(8 Step) Fix: Venmo “There was an issue with your payment” in 2023

Are you someone having issues making payments on Venmo?

Are you someone getting “There was an issue with your payment” in Venmo?

Well, if you have been scratching your head and finding answers to the questions mentioned above, you are on the right web page.

Here, go through our massive guide where we will mention the reasons for the occurrence of the error in Venmo, along with a detailed guide to fix it.

What does Venmo “There was an issue with your payment” mean?

Venmo is a US-based mobile payment platform that has been created by the owners of PayPal. The app might have been a subsidiary of PayPal, but the creators had different plans with it.

Venmo works differently and serves USA-based users majorly. With the Venmo app installed on a smartphone, one can easily make a payment by linking bank details. Venmo is considered one of the most user-friendly mobile payment platforms.

Well, Venmo works really well; the app is fast, with availability at almost every hour of the day. But, sometimes, users report an error in Venmo.

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According to the users, an error “There was an issue with your payment. Please try again later” interrupts their transaction while using the Venmo app. Most of them keep finding the meaning of the error code, while others search for a possible fix.

“There was an issue with your payment” means that your transaction has been blocked by either your bank or there are issues in your app or device. And it can be fixed very easily. Just follow our guide.

We have mentioned details, and 8 reasons for “There was an issue with your payment” in Venmo. Moreover, the guide to fix Venmo errors will help you to fix this issue forever.

So, let us dive right into the details.

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Reasons for Venmo “There was an issue with your payment”

Venmo ‘There was an issue with your payment’ appears because the transaction is being declined by the user’s financial institution or it has been flagged by Venmo security system. Other reasons like exceeding limits can trigger this Venmo error.

If you are searching for the reasons for the appearance of the “There was an issue with your payment. Please try again later” error, you have arrived at the right part of this guide. Here, we will be mentioning all the reasons for the problem in Venmo.

You can check out the reasons below. Make sure to check out how to fix the issues in the last part of this guide. Where you will learn to fix Venmo “There was an issue with your payment” in simple steps.

  • 1. Card issuer or bank is declining transaction

In most cases, the bank declines the transaction request made by the Venmo app. This has nothing to do with the Venmo services, as Venmo acts as an intermediate platform for the transaction.

And if the card issuer or bank declines the transaction request made by Venmo, you will see the “There was an issue with your payment” error code in Venmo.

  • 2. Insufficient funds

Another reason for the transaction failure could be the absence of sufficient balance in the Venmo app or the bank.

If the amount that has to be transferred is more than the total amount you have in your bank, you will simply receive a Venmo error message.

  • 3. Venmo’s automated security flags triggered

The automated security system of Venmo is probably the best thing about app. The platform does its best to keep your account secure. But, everything has got its pros and cons.

Actions like re-submission of wrong password, repeated payment, etc might trigger the security flags in Venmo. And even if you are the owner of the account, you will be restricted to make payments after that. And again, “There was an issue with your payment. Please try again” will appear.

  • 4. Exceeded Limitation on Crypto purchases

According to the official announcement by Venmo. A user is limited to transfer $20,000 to buy cryptocurrency via Venmo, per week. And in a 12-month period, there is a limitation to spend $50,000 to invest in crypto.

Well, if you have already reached to the limit, you won’t be able to make payments to buy cryptocurrency. However, you will be able to make transaction for other purposes. Check out other limits here.

  • #5 Exceeded Per-Transaction-Limit

If you haven’t exceeded the crypto transaction limitation, then you might have reached the per-transaction limit of Venmo.

For Person-to-Person Payments, a maximum transaction of $4,999.99 is allowed. If you are trying to transfer more than that, you will see Venmo “There was an issue with your payment. Please try again later” error code.

And similarly, for Authorized Merchant Payments, the maximum transaction is limited to $2,999.99 only.

  • #6 Exceeded Maximum-Weekly-Spending

If you have reached your maximum weekly spending, you won’t be able to make more transactions until the period ends. And similar to the per-transaction limit, the maximum allowed amount differs.

For Person-to-Person Payments, a total of $4,999.99 is allowed for weekly spending, which is the same as the per-transaction limit.

Whereas, for Authorized Merchant Payments, the transaction limit bumps to $6,999.99. After which, you will have to wait for a week to resume the transaction. And you on making payments, you will get Venmo “There was an issue with your payment. Please try again later” error code.

But, do not worry; we have mentioned a detailed guide on how to fix Venmo error below. Make sure to check it out.

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  • #7 Venmo Debit Card Not Responding

Another reason for the appearance of Venmo error could be a damaged Debit Card.

If your Venmo Debit card is damaged, it won’t request payment from your bank. And the transaction will fail even you are having sufficient funds and transaction limits.

The integrated chip and magnetic stripe are the only important part of any debit/ credit card. And by any chance any of the components are damaged, you won’t be able to make payments using the card.

  • #8 Venmo Account not Verified

There is one more reason which might have been interrupting your Venmo transaction. It is because you haven’t completed the identity verification on the Venmo app.

Without the verification for the account, you have a lower weekly spending limit of just $300. Generally, weekly-spending-limit of $5000 is given for the verified users.

And that’s all.

