Why is my CIBC credit card payment not showing up

In the heart of Toronto’s Financial District sits the home of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), a global leader in banking and financial services.

CIBC provides a credit card that will meet your requirements, whether you’re looking for cash-back incentives, low-interest rates, travel perks, or a little more luxury.

Regrettably, several users have complained about the CIBC credit card payment not showing up.

In order for you to solve the issue effectively, we have included a list of possible causes for the CIBC Credit Card payment not showing up.

Why is my CIBC credit card payment not showing up?

Short Answer: Your CIBC credit card payment is not showing up because of an unconfirmed payment, inaccurate payment data, a temporarily frozen card, a slow internet connection, or a server outage. You may also face this issue if you make any hefty purchases while traveling.

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1. Unverified payment

Unverified transactions include those made via methods such as checks, eDeposit, ATM withdrawals, and postal mail.

This indicates that CIBC requires some time to verify that the money you used to make the payment is indeed in their account.

It usually takes 3 to 5 business days to process an unconfirmed payment, after which the available credit will be updated.

2. Inaccurate payment information

It’s easy to make a mistake while entering your credit card number, expiry date, or security code when making a transaction, particularly on a mobile app.

It’s also possible that your current address does not correspond to the one on file.

In such an instance, it’s possible that your payment may get delayed and not reflect on your credit card.

But as soon as the transaction is canceled, you will get a refund.

3. Credit card has been put on hold

Holds on your credit card may sometimes cause issues, especially with costly transactions.

If your credit card payment hasn’t been processed yet, this might be a possible explanation.

Holds on your credit card may be placed by hotels and automobile rental agencies, and may not be released for many days before you checkout or hand over the vehicle, respectively.

You should check your credit card balance to make sure there is enough money to cover numerous holds.

4. Unreliable internet access

It should come as no surprise that a slow internet connection might delay or prevent a credit card payment from being processed.

That’s why your credit card won’t reflect the transaction thereafter.

5. Server down

It’s possible that the CIBC credit card payment did not go through because the server was too busy or the system was too sluggish for any other technical reason.

After some time has passed, you may once again attempt to use your CIBC credit card.

It’s best to utilize the mobile card app or phone the bank if you’re in a bind that requires immediate attention.

6. Using credit card while traveling

Just trying to use your credit card in a foreign place may create problems with your financial institution, so be sure to have cash or other forms of payment wherever possible while traveling.

Credit card companies will get suspicious if you make a lot of purchases in a variety of places (both domestically and overseas).

Therefore, your issuer may disable your accounts and restrict further transactions to safeguard your data.

Thus, any such payment made in this scenario may be pending and not immediately shown on your CIBC credit card statement.

7. Hefty purchases marked as fraudulent

It’s possible that your credit card issuer may put a warning on your account if you go on a spending binge or make a very big transaction with your card.

As is the case with unexpected trip expenses, any use of the card that is out of the norm may set off fraud protection and cause your provider to freeze your account.

Therefore, if you try to make a payment using your CIBC credit card in such a situation, the transaction may not go through and the payment may not be shown on your CIBC credit card statement.

How long does it take CIBC to process a credit card payment?

Depending on the method you choose to make a payment, this might take anywhere from 3 to 5 business days. The current amount in your CIBC account won’t be updated until CIBC receives and processes your payment.

CIBC credit card payment not showing up

You should allow up to three business days for your account balance to be updated after initiating a transfer or bill payment from your CIBC account, for example.

You may experience a delay of up to 5 business days in seeing the effects of payment made using a method other than a CIBC account (such as cash or check).

An amount received by them that hasn’t been published by the payment deadline won’t appear on your existing monthly bill. The next monthly statement will reflect the changes.

Online or telephone credit card payments often reflect on accounts within one to three business days. When paying by check, please allow extra time for processing.

It’s possible for payments to post instantly after purchase if your credit card is connected to a checking account at the same bank.

You may see CIBC’s payment policies and deadlines on your monthly bill or by contacting customer care.

Credited, posted, and cleared are all terms that refer to different stages of the posting process for credit card payments.

Knowing the difference between them may help you estimate when an issuer will post your payment.

Payments are credited after the issuer verifies they have been received.

Even if it’s been approved, it might take up to two days to appear in your account as an available credit.

Once a transaction has been cleared, the issuer has the funds in their possession.

Crediting your account by the given deadline is the minimum requirement for timely payment.

How do I set up automatic payments on my CIBC credit card?

Regular monthly payments are a great technique to ensure that you never miss a payment on your credit card.

The amount you owe would be automatically withdrawn from your bank account just on the given deadline each month.

On the due date of your credit card payment, a specified amount will be automatically deducted from your bank account using this option.

It is up to you to decide how much of the outstanding debt to pay each month, whether the monthly minimum or the entire amount.

To avoid late fees and other costly consequences, you should always have sufficient money in your account to pay your credit card bill in full and on time.

Using CIBC Online Banking, you can plan and set up automatic payments. Once you log in to your account, choose “Transfers” from the navigation menu and then proceed as directed.

Call CIBC at 1-800-465-4653 to speak with a customer service agent about your credit card statement if you have any more issues.


1. How do I pay my CIBC credit card bill immediately?

In addition to making in-person or over-the-phone payments, you may now pay your CIBC credit card bill online or with CIBC Mobile Banking.

It is possible to set up automatic payments for bills so that they are paid on a set timetable.

2. Why does my credit card get declined by CIBC?

The terms and conditions of every CIBC credit card carry a warning that hold might be put on your account if payments are delayed.

In this case, your credit card will be temporarily disabled until the outstanding balance is paid in full.

The account would therefore be denied access to just about any pre-authorized payments that were being paid.

3. Why are my credit card payments not going through?

Online transaction filters and maximum purchase amount limits imposed by your financial institution are the two most typical causes of payment failure.

Please contact your bank if your transaction is declined so that further instructions may be provided.

4. What happens if you don’t pay your credit card minimum payment each month?

Your credit card issuer could decide to increase your interest rate. If two payments are missing in a row, it may take such action.

In addition, the issuer is obligated to let you know how long the penalty rate will be in effect.

It might be for an indeterminate amount of time or until after you have completed 12 timely payments in a row.

Final Words

Establishing automatic payments will save you from having to keep track of when the credit card payment will be posted.

So long as there are sufficient funds in the account to support the transaction, repayments will never be delayed.

Automatic payments may usually be set up either via your issuer’s website or by phoning their customer service number.

Your issuer may make a mistake or restrict your ability to make legal transactions to avoid fraud, even if you carefully maintain your account.

However, you can lessen the likelihood of your CIBC credit card payments being put on hold or not showing up if you keep tabs on your account and credit worthiness.