Does Sheetz take Google Pay (Step Guide)

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Does Sheetz take Google Pay

Yes, Sheetz takes Google Pay as a payment method for services at both the stores and the pump. Users are just required to set up their Google Pay in a NFC-enabled smartphone, and they will be able to pay at Sheetz.

Sheetz is one of the most known convenience stores offering services like custom food, beverages, and other products at hundreds and thousands of stores across the United States. The best part is the 24×7 service which lets users buy products at any time.

Regular Sheetz customers can even link their Sheetz Fleet Business Advantage card to Google Pay and use it at any Sheetz location for more availing different offers and discounts. And if you do not have a Sheetz branded card, you can even choose to add your credit or debit card. Google Pay supports different cards for payment.

Sheetz Fleet Business Advantage card

Google Pay is very easy to use. And if you have added your Sheetz card or any other card and have decided to pay using its NFC feature, you will also need to know some transaction limits. Sheetz alone doesn’t apply any kind of loan, and these limits are applied by Google Pay.

And as a major payment processor platform, Google Pay has the responsibility to check any kind of money laundering.

Thus putting a limit on the transaction made, Google Pay controls the amount of money that can be legally transferred.
You can check out the transaction limits applied by Google for its platform Google Pay.

  1. Maximum daily limit for transactions – 15
  2. Maximum limit for one single transaction – $2,000
  3. Maximum daily limit for transactions (15 combined) – $2,500

Does Sheetz accept Google Pay at the pump

Yes, Sheetz accepts Google Pay at the pump and store. You just need to have Google Pay logged in on your NFC-enabled mobile device.

In the next part of this post, we will be including a step-by-step on how you can pay at Sheetz with a Google Pay wallet.

If you are a new Google Pay user and need assistance with the whole procedure, make sure to check the next part of this post.

How to pay at Sheetz with Google Pay

Now that you know that Sheetz accepts Google Pay and offers tap-and-pay services for buying any products and services at the store.

Let’s see the detailed guide on how you can pay at Sheetz with Google Pay.

We will be starting with the basic step, and in case you have already been using Google Pay and already linked your card for the payment method in Google Pay, you can start from Step #5.

Step 1 – Open Google Pay

The very first step for our step-by-step guide would be to open Google Pay on your Android or iOS mobile device.

If you are a new user or do not have the app installed on your device, simply go to the respective app store and download the Google Pay app.

Updating the mobile is always considered a great decision. Before you can proceed, make sure you have the latest version of the Google Pay app. Go to the respective app store and find the Update button.

Step 2 – Add your prescribed card

Google Pay comes as a savior for those who forgot or do not carry their debit/ credit cards with them. The users can easily add and link their prescribed cards to Google Pay account. And next time, without requiring a physical card, users can pay with the help of Google Pay’s Tap-to-Pay feature.

If you are new to Google Pay, you will be required to add a card to your Google Pay account before you can make a transaction. To add a new card, search for the ‘Add new card’ option. Google Pay supports all major credit and debit cards powered by Mastercard, Visa, and more.

Step 3 – Add card details

After you are ready to add a new card to your Google Pay account, you will be asked to enter your related card details. You will be asked card number, expiry date, CVV, and other required details.

Verify the card details once before you submit the card details.

Step 4 – Complete card verification

After you submit your card details with Google Pay, a verification procedure will occur. This verification ensures that the card added is legit and can be used to make transactions.

The details are verified with the card issuers or the bank. You will be notified if Google has verified your card. This verification procedure also confirms that the card has been added to Google Pay.

Step 5 – Pay at Sheetz store

After receiving the verification notification, you will be all set to use your card at the Sheetz store or the pump.

To pay with your card at Sheetz through Google Pay, you will have to use the Tap-and-Pay transaction procedure. The owner must have an NFC-enabled mobile device which is an electronic chip that sends data to the cashier’s payment terminal without making actual contact. It is as easy as that.

The user will have to make sure that their mobile device has a NFC chip which is necessary to support the Google Pay tap-and-pay feature. All the latest Android smartphones, from mid-range to flagship series, sport NFC feature.

All the iPhones released after iPhone 5 series sport NFC payments, so you do not have to worry about it.

Check if the NFC feature is enabled on your mobile device. The NFC toggle is generally found in the notification section.

Step 6 – Enter password or Face ID

While creating a Google Pay account, users are also asked to set up a PIN to secure their app and any transactions. So, whenever a user makes a transaction with the Google Pay app, they will be asked for the PIN before making the transaction.

If you have a device sporting fingerprint or Face ID security, you can use that too rather than entering a PIN every time.

And that’s pretty much it, ladies and gentlemen. That’s exactly how you can pay at Sheetz with Google Pay.


1. Does Sheetz accept Google Pay?

Yes, Sheetz accepts Google Pay as payment method. Google Pay user can add their debit/ credit card and make contactless transactions at tap-to-pay terminals at Sheetz stores and gas pumps.

Final Words

And pretty much all about, guys.

Here, you first got to know if Google Pay works with Sheetz. And later in this post, we provided a guide to use Google Pay with Sheetz.

The steps involved are easy to implement, but if you need any kind of assistance, feel free to reach out to us for any doubt.

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