What to do if you Venmo the wrong person

Peer-to-peer payment applications make your life easier by helping you transfer money. That might be to your friends or family or at a store. So, even if you do not have cash in hand, you can pay people at any point in time.

Venmo is an application, that caters to all your payment needs. So, if you have sent money through Venmo to the wrong person, what to do? Can you get the money back if you do that? These questions will be answered here. Scroll down to read.

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What to do if you Venmo the wrong person?

Short Answer: The first thing to do if you made a Venmo payment to the wrong person, is to charge a request for the amount you sent. 

Once you send money through Venmo to a person, it will be sent to the recipient at that very instant. If that was not the person you intended to send, then you need to charge and request them to send the same amount back. It is better to include a footnote, telling them that the payment was a mistake. Once they feel that your intentions are true, they will send back the money. And all is well.

But what if they do not send you back the money? In this case, you need to contact Venmo Customer support and they will help you get your money back. In this link, you can submit a request and provide all the details required for them to help you out.

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Can I get my money back if I Venmo the wrong person?

Short Answer: Yes, in most cases you will get your money back if you Venmo the wrong person. But sometimes, the other person might not send the money back to you.

As I have previously mentioned, there are only two ways to get your money back on Venmo.

Method 1: Charge a request to the recipient

As soon as you have realized that you have made the mistake of sending your money to the wrong person, request money from them. Add a small note informing them that you have made a mistake and ask them to “please send the money back”. It’s not like you are asking for their money, you are asking what is rightfully yours. Hopefully, they will Venmo the money back to you.

If the request timed out, because they did not accept it, try sending the request again and contact them. Inform them that it is truly a mistake and not a scam.

Method 2: Contact Venmo customer service

If the recipient is not responding to your request, you need to take the high road. You need to contact Venmo’s customer service immediately. You need to provide all the details pertaining to the situation like,

  • Amount of money
  • Username, email, and phone number of the person you intended to pay
  • The username of the person you accidentally sent the money to
  • Date and time of payment

Once you send all these details, they will look at the transactions in their database and will revert the funds back from the recipient’s Venmo. This will be done if you have truly done a mistake. But, if they think you are scamming someone, your money will be lost and cannot be brought back.

Note – If you have sent the money to a non-existent Venmo user, then you can cancel the transaction to get your money back immediately. If this is the case, you will get your money back without any hassles.

Final Words

Sending an amount to a complete stranger is never what we intend to do. But sometimes we overlook some information and it might happen to anyone. So, we need to know what to do in these kinds of situations. You can either request the money back or you can contact Venmo’s customer service and they will get you out of this problem.

So, that is all folks!

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