(2023) Does Klarna accept GO2 Bank

With the inception of online banks, every Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is trying to loop in as many of the trusted online banks as possible. But obviously, not all banks can be included in their services. So, if one BNPL service does not accept your online bank account, you need to look for another that does.

So, if you are a user of Klarna and are wondering if Klarna accepts GO2 bank, scroll down to know more. This article also provides you with the types of payments Klarna accepts. Furthermore, it tells you what cards are accepted by Klarna.

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What forms of payment does Klarna accept?

Short Answer: The forms of payment Klarna accept are all major cards, bank accounts, and digital wallets like Google Pay, and Apple Pay too. 

All the big league debit and credit cards like Mastercard, Discover, and Visa are accepted by Klarna. It is important to note that, prepaid cards are absolutely not accepted. Some countries allow payment through American Express and some do not.

Almost all the bank accounts are accepted by Klarna. And according to its website, it says that it accepts all online bank accounts. But you can only link a current account. A savings or financial account will not be eligible.

Digital wallets have been very important for a long time and they are also accepted by Klarna. Just select Apple or Google Pay during your payment and you can make that payment easily.

Does Klarna accept GO2 Bank?

Short Answer: Klarna does not accept GO2 Bank. There is no record showing that you can link a GO2 bank account to Klarna. Although you can try attaching the Visa card rather than the bank account. 

If you have no idea, GO2 Bank is a mobile bank account which is also known as Green Dot Bank. It caters to your online banking needs. It even provides you with a Visa card for your usage with overdraft protection.

I know, I previously mentioned in this article that all online bank accounts are accepted by Klarna. But obviously, not all of them can be added to the list. And Klarna does not seem to be accepting GO2 Bank accounts, as of now. Wait for an update and in the near future, it might add GO2 to the already long list of banks it allows.

You can try to link your GO2 Bank-provided Visa card to Klarna. There is no official information about all of this, but there is no harm in trying isn’t it? If it does work, then well and good. Otherwise, you can look at other payment methods to add to Klarna.

What cards are accepted by Klarna?

Here are the cards that are accepted by Klarna.

Card 1: Visa

It is among the most popular cards available today. A lot of the banks brick and online provide you with a Visa card. So, if you have an online Visa card provided by your bank, do not worry, it will work too.

Card 2: Mastercard

This is also among the most popular card providers in the world. A lot of banks such as Chase, Bank of America, Barclays, and various other financial institutions issue credit or debit cards with the help of Mastercard.

Card 3: Discover

Discover has 6-7 credit cards that can be used for various kinds of transactions. The cards literally cater to different things. For example, the Student Cash Back card is exclusively for students. While the Secured Credit Card can be used depending on your usage.

So, you can look at the list of cards they offer, apply, and add them to Klarna depending on what you are going to buy.

Card 4: American Express

As I have previously stated, American Express is not accepted at all times. So, you need to check with the company from which you are trying to buy something. If they accept American Express, then you can add that as a payment method.

Final Words

So, you now know that Go2 Bank account cannot be connected to Klarna. But you might be able to connect its card. I hope this article has provided you with the information you need.

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