These were the 8 possible reasons for Venmo error messages.

You might have been doing something wrong; check it out.

And if you need our assistance, you can proceed with the guide to fix Venmo “There was an issue with your payment.”

Fix Venmo “There was an issue with your payment”

Let’s dive into the last part of this guide. Where you will learn how to fix the error message in Venmo app.

We will be mentioning a step-by-step guide. Start with the first one and proceed with the next one if you are not getting any results. And make sure to try them all.

Do not miss the chance to fix Venmo payment error. Try out each and every step. We will start with the basic troubleshoot and proceed with the needed fixes.

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  • 1. Check internet connection

The first and essential step is to check if you are on a working and stable internet connection. Sometimes, the only issue is the faulty internet connection.

The fluctuating internet connection may interrupt the transaction procedure in between.

  • 2. Reboot device and reopen Venmo app

Sometimes, your device needs a little break from the high intensity of processing tasks. Allows your device to take a quick nap and rest for a while.

You can do this by rebooting or restarting your device. If things don’t go well, you can switch it off for around 5 minutes.

If that doesn’t work, proceed with the next one.

  • 3. Log out and retry signing in

If your internet connection has no issues, then proceed to check if there are issues with the Venmo app.

Log out of your Venmo app and try to log in using the same account.

  • 4. Clear app Cache and Reinstall

The following way to basic troubleshooting is to clear the app cache and reinstall the new version of the app.

Note: On clearing the app cache, you will have to enter the account details again. If you do not have details, make sure to gather them before proceeding.

To clear the app cache. Find the Venmo icon and long press on it. And select the App Info option.

And then, find and select the Cache & Storage option.

Finally, select the Clear Cache option to proceed.

Now, you just need to uninstall the Venmo app and install a new one from the respective app store.

  • 5. Update Debit Card Details

In the first four steps, we mentioned how to fix Venmo “There was an issue with your payment” using basic troubleshooting. And now, we will see some more methods which can help fix the error.

There is a possibility that you might have added a new debit card to your account. In that case, you need to update the details in your Venmo account. It’s essential to keep updating the details.

The exact process has to be done if you have recently renewed your debit card.

You need to add the new expiry date to your Venmo account. This has to be done even if the debit card number is the same.

What are you waiting for? First, update your debit card details and make sure to restart the app before making any payments.

This particular method might have solved the issue, but if you still see the same error message, proceed with the next step.

  • 6. Check Bank Balance & Update Details

If you have updated your Venmo app with the latest card details and still getting the Venmo “There was an issue with your payment” error. We suggest you check your bank balance once.

This happens a lot of times. And users try hard to make transactions only to find out that the account linked to the Venmo app doesn’t have sufficient balance.5

Obviously, you won’t be able to make any transaction if you do not have any funds in your bank. The solution to this is to link another bank account, which has a sufficient balance in it.

And then you can proceed to make payments.

  • 7. Check for Service Availability

If you have tried everything and still getting “There was an issue with your payment” in Venmo. Then we suggest you check for the availability of the services in your region.

Sometimes online services of banks got affected. You can check out the outage reports on a website called Downdetector.com. The platform detects the reports of users from all over the world complaining about the outage of the services.

Similarly, Venmo services outage might happen. Again, go to the Downdetector.com website and search for the Venmo service status.

If the services are down, you can do nothing but wait for the servers to come back online.

  • 8. Contact Bank

Well, ladies and gentlemen. We have mentioned every possible reason and fix for that in the methods discussed above. And if you have tried everything and still getting the annoying error. Then let us mention the last method to fix Venmo “There was an issue with your payment. Please try again” error code.

If you have reached this part, there is a high possibility that your bank has flagged your transaction. So, what exactly does that mean?

Banks keep track of all types of transactions made from any account. That’s necessary and happens if you use Venmo, Cash App, or any app for transactions.

Well, this is done to keep a check on any suspicious transactions. And if you are one of those who haven’t made any significant transactions recently. In that case, your bank will consider any considerable transaction from your account as suspicious activity.

What can go wrong?

Nothing much. Your bank, irrespective of how important that transaction is for you, may flag that transaction, and you won’t be able to proceed.

Is there any solution?

Well, yes. This is actually an anti-spam, anti-fraud action. Your bank saves you from any fraud by flagging your account.

And you just need to prove that you are the owner of the account and approve of the transaction that was about to take place.

To do this, simply make a call to the support line of your bank. Additionally, you can search the web for the official number or you can simply call the number behind your debit card if that is handly to you.

You will be asked for your approval and registered details like name, phone number, account number, and a few more.

And with this, you will be able to get your transaction done without getting the “There was an issue with your payment” in Venmo again.

Final Words

And we are done here.

We have mentioned every reason for Venmo “There was an issue with your payment” issue in the first part of our guide.

And to get you out of this issue, we have mentioned 8 various ways to fix the Venmo issue. If you are still facing the same errors on Venmo, make sure to check out each step carefully.

If you can implement everything we mentioned, you will quickly get over this problem.

In case the issue persists. We will suggest using any alternate app to Venmo. You can use Cash App as well. You just need to download the app and link your bank account. And you will be good to make transactions.

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