What Gas Stations accept Venmo QR Code

Do you want to use Venmo to pay for petrol or other goods at gas stations? In such cases, it’s useful to learn what gas stations take Venmo QR code payments versus those that do not.

A growing number of consumers are making purchases online, therefore it’s crucial for businesses like gas stations to accept popular digital payment methods like Venmo QR codes. In case you are a seller and want to learn how to print a Venmo QR code from your computer, you can check out this article.

Here we’ll go through the Venmo QR code payment rules of four major gas station chains: Shell, Circle K, 7-11, and Speedway, as well as answer some frequently asked questions on the same topic.

In case a gas station doesn’t accept Venmo QR codes, we’ll go through several other options for making a payment as well. Make sure you read all the way to the end of the post to get the solutions.

Does Shell accept Venmo QR code?

Yes, Shell gas stations accept Venmo QR codes as a payment method.

Shell gas station in USA

When it comes to gas station chains, Shell happens to be among the few that accept payments using Venmo QR codes. You may pay with Venmo at any Shell station by scanning the QR code on the payment terminal with your mobile app.

You may use Venmo to pay for gas and other items without carrying along money or cards. In an attempt to deliver a simplified and effortless payment process for its clients, Shell has begun using Venmo QR codes.

Does Circle K accept Venmo QR code?

Yes, Circle K does accept Venmo QR codes as a form of payment.

Circle K gas station

Payments may be sent and received quickly and easily using Venmo, a digital payment network. It’s possible to send money to someone without exchanging contact information by just scanning their Venmo QR code.

Circle K is one of the main retailers that accept Venmo using their QR codes since the service is becoming more widely recognized at petrol stations. If you’d want to make a fast and safe purchase at Circle K, downloading the Venmo app is a great option.

Does 7-11 accept Venmo QR code?

Unfortunately, 7-Eleven does not support Venmo QR codes.

7-11 gas station

Nevertheless, should you intend on making 7-11 purchases with your Venmo account, you can always get a Venmo debit card. You may conveniently access your Venmo balance everywhere Mastercard is accepted with this debit card.

Users may utilize their Venmo money at any merchant that takes Mastercard debit cards, particularly 7-Eleven, with the help of this debit card. In addition to Venmo, several mobile wallets and payment systems are accepted at 7-11, including Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and the 7-11 mobile wallet.

Does Speedway accept Venmo QR code?

Yes, Speedway accepts Venmo QR code as a valid payment option.

Speedway gas station

Many petrol stations, including those operated by Speedway, have begun accepting payments using Venmo QR codes. Speedway has decided to support Venmo, both online and through Venmo’s exclusive QR code payment system. Buying gas, food, and other items at any Speedway location is becoming easier with the introduction of the Venmo QR Code.

If you’d want to pay for your gas at a Speedway station using Venmo QR Code, all you have to do is pull up the Venmo app on your phone and scan the code that’s shown at each pump. After scanning, you will be required to input the total amount of your purchase and successfully complete the transaction.

Speedway offers a variety of mobile payment options including Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and their privately owned mobile wallet. With more flexible payment choices, customers can complete their purchases quickly and easily.


1. How to use Venmo QR code at a gas station?

  • Step 1: At the petrol pump, find the payment terminal that accepts QR codes.
  • Step 2: Start up the camera on your mobile device and line it up with the QR code.
  • Step 3: After scanning, input the total sum of money to finish the transaction safely.

Assuming you have turned on GPS functionality on your mobile device, Venmo will detect that you are at a petrol pump and prompt you to choose a specific pump number before completing your payment.

2. Does Sheetz Accept Venmo QR Code?

You may use your Venmo QR code at Sheetz, another well-known petrol pump.

Sheetz, much like Speedway, now accepts Venmo as a payment method because of its worth and efficiency. You may pay for items in Sheetz stores as well with your Venmo account, even via the use of Venmo QR codes.

Final Words

In conclusion, more and more people are using Venmo QR codes at petrol stations since they are quick and easy to use. Not all convenience outlets accept Venmo QR codes, but large companies like Shell, Circle K, and Speedway do.

Remember that Venmo doesn’t directly support 7-Eleven, but users may continue to utilize their accounts there by enrolling for a Venmo debit card, which may be used at just about any retailer that takes Mastercard.