Can you have Multiple Ticketmaster Accounts

Curious about the possibility of having multiple accounts?

Wondering if you can link them to the same phone number?

If you’re anything like me and are always looking for the best tickets and exclusive discounts, these are some of the questions that you might need answers to.

Well, fret not. I am here to clarify your doubts through this article by addressing whether it’s possible to sign up for more than one Ticketmaster account and if you can use the same phone number for several accounts. So, keep reading!

Can you have multiple Ticketmaster accounts?

Short Answer: Yes, you can absolutely have multiple Ticketmaster accounts, which is fantastic when you’re as passionate about events as I am.

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But here’s the thing: if you utilize a single email address for all your Ticketmaster accounts, you’ll essentially merge them into one account. Use a separate email address for each account to keep things clear and avoid confusion. Ticketmaster is quite good at recognizing identical emails, so the distinction is essential.

With that out of the way, it is okay to use the same name and address for many accounts. But here’s a tip: if you use a lot of the same information, those accounts could get linked and sharing of accounts is not allowed on Ticketmaster. So, to keep everything running smoothly, I recommend using distinct email addresses for each account.

And speaking of payment, I found out that you can use the same credit card on multiple accounts, which is great if you’re planning to grab tickets for different events.

Keep in mind that there will be no change to the maximum number of tickets per user. If you have a single credit card associated with both of your accounts, the maximum number of tickets you can purchase is 4 and not any more.

While having multiple accounts might seem quite exciting, Ticketmaster does advise against having a lot of identical ones. When it comes to finding duplicates of personal information like names, addresses, and credit card numbers, their computers are quite adept at detecting them.

So, I’d recommend sticking to a minimum (2-3 accounts at the most) to avoid any potential issues with the platform.

Can you have two Ticketmaster accounts with the same phone number?

Yes, you can absolutely have two Ticketmaster accounts linked to the same phone number.

The great thing about this is that you won’t have to worry about your purchase history or stored payment methods being shared across accounts since you’ll have unique credentials for each one.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Having two Ticketmaster accounts can be a smart move. In my opinion, maintaining an additional account is beneficial as it lets you get your hands on the promotions reserved for new clients.

And it’s not just that. There is a maximum number of tickets for each event that can be purchased through an individual’s Ticketmaster account. But if you use two separate credit cards for two different accounts, you can purchase twice as many tickets. This can be a game-changer when it comes to getting those sought-after tickets.

But before you leap in, remember to play by the rules. Having two accounts is acceptable but there are a few guidelines to follow. Stay within the ticket limit set for the event and refrain from creating the same login details for multiple accounts.

Lastly, remember that it is against the regulations to resale tickets for a profit. I would recommend checking out this article for more info regarding this scenario – Can You Resell Tickets On Ticketmaster For A Higher Price?

As long as you’re using your accounts reasonably and responsibly, having two Ticketmaster accounts under the same phone number shouldn’t cause any trouble.



1. How many Ticketmaster accounts can one person have?

Ticketmaster doesn’t set a hard-and-fast limit on how many accounts you can have, which leaves the door open for a bit of flexibility. However, as someone who’s been down this road, I’d recommend going for max 2 to 3 accounts.

Once you go beyond this range, Ticketmaster might start raising an eyebrow at the surplus accounts, which could lead to some unwanted attention. For most of us regular ticket buyers, having 2 to 3 accounts should do the trick.

Final Words

In conclusion, managing multiple Ticketmaster accounts and using the same phone number can be a ticket-buying game-changer. It gives you more options to score great seats and exclusive deals.

Just remember to stay within reasonable limits, follow Ticketmaster’s guidelines, and keep your accounts separate. With these tricks up your sleeve, you’re all set to enjoy unforgettable live events without a hitch.