Why are my Ticketmaster Tickets not Available Yet

Are you upset that your Ticketmaster tickets are not available?

Are you worried about missing out on something exciting?

Can you make it to the event at all?

This is a common problem for anyone using the Ticketmaster app or website to obtain their tickets. Having to wait around for tickets because of these uncertainties may be quite frustrating. Getting an error message that says ‘Pardon the Interruption’ when you try to purchase concert tickets on Ticketmaster might be frustrating as well.

However, fear not! This post will provide you with important insights and ideas for resolving the issue.

Why are my Ticketmaster tickets not available yet?

Short Answer: Your Ticketmaster tickets are not yet available for one of the following reasons: you are signed into the incorrect account; the tickets you ordered from our partner sites have not yet been claimed; the tickets you ordered are mobile-only; the network is down; the app is out of date; there are technical difficulties; or the delivery has been delayed.

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1. Logged into the wrong account

Several followers use the same email address for several internet profiles. It’s possible that the Ticketmaster ticket won’t be accessible unless you’re signed in to the account from which you originally bought it. If you have several accounts saved in your browser or app, double-check that you are logging into the correct one.

2. Unclaimed tickets bought via partner sites

In order to streamline the process of buying tickets, Ticketmaster has formed partnerships with services like Facebook, Bandsintown, Goldstar, etc. Tickets bought via their partners must be claimed through the partner’s website first.

The tickets will not appear in the Ticketmaster app until you have claimed them. After you’ve gotten your hands on the ticket, My Account is where you’ll be able to access and manage it.

3. Mobile-only tickets

Ticketmaster tickets that can only be accessed through mobile devices will not appear on the main website. Please note that if you have bought mobile tickets or are attending a mobile-only event, you will need access to a cell phone.

4. Network issues

There might be problems with the Ticketmaster server causing the trouble you’re experiencing. There may be a problem with the server if there is a lot of usage. It’s suggested that you give it some time; chances are, the problem will resolve itself.

Your shaky internet connection might also be responsible for this problem. If your internet connection is unreliable, you may not be able to verify ticket availability in time. The good news is that this is easily remedied.

You just need to ensure that your WiFi is operational. If it doesn’t work, try resetting the router. The next step is to try using cellular data instead of WiFi, and vice versa.

5. Technical difficulties

There may be times when tickets aren’t immediately available due to technical difficulties. Possible causes include difficulties processing payments via the Ticketmaster system or website, or unexpected technical difficulties.

When this happens, Ticketmaster does all it can to fix the problem and make the tickets accessible as soon as feasible. You can either wait for the problem to be resolved or contact their support for additional help.

6. Outdated App

One potential cause for your tickets not appearing on Ticketmaster is that you are using an old version of the app. Ticketmaster may sometimes update its app with new features, bug fixes, and a streamlined interface.

There is a chance that the newest updates to the ticketing system will not be compatible with your app version. In such a circumstance, updating to the most recent version of the program from your device’s app store is strongly suggested. That way, you may see your tickets and use all the available services.

7. Delivery delay

A delivery delay is another potential cause of tickets being unavailable on Ticketmaster. In these cases, Ticketmaster will notify consumers using the contact information they supplied when buying tickets if there will be any delays.

In the case of a delivery delay, fans should check back frequently with Ticketmaster and the event’s organizers for information on the new expected delivery date. They’ll send you an email as soon as the tickets are available on the Ticketmaster app.

How long does it take for tickets to show up on the Ticketmaster app?

If you use the Ticketmaster app, you should be able to access your tickets two days before the event, generally. But the time it takes for tickets to appear on the Ticketmaster app might vary from event to event.

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Purchasing tickets from Ticketmaster should result in their printing within a week, with delivery occurring within no more than a week following printing. Tickets purchased over a week in advance will be sent to the purchaser’s account no later than five days prior to the event.

Furthermore, the tickets may not be available until two days before the show. In case the ticket is still unavailable 2 days prior to the event, you are advised to get in contact with Support so that they can provide additional assistance.


1. Why is my barcode not showing up on Ticketmaster?

Tickets may not have barcodes shown if there is a hold on delivery or if you are using a digital wallet to access the tickets.

2. Why are my resale tickets not showing up in the Ticketmaster app?

In certain cases, your profile could fail to show the order for the first 48 hours while it is being processed. This is typical, and after the procedure is finished, it will be included.

Final Words

You now have a better grasp of potential solutions, whether it be logging into the correct account, claiming tickets purchased from partner sites, understanding mobile-only ticket requirements, fixing network or technical issues, updating the Ticketmaster app, or dealing with delivery delays.

Keep in mind that Ticketmaster’s support service is your best option if you continue to have problems. Depending on your particular scenario, they may be able to provide additional guidance.