull” of applicants’ credit histories is all that Affirm typically performs, and this has no effect on their ratings.

2. Is it possible to pay off Affirm in full before the due date?

Yes, you can simply make an early payment without incurring any fees or penalties.

It’s also possible to avoid any interest that hasn’t yet accrued.

Final Words

Affirm, a publicly traded financial technology company, has its own 24-hour-expiring virtual Visa card that is valid in most places that accept Visa.

However, a large number of people have claimed that their virtual card has been declined or does not function.

To make things easier for you, we’ve laid down the various reasons and workarounds for this problem.

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